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Dr. Khemani Gibson: On Being Reborn

We’re glad to welcome Dr. Khemani Gibson back to FAITH+WORKS. Khemani gave one of the very first F+W talks back in April 2017. This Sunday, March 10th, his talk is titled “On Being Reborn”. Join us at 35 Cleveland Street, Orange NJ at 4pm or … read more.

Faith + Works: Communion of Lights

In the spring, we celebrate “Flower Communion” by planting flowers in the borders of our walkway.

For the winter solstice, we will inaugurate a new tradition of exchanging candlesticks and candleholders to bring light into the darkest days of the year and to remind ourselves of … read more.

Faith + Works with Sharee Harrison September 18, 2022

Join us for this month’s Faith + Works on September 18, 2022 at 4:00pm.

Sharee Harrison born and raised in the City of Orange Township. She
is a graduate of the Township of Orange school system and received
an Associate Degree from Essex County Community College in … read more.

F+W – Flower Communion 2021

We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Sunday May 9th, for our annual Flower Communion and our first volunteer day at the Ben Jones Community Garden! 

We’ll meet at the HUUB at 10am to start building raised beds, mulching, and planting in our gardens and along the … read more.

Faith + Works – Laura Sacks

Join us on Sunday, April 25th for this month’s Faith + Works service with Laura Sacks! We’ll meet at 4pm on Zoom.

Laura will give a brief overview of important aspects of Judaism, her Jewish journey, and a Jewish perspective about life. She will share how Jews deal with … read more.

FAITH+Works: Ayako Maruyama

Join us on Zoom at 4pm for Faith+Works with Ayako Maruyama:

“What does it mean to be an instrument of peace? How do we know what we’re FOR? How do these compasses we develop over time work when we have to discern and make decisions for … read more.

FAITH+WORKS: Winston Nelson

Join us this afternoon for Faith+Works with Winston Nelson! We’ll meet on Zoom at 4pm with the link below.

Winston Nelson is a musician, songwriter, producer and the minister of music at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Orange. Winston began his musical journey at the age … read more.