chalice with rainbow flame
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County

Rev. Mrs. Maja V. Čapek, Letter to the Rev. Dr. Ernest Kuebler, American Unitarian Association, June 1, 1961:

"Delighted to hear that there are intentions of releasing a pamphlet on the Flower Communion. While I do not care what and how the individual churches perform this service, as I told before, I was a bit dismayed recently over the fact that some churches (the San Francisco one included) use it as a substitute for Easter or any other myth. Norbert never meant it to be this nor was it ever and is not to this day held at Easter. Čapek's only motivation was to stress and bring about BROTHERHOOD. As a symbol he used flowers because in the name of a floweror flowers no wars were waged as was the case with the Cross or the Chalice. The flowers are used as symbols of the gifts which each person can make to the church and through the church to other persons. Because of the large variety each person is able to express his individuality. The exchange of flowers means that I shall walk, without reservation, with anyone - regardless of his social status, or his former religious affiliation, as long as he is ready and willing to go along in search of truth and service to man."