chalice with rainbow flame
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County


last updated March 9, 2017
CommitteeChair or MembersRole
Budget   Proposes a budget for use in the all-member canvass, and revises the proposal after the canvass.
Building & GroundsBill Stafford
BillStafford [at] optonline [dot] net
To manage and care for the physical structure and grounds of the church.
Čapek Memorial   To develop and maintain a memorial to Norbert & Maja Čapek, and to arrange for an appropriate disposition of the Čapek mural.
Celebrations & Music Gregory Giacobe
ggiacobe [at] optonline [dot] net
(201) 823-2459
To coordinate and plan services with the Minister, and to develop lay-led services when the Minister is not in the pulpit. To maintain and improve worship space.
Investment Cindy Long (through Spring 2015)
Harold Mills (through Spring 2016)
Bill Slezak (ex officio)
Advises Board on investments.
Membership & HospitalityBill Slezak
bill.slezak [at] gmail [dot] com
To sustain, care for & grow membership, and to coordinate social activities to promote community within the congregation. Coordinates social hour after services.
  • Gregory Giacobe (Minister's appointee, through Spring 2015)
  • Darcy Hall (joint appointee, through Spring 2016)
  • Frank Barszcz (Board appointee, through Spring 2017)
See Bylaws Art.13 §§ 9 & 10
Nominating Nina Barszcz (through Spring 2017),
Rickey Slezak (through Spring 2018),
Greg Giacobe (Board appointee through Spring 2015)
To nominate officers & trustees, & Nominating Committee member, for election at annual meeting; and to recommend temporary appointees to fill vacancies.
Publicity & Outreach  To plan & coordinate methods to publicize the church & its activities.
Religious Education   To plan, compose and coordinate religious education for children, work closely with parents, coordinate activities with Celebrations, assign volunteers for RE classes &, if needed, nursery on Sundays.