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A talk by Aubrey Murdock

Aubrey Murdock is an inter-disciplinary practitioner focused on the intersection of art, design, media, education and civic life. In particular, she strives to create tools that make complex systems legible and new possibilities imaginable. Murdock is the Co-Director & Lead Designer for the University of Orange, a free people’s school and community organization. In her five years at UofO, her work has included program and curriculum design, community-engagement support for neighborhood planning processes, social science research on the effects of gentrification, production of a short film about Serial Forced Displacement: The Domino Effect, and the development of a site-specific storytelling project: Hidden Treasure of Our Orange. Murdock received her Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video Production from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters of Science in Design & Urban Ecologies from Parsons at the New School in New York. She earned a certificate for Collaboration in Natural Resource Management from The Ruckelshaus Institute & The Haub School of Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming. Murdock is currently earning an Interdisciplinary MFA from the University of Hartford.

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