FAITH+Works: Ayako Maruyama

Join us on Zoom at 4pm for Faith+Works with Ayako Maruyama:

“What does it mean to be an instrument of peace? How do we know what we’re FOR? How do these compasses we develop over time work when we have to discern and make decisions for the work we want to contribute, and spend our time doing? I’ll share some thoughts, drawings, music and stories from growing up in a multi-faith and multi-cultural family, and more recent ruminations.” 

About Ayako:
Ayako Maruyama is a Filipina-Japanese designer, educator and illustrator. She spends energy thinking about people, art, public-engagement, biking, urbanism, and community connectivity across thresholds. As part of the Design Studio for Social Intervention with Lori Lobenstine and Kenneth Bailey, Ayako Maruyama co-authored and co-illustrated the recently published book, Ideas Arrangements Effects: Systems Design and Social Justice. Ayako has had the privilege of working with students and teaching since 2013: Sense of Place at Boston University’s City Planning and Urban Affairs program, and the Experience of Public Engagement within the Industrial Design department at Rhode Island School and Design, and with the community at University of Orange as part of the Collective Recovery Team and as an Urbanist in Residence, leading zine workshops since May 2020 as a way to process and document our experiences in this important time.

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