F+W- Turn on the Love: Seeds of Faith Seen and Unseen, with Sarah Townley


Join us on Sunday, November 22nd at 4pm for this month’s Faith + Works talk with Sarah Townley. Register for free on Eventbrite for the Zoom link!

Turn on the Love: Seeds of Faith Seen and Unseen
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrew 11:1). Like a seed planted perhaps by a grandmother’s weathered hands pushed carefully into the soil or maybe by a birds’ droppings, it is unseen in that form again…. Faith is that which is tended with the work of love, and the hope that it brings forth flowers or barley. ‘Conviction of things unseen’ is a guiding force that pushes the interconnectedness of people, plants and animals toward the light and that which requires a clarity unbound by forces of dualism. Faith is cultivated by the work of hope and transformation, rather than forces of fear. The generation of love within liminal spaces of the heart and concrete sidewalks in community are perhaps seeds of faith unbound. Learning to be guided by the unseen seeds, may we explore the meaning of faith as it turns on the love in times uncertain.

Born in Nebraska, Sarah Townley is the 9th child of 10 to an immigrant farmer turned nurse and a dreamer turned physician. Her background includes work as a Nurse and study of Public Health where she had the fortune of learning from Dr Mindy Fullilove and Dr Lourdes Rodriguez about the interconnected roots of racism and income inequality on health in the spaces where we live, work and play. She is a nurse practitioner, and currently works with a consulting group focussed on maternal and child health. She is active with the Good Shepherd social justice ministry in Inwood where she and her husband Dave live with their 3 children. Sarah’s spirit animal is a turtle and she enjoys hiking, singing & watercoloring with family & friends.

Faith + Works: Turn on the Love is a 4-part fall series. Our next speaker will be Lesley Rennis on December 20th.

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