Dr. Khemani Gibson: On Being Reborn

We’re glad to welcome Dr. Khemani Gibson back to FAITH+WORKS. Khemani gave one of the very first F+W talks back in April 2017. This Sunday, March 10th, his talk is titled “On Being Reborn”. Join us at 35 Cleveland Street, Orange NJ at 4pm or online via zoom.

Dr. Khemani Gibson is a community organizer and historian from Orange, NJ who specializes in researching and teaching of the African Diaspora, Caribbean migration, and racial justice in New Jersey. Dr. Gibson graduated frim New York University with his PhD specializing in history of the African Diaspora and the Caribbean in 2020. Dr. Gibson has held positions at New York University, Rutgers University, Drew University, Fordham University, Barnard College at Columbia University, and now works at Brooklyn College in the department of Africana Studies.

While committed to his work in the classroom, Dr. Gibson is deeply committed to bridging the gap between the academy and marginalized communities. With organizations such as the University of Orange, The HUUB, and The Montclair History Center Dr. Gibson has participated in numerous programs to address the social needs affecting Orange and similar communities throughout the state. It is Dr. Gibson’s hope that he empowers and educates the next generation of young community organizers  and leaders in the fight to build a more just society for all.