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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County

35/47 Cleveland Street, Orange, New Jersey 07050, (973) 674-0010.   (Just off Main Street, just a block from Scotland Road.   Off-street parking.   Directions )

Upcoming Services & Other Events

last updated May 13, 2018

tiny rainbow chaliceMonday, May 14th, 6 PM -- Solidarity Potluck at the HUUB

This month we will hear from Chris Matthews, an archaeology professor at Montclair State who has been working on a "story map" of Orange. Dr. Margaux Simmons and Doug Farrand of the University of Orange Music Department will lead us in an activity for their Community Musicology course.

At last month's potluck, Matt Smith of the Poor People's Campaign spoke with us about their upcoming weekly rallies at state capitals all over the country. The first of these six rallies will be on the same day as this potluck, May 14th, at 2pm in Trenton. We will discuss more of what the Poor People's Campaign does and how to support their work. The first week's theme is Children, Women, Youth, People with Disabilities, and the Right to Education.

tiny rainbow chaliceSunday, May 20th, 1 PM -- FAITH + WORKS: Flower Communion

In this new iteration of Dr. Capek's idea, we encourage everyone to join us this day to bring and plant flowers on the beautiful border of our new walkway! Please gather in the Parish Hall for a brief ceremony before proceeding to the front lawn. Please dress comfortably and bring a trowel, if you have one! Donations of plantings welcomed (perennials preferred)!

tiny rainbow chaliceMonday, June 11th, 6 PM -- Solidarity Potluck at the HUUB

tiny rainbow chaliceSunday, June 17th, 5 PM -- FAITH + WORKS: Listening to Statues of Women -- Darcy Hall

In the past few years scholars, municipal governments and urban citizen-strollers have begun to question the historic connections, personal actions and values of statues of the "Great Men" on our streets and in our public parks. But what about statues of women? Where are they? Who are they? And why are they naked or barely dressed? Long time church member Darcy Hall will give a talk on the history, background and significance of statues of women in New York, women of might and power--who never actually existed but might have something to say to us in 2018.

This will be followed by the Annual Congregational Meeting at 6 PM in the Parish Hall.

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