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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County

Notes and Excerpts from the Archives of the First Unitarian Church of Essex County

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Key to Sources

[Abst.] = Abstracts from the Minutes (prepared by B.C. Jutten) [with additional notes from original minutes added in brackets]

[Alli.]= Minutes of Orange Branch Alliance [Mar.15,1892 - Jan.24, 1899, 126 p.], Secretaries Record of the Women's Alliance [June 1911-Sep.21,1931, 152 p.]

[Cal.] = Weekly Calendar of the First Unitarian Church [1914-1922; biweekly starting with Mar.18/25, 1917 issue; title changed to Calendar starting with Mar.24/31,1918 issue; title becomes The First Unitarian Church of Essex County starting wiith Mar.23/30,1919.]

[Curtis] = Scrapbook of Ellen M. Curtis

[Hitch] = history by Henry F. Hitch, prepared for May 25, 1902 service, with pages 15-16 added in 1910.

[Mens Club] = Minutes of Mens Club (1906-1913)

[Min.] = Original Minutes of Board of Trustees and Congregational Meetings

[SB] = Scrapbooks [1890-1902,1902-1925]

[St.Cl.] = Records of "The Study Class" of the Orange Branch of the National Alliance, from Feb.21st 1899 to [Mar.13,1905] [155 p.]

[Taylor] = letter from Thomas Fenton Taylor and Mary Taylor, Jan. 13, 1910.

[U.C.] = Minutes of Unity Club [1900 to 1927]

[W.D.] = Warren Delano's scrapbook [1890-1902]


[Taylor] " ...The first beginning of your church in 1890, possibly, was due to Mrs. Taylor's longing for a Unitarian church in Orange, such as she had known and attended as her life, till she took up her residence in your city. A somewhat earlier attempt to start this church ad failed. The first sermon ... was preached on very short notice, and in order to attract the people, Rev. Mr. Morehouse and Mr. Taylor had some announcements prepared by an expressman on large sheets of packing paper. On Saturday night, just preceding the sermon, we pasted these at various places on Main Street. A large tree in front of a saloon on that street, seemed a very good place for one of our notices. We stepped in to get permission to affix the notice to this tree. The barkeeper bluntly refused to allow this. He eyed us narrowly and, no doubt, regarded us as unusual visitors and said as we withdrew 'hold up' --We did so - and he retired to an inner room, where he seemed to consult with some unseen authority; but on reappearing he again refused. We then told him that the poster was simply to announce the starting of a new church. He thereupon cried out 'For God's sake then, put it up' - We assured him that just on that account we would. And we did."

[Abst.] Jan. 12, 1890, first service in the Masonic Temple, Orange, at 3 PM. Sponsor, Rev. D.W. Morehouse, Supt.of the Church Extension work of the AUA for the Middle States. Preacher, Rev. John White Chadwick of Brooklyn. Attendance 100 or more.

[Hitch] Mr. Morehouse (secretary of the Unitarian Conference of Middle States) preached first service; arranged for all the New York and Brooklyn Unitarian ministers to preach in succession; afternoon service to accommodate the New York clergymen who came after own morning services. Regular attendance each Suday 70 to 80.

[Abst.] Feb. 2, 1890, congregation met after the service. Henry F. Hitch was chosen Chairman and W. Howard White Secretary. The chair appointed a committee on organization:

[Abst.] Mar. 16, 1890, congregation met after the service and elected the following Board of Trustees for one year:

(In this, as in all subsequent cases, the officers were elected by the Board.)

[Abst.] Apr. 21, 1890, Certificate of Incorporation forwarded to the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Essex County.

[Abst.] June 1, 1890, congregation adopted a form of Constitution and Bylaws as presented by the Trustees and the By-laws were immediately placed for signature.

[Abst.] Oct. 12, 1890, Rev. A. A. Livermore first preached as temporary Minister pending the selection of a settled Minister.

[Abst.] Oct.26, 1890, society voted to call Rev. Edward Hale, Associate Minister of the South Congregational Church, Boston, as Minister. At this date there were 53 signers to the By-laws.

[Hitch] Nov. 2, 1890. Dr. Livermore initiated Sunday School, consisting only of a Bible class under Dr. Livermore, a class of young boys and girls with Miss Chubb as teacher, and a class of very young children with Mrs. [Lane?]

[Abst.] Nov. 16, 1890, first session of the Sunday School

[Abst.] Dec.7, 1890, Rev. Edward Hale preaches as supply.

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[Abst.] Jan. 4, 1891, society received report of a formal call sent to Mr. Hale on Dec. 16, 1890, and his acceptance of Dec. 30, 1890, to begin on April 1, 1891.

[Abst.] Jan. 23, 1891 (Friday evening) first social gathering at the residence of N.L. Handy. Young Peoples Association formed.

[SB] Young People's Association, notice - object "the promotion of the social relations of members of the church"-- 50¢ per year dues -- [treasurer] Allerton D. Hitch.

[SB] Jan.23, 1891, Young People's Ass'n [hereinafter YPA], at N.L.Handy's, 639 Park Ave. Programme: piano solo (Miss Mabel Adams); reading 'How Ruby Played the Piano (Mrs McCoy); so Creole Love Song (Mrs Rodman) ... charades illustrative of the popular advertisements of the day.

[Abst.] Feb. 15, 1891, attendance over 70.

[SB] Mar.4, 1891, YPA - 'The Register' by William D. Howells (cast: Mr.Allerton D. Hitch, Mr.Chas. Batchelor, Miss Lucille Swasey; Miss Caroline Wolcott)

[Hitch] Mar. 5, 1891, Young Peoples Association formed at meeting at Mrs. Aborn's, over 60 present, entertained by Howells play 'the Register.'

[Abst.] Mar. 16, 1891, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Trustees Elected: [by ballot, out of 10 nominees]

[Abst.] Apr. 2, 1891 (Thursday) Mr. Hale installed.

[Hitch] Swedenborgian church offered their church for installation, "but as the owners of our Hall had agreed to put it in satisfactory order, we decided to remain there..." Installation was preceded by a "council" of pastors and lay delegates - "Mr.Hale made brief statement of his belief..." others spoke of his work and council approved his installation. Stormy evening, but about 150 present. "all the churches, except the Swedenborgian, declined any intercourese with us when we installed our first Pastor."

[Abst.] Apr. 5, 1891, Mr. Hale preached first sermon as Minister.

[SB] Apr. 10, 1891 - 'Pandora' - a classical play in 3 acts - at Mrs. Aborn's - cast of 7 incl. Dr. Chas E Harvey, Mr Edward Aborn, 3 'misses,' 2 'masters' - about 70 guests were present

[Abst.] Apr.26, 1891, trustees voted to accept invitation for the society to become a member of the AUA.

[Min.] May 31, 1891 - hymnbook committee chose book compiled by Rev. H.W. Foote, price $1.25, initial purchase 10 copies

[Abst.] June 15, 1891, trustees voted to apply to AUA for aid of $400.

[SB] Oct. 26, 1891 - musicale at Mrs F.B. Lane's, 528 Main St

[Abst.] Nov. 8, 1891, trustees appointed a committee to make inquiries as to possible location for a Church building.

[SB] Dec.2, 1891 clipping from Orange Chronicle ... YPA held first of series of monthly sociables at residence of Mrs Margaret T. Aborn, 562 Park Ave, E.O. - about 60 guests were present - reading of an original ballad play by Henry Baldwin, illus. in shadow pantomime

[Abst.] Dec. 6, 1891, first use of new communion set: 1 tankard, 1 baptismal bowl, 2 plates (Gift of South Congregational Church, Boston, Rev. Edward Everett Hale, Minister); 1 cup, gift of Miss Lydia W. Dutton; 1 cup, gift of Miss Mary M. Dutton. Previously, on Oct. 4, 1891, had been the first use of a communion cup "Given in loving memory of Elias T. Milliken and Emily M. Milliken by their daughter, Emily Jose Hale" (Mrs. Edward Hale)

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[Abst.] Feb. 7, 1892, First evening service. To be so held on the first Sunday evening of each month for 4 months.

[Abst.] Jan. 31, 1892, trustees recommended to the society the purchase of a lot of 100 ft. frontage on the West side of Cleveland St. about 370 ft. north of Main St. at a price of $5,750.

[Abst.] Feb.16,1892, contract signed for the purchase of above property.
Paid at signing of contract$  300
Paid on delivery of deed3,300
Mortgage for one year at 6%2,150
At this time there had been raised5,428
Balance to be raised322
The mortgage was placed on the deeper or Northerly lot, leaving the shallower or Southerly lot free.

[SB] Mar. 6, 1892 Orange Chronicle - purchase of lot, frontage 100 ft, 200 ft deep on north, 117 ft deep on south.
YPA monthly sociable at the house of Mr and Mrs N.L. Handy, 639 Park Ave, E.O. - passages from 3 works read, illus. by tableaux vivants. In the Unity Club, a class for the study of Christian art has been formed, meeting evety other week.

[Alli.] Mar. 15, 1892, National Alliance of Unitarian and other Liberal Christian Women, organizational meeting, at house of Mrs Lane, 528 Main St, East Orange.

21 present. Business being concluded, Mrs. Catlin of Brooklyn read paper: "Wanted for Women--Training, Organization, Contact"

[Abst.] Mar. 21, 1892, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Trustees elected [by ballot, from 10 nominees]:

Estimated expense for year $2,850, of which $350 would be obtained by gift from AUA. Now 75 members - 31 families.

[Alli.] Mar. 25, 1892, Mrs. Browning declined to serve as Pres. added to Exec. Comm with Mrs Emma F. McCoy. Post Office Mission officers & committee (Chairman and Librarian) Mrs. Swift - decided to advertize in local paper "Unitarian literature sent free on application to Mrs. Swift, 23 Evergreen Pl, E.Orange" . . .

[Alli.] Mar. 29, 1892, opened meeting by singing "Coronation" hymn. Mrs. Ellen M. Curtis elected Pres. ... A fee of 5 cents for anyone over 10 minutes late to the meetings. Meetings to be third Tuesdays at Mrs.Lane's.

[Alli.] Apr. 19, 1892, "...question whether this Branch Alliance's work should be purely literary or should include sewing for charity or a sale, was virtually settled by the reading of by-law no.8" 30 present. Papers by Mrs. Stanton & Mrs.McCoy.

[Abst.] Apr. 29, 1892, trustees appointed a building committee and a finance committee.

[SB] Apr.30, 1892 [? in notes from SB after Nov 26,1892] Chronicle - YPA of church to give Italian tea in Union Hall - "promises to be one of most successful public entertainments of the year" - music, lecture, and tea served by 20 girls costumed in imitation of Italian peasants - nearly 400 tickets have been sold - lecture by Rev. Edw. Hale - proceeds will be for the Orange Free Library.

[Alli.] May 17, 1892, accepted invitation to join New York League. Papers read on "Sympathy--the Impossibility of Standing Alone, in opposition to the paper of the last meeting on Individuality."

[Min.] June 3, 1892 first meeting of the Unity Sewing Circle (Sylvia Hitch, Treasurer) [--Mar.20,1893 Presidential address]

[Alli.] Sept.30,1892 (Program Committee), "the monthly meetings should consist of a study class, using James Freeman Clark's manual [of Unitarian Belief], alternating with essays or addresses..."

[Abst.] Oct. 9, 1892, society voted that the chapel should not cost over $5,000 - to be obtained from the AUA building fund and repaid in ten annual installments without interest.

[Alli.] Oct. 18, 1892 (Masonic Hall, Main St.). Mrs. Catlin, Director for Eastern N.Y. Mrs. Dix, Pres. of the National Alliance - "desirability of having all the women's work of the Parish ... under the auspices of the Branch"

[Alli] Margaret W. Farrand replaced by Mrs. Anna B. Coggeshall as Rec.Secy.

[Min.] Oct.27, 1892, organization othe Friendly Society, Mrs. Crissey, President [-Mar.20,1893 Presidential address]

[Min.] [1892?] 1890 architects' prices (estimates):
 church completechapel portion
Dodd & Co.$28,623$14,895
P. Coyne$27,690$14,650
Preis & Co.$28,816$13,714
... thought best to cut the material from cut Indiana limestone to wood and shingle ... new estimates for the chapel portion - $10,164, $11,287, $11,730

[Abst.] Nov. 6, 1892, society voted to award the contract for building the chapel to Edward Geach and Samuel S. Colt, contractors, at an estimated expense of $4,875. Mr. Hitch stated that the committee had arranged for a commercial loan for $5,000 at 5% for 2 reasons: 1, the AUA building fund would not have funds available for at least a year. 2, Even if funds could be obtained from AUA the cost per year would be $500. against $250 interest on the loan. Trustees were authorized to give a mortgage for this purpose.

[Min.] Nov.6, 1892 - Mr. Hale proposed change in form of service by which congregation would take larger part in service, ... more singing and readings from the psalms - the words to be printed on slips to be kept in each hymnbook - accepted. .... voted to have pews (with some opposition)

[Abst.] Nov. 7, 1892, 7:30 AM, ground broken for the chapel.

[SB] Nov.26, 1892 Orange Chronicle. description of plans for chapel ... "social room, of an octagonal shape, in the front" ground plan of entire building 70 x 30, main auditorium 42 x 30, social room 20 x 16, porch and vestibule on south corner; toilet room and large closet on north side of social room.

[Abst.] Dec. 19, 1892, trustees requested aid of $450 from AUA for coming year - $100 more than last year.

[Alli.] Dec. 20, 1892, Mr. Farrand discourse on "The Future of the English Race"

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[SB] New York Evening Post. Feb.7, 1893. The Rev. Edward Hale of the Unitarian Church of Orange, N.J., devoted his sermon yesterday to the explanation and denunciation of the race-track legislation and called on those present to use all possible effort ... to rouse such public indignation as will compel a repeal of the law. After the close of the services the congregation passed the following resolution:

Whereas, during the week just passed, our Legislature, in improper haste and without allowing time for considering the sentiments of the order-loving people of this state, has enacted certain bills giving over and intending to give over the State of New Jersey to be the special locality for horse-racing, which horse-racing is to be the basis for gambling throughout the United States;
Resolved, that the sentiment of this First Unitarian Society of Essex County, New Jersey, is unanimously opposed to such laws legalizing horse-racing as a basis of gambling, and that we demand an immediate repeal of such legislation.
That a copy of this resolution be forthwith transmitted to the Law and Order Society or to any other such organizations as may give affect hereto.
A meeting will be held in the New England Rooms in Orange to-night, to make arrangements for holding a mass-meeting some time this week, with a view to bringing pressure to bear on the Legislature for the repeal of the obnoxious law, and to taking measures to punish the legislators if they decline to repeal the bill.

[Alli.] Feb. 21, 1893 - Miss Hitch suggests dispensing with singing of hymn at opening "as there is apt to be more or less confusion and unsettlement"

[Abst.] Mar. 20, 1893, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Trustees elected [from 8 nominees; 2 of 10 withdrew before balloting]:

$1,000 for furnishings of chapel will be obtained by a note, to be reduced by amounts in hands of comm. on furnishings. Membership 74.

[Alli.] Mar.20, 1893, annual meeting. Mrs & Miss Hitch to be absent from Orange in fall & winter. Opening hymn replaced with a reading. Earned $145 to be used toward church furnishings.

[Abst.] Apr.30, 1893, last service in Masonic Temple.

[Min.] Apr.30, 1893 - Edw.Aborn report on meeting in Newark re racetrack legislation.

[Abst.] May 7, 1893, first service in new chapel. Attendance 135. First use of communion table and 2 chairs, the gift of Mrs. Sarah S. Hooper, Boston. [Text from John 10:10 "Life more abundantly"]

[Abst.] May 10, 1893 (Wednesday) Dedication of chapel. Attendance 200. Sermon by Rev. Edward Everett Hale D. D. [See also Report of the Building Committee]

[SB] May 11, 1893 Orange Journal -- " is planned to build a chapel of Gothic design at some future time ... Entering the vestibule from a covered porch, the visitor sees at his right the vestry ... with a corner mantel, chairs and portieres ... woodwork is of ash ... chandelier of iron, jets shaded by gloves of white ... pews seat 150, but capacity can be increased to 250 by placing chairs in the vestry and in the space at the back of the room."

[Alli.] May 19, 1893 - Mrs. Pond, Pres. of Plainfield Branch ... "it embraces all the women's work in the church."

[Abst.] May 28, 1893, board adopted seal. Authorized a mortgage of $5,000 at 5%, payable June 1, 1896, and a note of $1,000 at 5%, payable June 1, 1894, both to Edward H. R. Lyman, Brooklyn.

[SB] June 24, 1893 Orange Chronicle - Unity Club ... will give open-air performance on the lawn of Ross C. Browning, Llewellyn Park, this afternoon ... minuet will be danced ... two-act farce 'A Box of Monkeys'

[SB] Unity Club (formerly the Young People's Association) meeting notice - objects: "do good in all ways, promote social intercourse among church members, and aid as far as possible in raising funds for church purposes."

[Abst.] Sep. 18, 1893, board proposed to ask aid of $450 from AUA. Mr Hale opposed and offered to have his salary reduced if necessary. Request of $300 approved without prejudice to Mr. Hale's salary.

[Alli.] Oct.17, 1893 - church to open Tuesday afternoon for women's work.

[SB] Oct.28,1893 Chronicle - new font, placed in front of the communion table.

[Abst.] Dec. 18, 1893 . . . Voted to buy a Listz organ for $350.

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[Alli.] Dec. 19, 1893. One member of Exec.Bd. to attend the meetings of the National Alliance held last Fri. of each month at the Unitarian rooms 20th St & 4th Ave. ... Miss Iva Handy apptd chair of comm "to solicit literature to send to Life Saving Station on Jersey coast." Alliance and sewing circle "unite in giving Frederick the janitor a Christmas turkey."

[SB] Dec.30, 1893 Chronicle - Lenten lectures free - box on hand - offerings "to be divided between the charitable institutions in Orange under so great stress for money this winter.". Children's festival--the children belonging to the church were the hostesses and invited in a large number of poor children ... gifts for all the young guests, supper served to all...


[Hitch] "In 1894 the Societies in existence in the church were the Unity Club, the Alliance and Sewing Circle."

[SB] 1894 - free course of lectures - box for voluntary contributions - to be divided equally between the Memoriual Hospital and Orphan Home.

[Alli.] Feb. 20, 1894 ... committee to place literature at the station of the terminus of the Traction Car Co. at the foot of Eagle Rock. Topics of talks: "Character Building from a Unitarian Standpoint," "Responsibility," "Conversation," "Sincerity in Society"

[SB] Mar. 5, 1894, Unity Club sociable, East Orange Banjo Club; and original farce 'A Duplicate Receipt.' Pres. Edward Aborn, Treas. Frank Bennett, Secy. Alice Jenkins.

[Alli.] Mar. 13, 1894, annual meeting. Pres. Mrs. Coolidge; V.P. Mrs. Coggeshall; Rec. Sec. Miss Kirby (Caroline E.); Treas. Mrs. Lane; Corr. Sec. Miss Lindsley

[Abst.] Mar. 19, 1894, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Building fund - cost of chapel and furnishings6,288.55
Balance, including loan of $100 to Church166,47
Trustees elected [from 12 nominees; 28 votes cast]:

[active] Membership 79 [12 new, 19 removed, 1 death]. Sunday School 4 teachers, 24 scholars. Bible class 21. . . .

[Min.] Mar. 19, 1894 ...Unity Club (Edward Aborn, Pres), sociables; decoration of church on special occasions, weekly supply of flowers... "Ladies; Friendly Society, or as generally called the Sewing Circle." ... families now attending 46 (155 persons, incl. 110 adults); 38 families have membership.

[Alli.] Apr. 12, 1894, Exec.Bd. ... Mr. Hale should be asked to name the club that sends literature to the motor men and conductors of trolley cars at the Roseville Car Station.

[Alli.] Apr. 17, 1894, regular meeting of the Orange Branch ... held in the church. Opened by singing "Nearer My God to Thee." Rev. Antoniette Brown Blackwell led discussion on "Home and Home Makers."

[Alli.] May 15, 1894, Mrs. Mary Davis, corresp.sec. of National Alliance, talked on "A Woman's Religion."

[Min.] May 27, 1894, Mrs. Browning offered to go to Meadville at her own expense and was unanimously chosen our delegate to Unitarian Conference of the Middle States and Canada.

[SB] June 9, 1894 Chronicle - Unity Club lawn fete, residence of Ross C. Browning ... 'A Lifeless Man,' farce in one act.

[Abst.] June 18, 1894, treasurer reported to trustees that balance of note had been paid from proceeds of lectures by Mr. Hale and Mr. Taylor and from contributions, that a mortgage had been given to the Building Loan Fund of AUA of $5,000 on May 1 and that the former mortgage of $5,000 had been paid on May 14.

[Alli.] Oct.16,1894, "Thoughts suggested by the Saratoga Convention&quopt; - account of dramatic scene at Conventionwhen vote taken for revision of the Const'n of Nat'l Conference...

[New York Times, Nov.4,1894] "SOCIETY MATTERS IN THE ORANGES... ORANGE, N.J., Nov.3--Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings a successful fair and linen sale was held in the vestry of the First Unitarian Church, under the direction of the ladies of the congregation. Mrs. Thomas Fenton Taylor was in charge. She was assisted at the various booths by Mrs. Charles Russell Wilmot, Mrs. William C. Swift, Mrs. Irving Smith, Mrs. E.W. Coggeshall, Mrs. N.L. Handy, Miss Ina Handy, and Miss Lindsley."

[Abst.] Nov.10, 1894, trustees voted not to ask AUA for aid in 1895. [and voted to start paying organist Miss Chamberlain $100 per annum.]

[Min.] Nov.10, 1894: "Mr. Taylor called attention to the difficulties that families living in South Orange and Montclair had to contend with in getting to church for want of convenient horse car and trolley lines and suggested that some means should be devised by which they could attend services without having to hire a carriage. He thought a stage could be obtained and that there were enough families (he estimated four in South Orange) ... to take some concerted action and guaranty among themselves an amount satisfactory to the stage owner."

[Alli.] Nov.20,1894. Mrs. B. Ward Dix, Pres. of Nat'l Alliance, spoke on "Progressive Christianity." . . . Sent box of about 50 small articles left over from our Fair to the Austin Branch, & barrel of clothing to No. Dakota.

[Alli.] Dec.18, 1894. "Domestic Service, Best Methods of Finding Fault" (topic chosen from a leaflet issued by Nat'l Alliance containing topics for discussion). Mrs. Browning thought some mistresses needed training as well as servants...

[SB] Dec. 1894 - Unity Club sociable, at Berkeley Hall, Harrison St - attendance about 100 - 'The Christmas Ghost,' play by Edward Aborn.

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[Alli.] Jan.15, 1895. 17 present

[SB] Feb. 8, 1895 - Edw. Hale speaks at ceremony of cornerstone laying for temple of Congregation Sharey Tefilo, on Cleveland St.

[Alli.] Feb. 19, 1895. Miss Lindsley, "Thoughts are things ... though unexpressed ...[with] effect upon the individual thought of"

[Alli.] Mar. 12, 1895, annual meeting, ... Post Office Mission, 150 magazines besides other good literature have been distributed to the Roseville Car Station. 5 or 6 send Christian Registers regularly to correspondents and over 100 sermons have been taken from the rack in the vestibule of the Church. $3 appropriated to send literature to the Life Saving Stations on the N.J. coast. Pres. Mrs. Coggeshall; V.P. Mrs. Lawrence; Secy. Mrs. Kirby; Corr.Secy. Miss Lindsley; Treas. Mrs. Wilmot.

[Abst.] Mar. 18, 1895, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Cost of Church property to date$12,593.93
Gift of $25 from the Second Branch Alliance of Boston - used for a bookcase, Gift of $25 from the South Congregational Church Alliance - used for books for the library. Membership 81 [3 new, 21 moved away from Orange; 50 families (107 persons) regularly attending.] Retiring Board of Trustees reelected. [no other nominees, voted by ballot anyway]

[Min.] Mar. 18, 1895, annual meeting. Clemens Herschel chosen chair. Unity Club (Edw. Aborn, Pres.) spoke of its work of supplying flowers each Sunday , of its pleasant lawn party at Mrs. Brownings...
Ladies Friendly Society (Sewing Circle), Mrs. Mary S. Crissey Secy. and Treas.: charitable proceedings at 15 regular meetings and 1 special meeting; Mrs. Hart was Pres., Mrs. Jean V.P. Total membershop 23, avg. att.12... made saleable articles for the church fair, especially aprons and towels, and for Mem.Hosp. and Montana Indian school.

[Min.] Mar.21, 1895 - Board reelects same officers, including Thomas F. Taylor Pres "pro tempore" in absence of Pres. Idea of stage for Souith Orange given up - not worth while to start if trolley line to be put in operation soon.

[Alli.] Mar.22, 1895, Exec.Bd. - Branch to subscribe to "Cheerful Letter" to be sent to some member ... who would send it to some correspondent named in connection with P.O. Mission work. Regular meetings to open with a reading and close with a hymn. The Reading Supply of the Post Office Mission has sent 140 magazines besides other good literature to the superintendent's office at Roseville Car Station for the motor men and conductors...

[Alli.] Apr. 16, 1895. Contribute $1 toward paying for sheets given to the janitor. Mrs. Hale read extracts from Prof. Adler's discourse on the religious training of the young in which he deprecated parents bringing up children to their beliefs.

[Abst.] May 1, 1895, paid 1st installment of $500 on mortgage from a gift of 554.60 - proceeds of a fair given by the Ladies. In Oct., 1895, the Ladies of the Church by a fair raised 447.60 to be applied to the 2nd $500. . . .

[Alli.] May 3, 1895. Annual meeting of the New York League held at our church; about 150 present from NY, Bklyn, Yonkers, Passaic, Rutherford and Plainfield. Adjourned to Masonic Hall for lunch served by the ladies of the Orange Branch.

[Min.] May 19, 1895, delegates to AUA, Clemens Herschel and Miss Mabel Lindsey.

[Alli.] May 21, 1895. Barrel of [Unitarian] literature to be forwarded to the Van Enterprise in Kansas. Subject, the religious training of the young... Mrs. Sampson, Mrs Hale and Mrs Lawrence held each individual and striking ideas on the subject.

[Min.] Church was open all summer 1895.

[Min.] no quorums for two successive quarterly trustees meetings, June 17 and Sept.16, 1895

[Min.] Oct 7, 1895. Mrs Browning and Mrs Sexton elected delegates to National Conf.of Unitarian Churches, Washington DC.

[Alli.] Oct.15, 1895. Barrel of secular and denominational literature had been sent to ... Kansas. "A Journey to the Orient," Mrs. Browning. [Mediterranean and the Holy Land] "The visit to Constantinople was especially interesting in view of the recent atrocities that have taken place among the Armenians.@quot; ... Closed with selection from Emerson.

[Min.] Oct 21, 1895, voted to change hour of service . . . to 10:30.

[Min.] Oct.30, 1895, Mr. Hale ill, pulpit supply arranged for next 5 weeks - Mr Hitch would arrange for necessary funds without calling on Society in general.

[SB] Nov.10, 1895 Newark Sunday Call "Rev. Edward Hale, who has been ill for two weeks past, will occupy his pulpit in the First Unitarian Church, Orange, to-day. Morning services for the Winter will begin at 10.30, and the Sunday school will hold its session at 11.45, instead of at 12, as heretofore. Nearly $400 was cleared from the Festival of Days, held by the ladies of the church a week since in Berkley Hall, East Orange. The proceeds wil go to the current expenses of the society. The church has an active branch of the Women's Alliance of the Unitarian Church, the main aim of which is to study and become well founded in denominational doctrines. Mrs. Coggeshall is its leader. The Friendly Society is a ladies' union that sews for the poor and helps charitable enterprises. It aids, among others, the Orange Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Henry C. Hart is the president. Unity Club is composed of young people who give entertainments to promote sociability in the church. Its president is Mr. Everett Yeaw. The Sunday School numbers fifty and has six teachers. The pastor fills all the offices but that of librarian, which is held by Mr. George Coggeshall." 90 members, congregation of 175. "The church is supported by subscriptions and the seats are free. There is no choir. . . . The property is valued at $12,000."

[Min.] Nov.17,1895, delegates to Unit.Conf.of Middle States, Brooklyn meeting, Mrs Ellen M Curtis and Mrs Caroline E Kirby.

[Min.] Dec 16, 1895. Janitor to be paid $8/month.

[Alli.] ... 15 members present.

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[Alli.] Jan.21, 1896. Opened with Longfellow's "Footsteps of Angels". Subject: "To what extent shall the imagination be cultivated."

[Alli.] Feb. 18, 1896. "What does the Alliance stand for" ... "Mrs. Hooper deprecated such subjects as 'The New Woman' for discussion in Alliance branches ..."

[SB] Feb.27, 1896 appeal letter by Edward Hale: "In asking you for the annual contribution of our church to charities, I do not forget the pressure of the hard times, or that some have had the added burden of severe and protracted sickness in their households. I send the circulars asking that none shall feel obliged to give if he or she cannot honestly afford to do so. . . . the abjects to which I ask you to give are of two kinds, denominational and local. . . . The Montana Indian School, to the support of which we have given heretofore, is now cared for by the National Government. Instead I ask you to help in the support of a similar work of civilization and education among the negroes in Alabama. The Calhoun School is under the charge of the Rev. Pitt Dillingham. Those of you who heard him in our church a few weeks ago do not need a further appeal. The school is not denominational in its teaching; but its circumstances are such that it must depend chiefly upon those of our faith to support it. . . . I hope that we may give as follows:
American Unitarian AssociationNot less than $125.00
Unitarian Conference of the Middle States " " "     20.00
Calhoun Colored School " " "     30.00
Bureau of Associated Charities" " "     75.00
Memorial Hospital " " "    50.00
Total amount," " "     $300.00
There are some sixty families who contribute in one way or another to the support of the church. . . . . If any feel that they cannot give in this contribution because they are already contributing to the full extent of their means, I ask them to diminish what they contribute to the church expenses and give instead in this way. If our current expenses are so large that members cannot take part in the missionary or benevolent work of the church, then we must make our current expenses less."

[Alli.] Mar. 10, 1896. Pres. Mrs. Coggeshall, VP Mrs Sexton, Rec.Sec. Mrs Curtis (Ellen M.), Corr.Sec. Miss Handy, Treas Mrs Hitch. Coffee served after adjournment.

[Abst.] Mar. 16, 1896, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Sunday School Report:
Officers3Kindergarten pupils7
Teachers8Primary Dept11
Adult Dept.22Intermediate Dept18
69, Deduct for duplication 1, 68
Trustees elected:

[Min.] Mar. 16, 1896 ann.mtg :
Unity Club: Pres. Everett Yeaw, Treas. Charles A. Robinson, Secy Miss Ina Handy. 63 members paying dues. ...New Years Eve Festival Dec. 31, farce written and managed by Edward Aborn; dancing.
Friendly Society: Mrs Henry F. Hitch Pres., Mrs Henry Hart VP, Mrs Mary L Crissey Secy.-Tr. 18 members; avg att.12 ..."ljanitor';s family had been relieved of pressing needs... made garments for new school at Calhoun,Ala."
Minister's Report: preached on all but 4 Sundays and on Thurs.eve. before Easter and on Thanksgiving Day - in all 52 times. He had been absent from the Orange pulpit 8 Sundays... 4 on account of sickness and 4 when preaching in other pulpits ... The church had been open during the summer with avg attend. of 22 - largest att. during July and Aug was 31, smallest 7. Regular attendants 57 families, 187 persons. Year gross gain 9 families, 25 persons; loss 2 families, 8 persons.

[SB] March 17th, 1896, letter to supporters. " . . . Our income for 1895, derived from members and friends, amounted to $2,670.70, of which over 76% was from 12 families subscribing an average of $170.00 each; while 28 families, with an average of $24.00 per annum, contributed the balance. . . ."

[Alli.] Apr. 21, 1896, Ex. Com. "As usual it was quite late before there was a quorum." Moved & carried: fine of 25 cents for absence. Ex.Com. meetings to be held in vestry prior to regular meetings.

[Alli.] Apr. 21, 1896. Topic "Dr. Furness and his writings" - "As those who had promised to be present with papers had again failed to come, she asked secretary to read a biographical article in the Nation..." Mrs. Hale then followed with remarks on Dr. Furness' antislavery work .... the usual social half-hour with tea and crackers.

[Min.] Apr. 28, 1896, trustees voted to close church during July and August.

[Curtis] June 6 [1896] (Sat.) - Annual Lawn Festival of the Unity Club: May Pole Dance by the children of the Sunday School and their friends. 'A Social Evolution' - an original comedy in one act.

[Alli.] Oct.19, 1896, book for new study class to be Chadwicks Unitarianism Old and New.

[Alli.] Oct.20, 1896, Mrs. Graham, mother of Mrs Sexton. 20 present.

[Alli.] Nov.17, 1896, 14 present

[Alli.] Dec.15,1896, 13 present

[Abst.] Dec. 21, 1896, trustees received 644.23, proceeds of a fair to date.

[Min.] Dec.21, 1896. Mr Hale summarized plans he had proposed for increasing the seating capacioty of the church, either by extending the old one or by erecting an entirely new building, using the present church for chapel and Sunday School purposes...

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[Alli.] Jan. 19, 1897 ... report of the Cheerful Letter ... averaged two letters a week ... requests for old magazines ... for Swinton's Third Reader, for Ray's Arithmetic ... cup of chocolate served after adjournment. 13 present.

[Alli.] Feb. 15, 1897 ... secy of Cheerful Letter reported ... total exp. for postage thus far $4.11 - discussion on means of supporting it

[Alli.] Mar. 9, 1897 - annual meeting - 15 present - Cheerful Letter: 21 to whom books have been sent, $4.18 exp. in stamps - dues raised to 50 cents/year (to carry on Cheerful Letter). Pres. Mrs Sexton, VP Mrs Kirby, Secy Mrs Howard, Treas Mrs Hitch. Exec.Comm: Mrs Coggeshall, Mrs Putnam, Mrs Euler, Mrs Sturtevant; tie between Mrs Lawless and Mrs Coffin - another vote, Mrs Lawless.

[Abst.] Mar. 15, 1897, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Retiring Board of Trustees reelected
Membership 92, Sunday School 55
. . . Indebtedness reduced to 4,000. Balance in bldg fund 700.

[Min.] Mar. 15, 1897 ann.mtg. Unity Club: 3 sociables;average att. over 300; membership 81. Pres. expresses regret that he couldn't give time necessary ... suggested that a member of the opposite sex be elected Pres.
Ladies Friendly Society, membership 21, avg. att. 8. articles to Mem.Hosp., Orphans Home, Day Nursery. One social event, a reception for all the ladies of the church.
Mr Hale's report - added 9 families, 36 persons, lost 1 fam. ceased to attend, 2 from removal, 11 persons; presently attending, 63 families, 212 persons.

[SB] March 16th, 1897 letter to supporters: " . . . Our income for 1896 was $2,801.66, of which $2,703.25 was subscribed by forty-seven families and friends, and $98.41 was received through the boxes. . . ."

[Alli.] Apr. 20, 1897 - 10 present. Rept of 2 meetings of the Current Topics class which has been started by the Alliance and holds its meetings in the vestry on Sunday at noon. Mrs R.B.Browning chosen delegate to biennial meeting of National Alliance at Saratoga. Opened with 24th Psalm, closed with Lord's Prayer. Chocolate and tea.

[Abst.] Apr. 25, 1897, Mr. Hale resigned effective July 1 to accept position as Asst. Prof. of Homiletics in the Harvard Divinity School. Accepted with great regret. [Church closed July 1 to Sept.1]

[Hitch] [after Edw. Hale's resignation] "there were negotiations looking to a combination of the two societies of Orange and Montclair ... that the pastor selected by us shouldhold an afternoon service in Montclair; happily this came to nithing."

[Abst.] Apr.13(?), 1897, trustees appointed Mr. Wells Chairman of Pulpit Supply Committee.

[Alli.] May 18, 1897. 14 members and 4 visitors present. $4 rec'd from Unity Club for Cheerful Letter expenses.

[Alli.] June 1, 1897, extra meeting at Mrs Coggeshall's house to finish reading chapter.

[Alli.] (p.91) "A very few of our number were brought up unitarians; more of our number were brought up with the erroneous idea, that unitarians believed nothing, but rather aimed to pull down the denominations ... Unitarians have no creed in the usual acceptamce of that word, but surely they have a defined statement of faith ... which we as a small body of unitarians should be ready always to declare and stand up for in our own little church."

[Alli.] Oct. 1897 - series of 3 Shakespearean lectures by Dr Homer D. Sprague of Drew Univ. to raise money for Alliance and Sunday School - $1.50 admission

[Alli.] Oct.19, 1897 - 11 members and 1 visitor present

[Alli.] Nov.16, 1897 - 11 members and 2 visitors present. Decided to give a ton of coal to our janitor.
$94.75 clear from the Shakespearean lectures. $1.89 in the form ofa turkey to the janitor; also coal. $3.70 for expressing a box to ... Indian territory - half the usual expressage. Decided to give $20 to Sunday School.

[Abst.] Dec. 6, 1897, trustees voted that $300. to complete the $500. due the building fund May 1, 1898, be raised by the Ladies.

[Alli.] Dec.21,1897. 14 present

[Min.] Dec.21, 1897. Sense of the Board that the present Janitor is undesirable. Sunday School 'sorely in need of money for new library books,' - $30 appropriated.

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[Alli.] Jan. 18, 1898 (p.101). Current topics club withdraws from the Alliance.

[Alli.] Feb. 15, 1898 - 14 present. Read Dr Minot Savage's sermon "The Man Christ Jesus." Closed with Lord's Prayer.

[Alli.] Mar. 8, 1898, annual meeting. 16 present. Pres Mrs Coffin, VP Mrs Euler, Sec Mrs Howard (resigned Mar.22, [] Mrs Lela D. Sturtevant), Treas Mrs Hitch.

[Abst.] Mar. 10, 1898, trustees received check for $380., later increased to 549.50, raised by the Ladies from members of the Church toward payment on the mortgage due May 1, 1898. Fund now 602.43

[Abst.] Mar. 21, 1898, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Membership 97. Sunday School 4 teachers 40 pupils not counting adults.
Mr. Kellogg took Mr. Wells' place on pulpit supply committee.
Trustees elected:

[Min.] Mar. 21, 1898 ann.mtg. Unity Club, President "she" - 4 meetings - "club so large that it rendered meetings in private houses a severe tax on the kindness of the hostesses" ...treasury did not permit as frequent a use of Berkeley Hallas might be usual.
Friendly Society - membership 24, avg att 12; contribution to Calhoun Colored School in Alabama ,,,desirable for more ladies of church to join.
Womens Alliance, 15 meetings, avg.att.13, 39 members. "The Current Topics Class had held its meetings for a time under the auspices of the Alliance, but later on withdrew forming the Current Topics Club."
Sunday School, purchased 75 to 100 books.

[Alli.] Apr. 19, 1898 (in vestry) 21 present. Rev. John White Chadwick and Mrs Bell, present as guests. Rev Chadwick answered questions re: evolution; Lyman Abbott; our belief in God now compared with 50 years ago; novels of the day... [Mrs Howard leaving for Boston where she expects to reside.]

[Abst.] Apr. 30, 1898, paid 500 on mortgage. Debt now 3,000

[Alli.] May 17, 1898, 10 present.

[Abst.] Sep. 24, 1898, trustees recommended to society the selection of Rev. Walter Reid Hunt of Ellsworth Me. as minister. Mr. Hitch resigned as President of Board.

[Abst.] Oct. 8, 1898, society voted to extend call to Mr. Hunt.

[Alli.] Oct. 18, 1898, Exec. Comm. Mrs W.J.Wells elected treas. to repl. Mrs Hitch (resigned). Miss Lucille Swasey to be asked by letter to be chair of Cheerful Letter.

[Alli.] Oct.18, 1898. 13 present. Mrs French as ch. of hospitality comm. reported a poor condition of the kitchen ... "Friendly Society" willing to cooperate with Alliance in improving it. Mrs Curtis: paper on Charles G. Ames. Mrs Browning reported on National Indian Conf.

[Abst.] Oct. 24, 1898, trustees elected Warren Delano Jr. as President.

[Abst.] Nov. 6, 1898, Mr Hunt conducted his first service

[Alli.] Nov. 15, 1898, 9 members and Mr. Hunt.

[Abst.] Nov. 21, 1898, Mr. Hunt installed.

[Abst.] Dec. 20, 1898, trustees accepted resignation of Miss Chamberlain as organist.

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[Alli.] Jan. 17, 1899. 15 present. Voted to form committees (one from each neighborhood) for visiting the sick of the church and reporting cases of illness to Mr.Hunt. Mr. Hunt suggests uniting Friendly Society and all other societies in one compact organization called the Alliance - with committees as independent as possible.

[Alli.] Jan. 24, 1899 - "Red Cross" committee: Mrs Coggeshall for South Orange, Mr Hunt for Brick Church, Mrs Curtis for Roseville, Mrs Browning for West Orange, Mrs Sturtevant for Orange. Usual amount toward church debt; each member to earn and contribute $1.

[Abst.] Feb. 1, 1899. trustees appointed W. H. Aborn a committee of one to study the question of erecting a Parish House.

[Min.] Feb. 1, 1899. "Rev. Mr. Hunt ... suggested that one a month was too often [for communion] ...that four times a year was perhaps often enough." - question left in his hands to ascertain wishes of the congregation and make arrangements.

[St.Cl.] Feb.21, 1899 -4th regular meeting of the Alliance ... held in the vestry ... 16 present - Mrs. Bell of Rutherford was the guest of the afternoon ... business meeting - question of joining of the Friendly Society and the Alliance

[Abst.] Mar. 7, 1899, trustees voted to pay at once to the AUA building loan fund 500. from the general fund and 200. from the surplus over 500. in the building fund and to pay on Apr. 30 the remaining 500. in the building fund. This will leave the debt at 1,800. Also voted to set aside 500. from the general fund as a nucleus for building a Parish House. (The increase in the general fund was due to savings on salaries of the Minister from July 1, 1897 to Nov. 1, 1898.)

[Min.] Mar.7, 1899, Janitor to get $12/month, up from $9.

[St.Cl.] Mar. 14, 1899, annual meeting "at the usual time and in the usual place." 12 present. carried, "that under the new regime ... this department of the Friendly Branch Alliance of Orange be called the Study Class. ... A special meeting was held for the formal disbandment of the old society known as the Orange Branch of National Alliance." Officers elected: Mrs French, Secy; Mrs Wells reelected Treasurer. ... supper committee of the Sunday School Union ... requests 2 lb of butter for supper to be given Mar.17.

[Abst.] Mar. 20, 1899, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Disbursements (including payment on debt, 500., and nucleus for Parish House, 500.) 3,089.11
Unity Club membership 98
Trustees elected:

[Min.] [date?] Friendly Society voted to disband and join hands with the Woman's Alliance (Mr. Hunt's suggestion).

[Min.] Apr. 11, 1899, voted to get 4 doz. new copies of hymnbook, and start a printed calendar "to do away with notices from pulpit as far possible"

[St.Cl.] Apr. 18, 1899, Study Class, 10 present.

[St.Cl.] May 1, 1899, planning for meeting of Alliance of N.J., 3rd Tue. of May.

[Abst.] May 14, 1899, trustees elected Mr. Hitch as Pres. vice Mr. Delano Res[igned]

[St.Cl.] May 30, 1899 - 14 present - voted on line of study to pursue next year - "Unitarianism of the present century" and to meet twice a month.

[Abst.] Sept. 25, 1899, trustees voted to recommend to the society that the fiscal year end on Dec. 31 instead of on Feb. 28.

[St.Cl.] Oct.16, 1899, 12 present ... on Whittier.

[St.Cl.] Nov. 6, 1899 - 14 present; decided to serve tea every meeting. Whittier poem; paper on Early Unitarianism.

[Min.] Nov. 11, 1899 - Edward Aborn, Sup't of Sun. School, asked permission to run an electric wire into the church whereby to operate a stereopticon, to illustrate Sun. Sch. lessons.

[Abst.] Nov. 12, 1899, society voted that the annual meeting be held on the 3rd. Monday in January and that the fiscal year extend from Jan. 1, to Dec. 31.

[Min.] Nov. 12, 1899. Motion to do away with the singing of the chant, lost 2 to 34. Motion to omit the reading of the 13 Corinthians and substitute responsive readings, lost 5 to 31. "It seemed clearly to be the sense of the meeting that the order of service had better remain unchanged."

[Abst.] Nov. 20, 1899, trustees voted that a committee be appointed to ascertain the cost of a suitable building for the social and business functions of the society. The chair appointed W. H. Aborn and E. Aborn.

[St.Cl.] Nov. 20, 1899 - Whittier poem; 22 present; address by Rev. W.R. Hunt on James Martineau.

[St.Cl.] Dec.4, 1899 - 17 present - Whittier poem on Channing. Mrs. Grant from Montclair present, invited the ladies there. Mrs. Lufton, paper on Channing.

[St.Cl.] Dec.18, 1899, in the vestry - 15 present - poem 'The Love of God' by Bruant - Mr Hunt spoke on 'The Development of the Early Parishes in New England...'

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[Abst.] Jan. 8, 1900, trustees voted that the Treasurer close his books showing a deficit of $293. for 10 months.

[Abst.] Jan. 15, 1900, annual meeting. [46 voting members present; attendance 52]
Trustees elected:

[SB] Jan. 15, 1900 appeal -- 107 members, of which 55 were contributors in past year.

[St.Cl.] Jan.15,1900 - 15 present - opened with one of Lowell's sonnets on truth. Miss Hitch read a paper on Theodore Parker ... Rev.W.R.Hunt read abstracts from one of Parker's sermon; motion carried to take up Emerson next.

[St.Cl.] Jan.29,1900 - Mr Hunt read a newspaper article which Mrs Curtis had brought on Emerson ... 'owing to some mistake in the notice of the meeting,' only 8 present.

[St.Cl.] Feb.5,1900 - Mrs Lawler reading the 'Bohemian' hymn ... talked on Emerson and read the greatyer part of his essay upon Compensation.

[U.C.] Feb. 22, 1900: New England Supper at Arcanum Hall [East Orange], musical entertainment after.

[St.Cl.] Mar.5,1900 - paper by Mrs French upon Emerson

[St.Cl.] Mar.19,1900 - vestry - 3 p.m. - poem on Thomas Starr King by Whittier; paper on Thomas Starr King by Mrs. Lawless ... Whittier's hymn written for opening of T.S.K.'s church in San Francisco. Motion carried to ask Mrs.McCoy, the President of the Orange Branch of the Sunshine Society, to address the class... 15 present

[U.C.] Mar.23, 1900: Shadow Pictures: "large silhouettes of all the prominent members of the church were procured and pasted on black cloth ... about 50 in number ... numbered and hung in rotation on the walls of the hall. The object was to guess as many of the people as possible ..." Silhouettes were then sold at auction.

[St.Cl.] Apr.2, 1900 - 30 present. Mrs McCoy, Pres.of the Orange Societies, spoke about trhe Sunshine Society.

[St.Cl.] Apr.16,1900 - musical at Mrs. Lawless' Ridge St, Orange. "--Mrs Lawless was suddenly called away on a sad journey."

[U.C.] June 9, 1900, The Lawn Party, on grounds of Mrs R.C. Browning, Llewellyn Park - the most successful yet - original farce in one act, "The End of the World" - about 250 people were present ... a number of strangers ...

[U.C.] (p.8) - house party at the residence of Mr Everett Yeaw, Hartford Road, South Orange - charades ... dancing "until a late hour"

[St.Cl.] Oct.15, 1900 - Whittier's poem on conduct. decided on course of study.

[St.Cl.] Nov.5, 1900 - Mrs Decker gave paper about Nathaniel Hawthorne.

[Abst.] Nov. 14, 1900, trustees elected Mr. Yeaw as President, vice Mr. Hitch, resigned. Mrs. Lupton resigned as Trustee

[Min.] Nov.14,1900 special Board of Trustees meeting was held in office of Irving Smith, 21 Maiden Lane, New York.

[St.Cl.] Nov. 19, 1900 - 9 present. Whittier, 'By Their Work.' Mr. Hunt gave a talk upon 'The Scarlet Letter.'

[St.Cl.] Dec.17, 1900 - Christmas meeting at Mrs. Lawless's - 'Christmas Sentiment' - readings and music. Mrs.Lawless paper on the origin of Christmas.

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[U.C.] (p.9) New Years Party at Berkeley Hall, incl. orig. one act farce by Edward Aborn. Audience of about 200. dancing until a late hour.

[St.Cl.] Jan.7, 1901 ...on Darwin.

[U.C.] Jan.11, 1901, officers elected: Pres. Lester G. Frencg, VP Frank W. Swift, Secy. Guy Chace, Treas. Robt S. Sturtevant

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1901, annual meeting. Treasurer reported that by using the amount set aside for the new building fund (500.) he was able to close the year with a balance of 47.44.
Voted that if the Treasurer did not succeed within four months in securing a sufficient amount the Trustees were authorized to introduce the Collection on Sunday Morning.
Trustees elected:

[St.Cl.] Feb.4, 1901 on Agassiz

[St.Cl.] Feb.18, 1901 on Huxley

[U.C.] Feb. 22, 1901; Book Party, at res. of Mrs M.L.Crissey, 224 Glenwood Ave, E.O. 37 members aand guests, each with some emblem to represent some well-known book - members tried to guess titles. ladies prize and gentleman's prize, and prize for best gotten up book.

[Curtis] Feb.26,1901, letter from Bertha Browning, Llewllyn Park, re Mrs. Curtis's resignation from the society.

[St.Cl.] Mar.4, 1901 - theory of evolution - Mr. Hunt gave talk.

[St.Cl.] Mar.18,1901 - 17 present. on Thomas Carlyle

[U.C.] Apr. 2-3,1901, sale of cake, candy and fancy articles, held in vestry, raised $77.75

[St.Cl.] Apr.8, 1901, paper by Mrs McCoy on Wordsworth

[Abst.] Apr. 15, 1901, trustees voted to pay 800. on mortgage. Due 1,000.

[St.Cl.] Apr. 22, 1901, paper by Mrs. Lawless on Ruskin.

[St.Cl.] Oct. 7, 1901, "There being no chairman, postals had not been sent out, so there were only eight present." - planned to follow programme from Alliance Manual - the Ethical Side of Religion. - Lillie Euler, Secy.

[Min.] Oct.21,1901. "Mr. Hunt spoke in reference to a previous resolution of the Board requesting him to announce from the pulpit at service the fact that the church was free and thatv boxes would be found at the doors for contributions. He stated that numerous objections had come to him against this from the congregation and he requested permission to omit the notice hereafter. ... After considerable discussion," granted.

[St.Cl.] Nov.4, 1901 - nominess for the chairmanship all refused to serve ... Mr Hunt offered to become our leader.

[St.Cl.] Nov.25, 1901 - Mr Hunt talked on ethics and religion. "Science says 'Certain things are'; Ethics says 'certain things are better than other things'; Religion says 'Certain things are eternal.'"

[U.C.] Dec. 5, 1901, business meeting, "It was decided not to hold the regular New Years Party at Berkeley Hall this year. For the last two years they had gotten to be public affairs and were known to be advertised as 'The Unitarian Free Show.' It was thought advisable to hold smaller gatherings where the members and church people could meet together and have more sociable times. It was decided to hold the New Years party at a private house...."

[St.Cl.] Dec.9, 1901 - 12 present - Miss Jenson, paper on 'The Moral Development and Study of Ethics in Relation to Individuals.'

[U.C.] Dec. 14, 1901, "Club found itself to possess only one officer, Mr. French having resigned, Mr. Swift being out of town on account of his health, and Mr Chace having moved away..."

[St.Cl.] Dec. 23, 1901, 'Does intellectual culture improve us morally?' - animated discussion - no decision.

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[U.C.] Jan. 1, 1902, New Years party - about 50 members and friends present. geographical guessing game ... peanut contest for the children"

[U.C.] Jan.4, 1902 - Mr A.W. Kissam elected Pres. in absentia - committee apptd to notify him. VP Mrs E.L.Kellogg, Secy. Edwin H. Priest, Treas R.S. Sturtevant. Contribute $10 to church fund.

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1902, annual meeting. [attendance 57 (37 voting members)] Treasurer's report:
Expenditures (including 800 on mortgage)3,825.36
Mr. Hunt announced that he had been appointed State Secretary for New Jersey.
Voted to increase the number of Trustees from 7 to 10.
Trustees elected:
Mr. Yeaw, Pres.Mr. Smith
Mr. Euler, Sec.Mr. Coffin
Mr. W. H. Aborn, Treas.Mrs. Browning
Mr. HitchMrs. Swift
Mr. DelanoMrs. Decker
["doxology was then sung & on motion meeting declared adjourned."]

[St.Cl.] Jan.13, 1902 - "best attended meeting the record of the class" - Rev. Adolph Roeder on 'What do we mean by right and wrong and personal responsibility' ... Mr Hunt then gave us his conception of the practical uses to which we should put these ideas.

[St.Cl.] Jan.27, 1902, Miss Hitch on 'Is it ever right to lie'

[St.Cl.] Feb.10,1902, Miss Fields on 'How fasr are we responsible for the conduct of others' ... Mr Hunt brought it down to our duties towards community...

[U.C.] Feb.14,1902, Fri.eve. - Magazine Party, in the church: "large frame representing cover of a magazine - could be swung open like the pages of a book" - tableaux representing frontispiece, poem, advertisements, etc. Singing of Swanee River, with Magic Lantern illustr. and boy Chorus.

[St.Cl.] Feb.24, 1902 - Mrs Emma F. McCoy, Pres. of the Sunshine Society, read essay on character building.

[St.Cl.] Mar. 10, 1902 - 'The balm of ideas as moral helps' - "Unfortunately the discussion carried us into the details of our life as a community not as individuals and consequentl;y the real subject of the afternoon was but slightly dwelt upon."

[St.Cl.] Mar. 24, 1902 ... Mr MacDougall, Secy of Bureau of Associated Charities - informal talk on 'Charity: What reasons for it on the moral side.'

[St.Cl.] Apr. 14, 1902 - 'Proportion in Life'

[Abst.] Apr. 21, 1902, trustees - Mrs. Swift reported that $363 had been subscribed to the building fund; this sum, added to 204 on hand, would cover the next installment on the mortgage. Mr Aborn reported that a donation of 500 would be forthcoming to complete payment of the mortgage if the Ladies would raise 137 and leave the fund of 204 intact.

[U.C.] Apr. 24, 1902, needle-threading contest

[St.Cl.] Apr. 28, 1902 - last meeting of season, at home of Mrs Kellogg, 124 Cleveland St. Mr Hunt on 'Is Life Worth Living' Musical presentation.

[SB] May 10, 1902 - Chronicle - church freed of debt - $500 anonymous gift.

[SB] May 25, 1902 mortgage-burning [articles on]; order of service at the Cancellation of the Mortgage, incl. addresses by Rev. Morehouse, H.F.Hitch, Mrs N.L.Handy.

[Hitch] "We Unitarians, although a small group in a modest little church, have so leavened this community with our liberal views as to change entirely the attitude ... towards us. ... The Orange community can almost be called a migratory one, as it is constantly changing. Our congregation has also felt this, so that today but a very small minority now with us were among the early members."

[U.C.] 1902 lawn party, mock wedding.

[St.Cl.] Oct. 27, 1902 - first of series on 'History of the Bible in the light of the Higher Criticism.' - by Mr. Hunt. Owing to a misunderstanding in sending out notices, only ten persons present.

[St.Cl.] Nov. 10, 1902 - "As these lectures are not adapted for condensation it was decided to omit the minutes unless business is transacted."

[St.Cl.] Nov.24, 1902 - decided to omit refreshments so the ladies preparing them would not miss the lectures. Decided to purchase the 'Bible for Learners.'

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[U.C.] Jan.16, 1903, annual meeting, resid.of Mrs E.L. Kellogg, 124 Cleveland St, Or. 21 of the 35 active members present. Pres. Mrs. Wm.H.Aborn, VP Edward Aborn, Secy. Mrs Robt S Sturtevant (Lila D.), Treas. Mr Robt S Sturtevant.

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1903, annual meeting. [attendance 38 (27 voting members); opened with hymn & prayer.] Treasurer's report:
Unity Club membership 82
[Mr Hunt appealed to society to improve the music during the services.]
Voted that the trustees be authorized to purchase and install a pipe organ at a cost of not over 1,500.
Trustees elected [out of 11 nominees]:
Mr. Yeaw, Pres.Mr. Smith
Mr. Euler, Sec.Mr. Coffin
Mr. Aborn, Treas.Mr. French
Mr. HitchMrs. Browning
Mr. DelanoMrs. Swift

[Min.] Jan.20, 1903, Board asks Jos C.D. Hitch to attend meetings during father's absence.

[St.Cl.] Jan.26, 1903 - Bible Study Class [Old Testament], 6th meeting. New secretary Mrs Sarah Dow (Mrs Euler resigned).

[St.Cl.] Feb 24, 1902 ... [four women] " read papers on the subjects assigned to them" ... ten present; social half hour; refreshments were served ...

[U.C.] March 1903 "...sudden departure of Miss Clarke..." play postponed

[U.C.] Mar. 24, 1903, Tue.Eve., progressive euchre party at res.of Mrs E.W.Coffin, 55 Burnett St, E.O., 40 people present

[St.Cl.] Apr. 13, 1903, elected delegate to meeting of W.C.T.U. re retaining women inspectors of immigrants in office.

[St.Cl.] Apr. 27, 1903, at home of Mrs Chandler Sexton, 72 Cleveland St.

[Abst.] May 13, 1903, trustees received report that a Church organ could be purchased for 1,250, 40% payable on acceptance; that the recess back of the pulpit could be constructed for 198.; that Mr. Fred Browning offered to present a motor for blowing the organ. Voted to accept these plans and proceed.

[U.C.] 1903 lawn party, 200 present

[Curtis] Oct.3, 1903, clipping on new pipe organ

[Abst.] Oct, 12, 1903, trustees - 637 has been subscribed for the organ. 783 needed for Church alterations and first payment on organ.

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[U.C.] Jan. 1, 1904, Fri.eve. - New Years Party, at Berkeley Hall, admission by membership ticket, 25¢ for guest ticket. 250 present. Two one-act plays.

[U.C.] 1904, Pres. Frank Swift, VP Mrs Edw. Chamberlain, Secy and Treas. reelected

[Abst.] Jan. 18, 1904, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Disbursements Balance none
Sunday school enrollment - 7 teachers, 78 pupils. Largest attendance during the year 90.
Voted that the trustees be authorized to erect a suitable building fora Parish House at a cost of not over 4,000. whenever it shall deem it expedient to do so.
Trustees elected:
Organ. 1st payment550.00  
Motor & connections240.50  
Alcove extension233.001,023.50 
Other expenditures 3,053.224,076.72
Mr. Hitch, Pres.Mr. Smith
Mr. French, Sec.Mr. Dudley
Mr. Aborn, Treas.Mr. Sturtevant
Mr. HandyMrs. Browning
Mr. YeawMrs. Dormitzer

[Min.] Jan. 18, 1904. Mr Hunt...advocated passing the plate ...

[St.Cl.] Jan.23, 1904 - owing to serious illness of Mrs.Hunt, Mr Hunt unavoidably absent. ... By a vote of the class Mrs Sexton was requested to send to Mr Hunt, over the telephone, an expression of sympathy, which she promptly did. Eleven present. Secy pro tem Ulilla L. Decker.

[St.Cl.] Feb. 8, 1904 - Mr Hunt absent. Mrs Decker read paper on the life of Harriet Martineau. Eight present.

[Abst.] Mar. 21, 1904, trustees voted to give a note to Estey Organ Co. for 700 balance fue on organ, to raise one half in 1904 and to borrow the remainder by note. [and to hold monthly afternoon services]

[Abst.] Apr. 13, 1904, trustees voted a resolution on the death of Mr.[Nathan Louis] Handy, Mar. 21, 1904. Mr. Hunt reported that Mrs. Handy wished to provide funds for the Parish House in accordance with the desire of Mr. Handy. Mr. Euler elected trustee vice Mr. Handy.

[Abst.] June 19, 1904, trustees elected Mr. Sturtevant Treas. vice Mr. Aborn resigned on account of ill health

[U.C.] 1904 Lawn Party, vocal solo, piano solos, impersonations. 200 present

[Alli.] Oct.12, 1904, Addie M. French, Rec. Sec.

[Abst.] Nov. 7, 1904, trustees - postal card vote on question of passing contribution plate, in favor 62, opposed 9. Voted that contribution plate be passed beginning Nov. 13.

[Alli.] Nov. 9, 1904, Housekeeping and Hospitality Committee (Mrs. Yeaw, chair) - " ... Three ladies are to keep the church in order, or more accurately see that the janitor does, also look after the pantry linen. Mrs. Haughtwort was elected to take care of the communion table on the Sundays when the service of communion is held."

[Abst.] Nov. 13, 1904, trustees revoked vote on contribution plate [on petition of several members, on ground that there had been misinterpretation on the part of some of the notice calling for the postal card vote]

[Abst.] Nov. 24, 1904, trustees received report that the estimate for building Parish House was $5,100. Mrs. Handy's check for this amount was presented and her request that this be turned over to Mr. Hitch or Mr. Hunt as her agent was agreed to.

[Min.] Nov.24, 1904 - Congregational meeting discussed contribution plate and resolved that announcement by pastor calling attention a servicves to the contribution box at door be discontinued.

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[U.C.] Jan. 2, 1905, Mon.eve. - New Years Party, at Berkeley Hall. Music by Walter Decker; two one-act plays. About 300 present.

[U.C.] 1905, Pres J.H.E.Stewart [reelected], VP Fred H. Colvin, Secy Miss Julia D. Hitch; Treas. Guy Chace.

[Abst.] Jan. 16, 1905, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures -Organ & repairs657.50 
Deficit  143.66
Average Sunday attendance 77
Sunday School average attendance 66
Unity Club membership 79
Trustees elected:

[Min.] Jan.16, 1904 - Mr. Hunt's report ... "high standing of the church in the community, one evidence of this being that the minister was one of a committee of three for the organization of the ministerial association of the view of small attendance at vesper services he recommended their discontinuance."
Unity Club: 79 members; four sociables or entertainments, incl. New Years party.

[Alli.] 1905, Treas. Rept. of $175 receipts, gave $100 to church.

[Alli.] Mar.7, 1905, annual meeting. Pres Miss Sylvia Hitch, VP Mrs Dudley, Treas Mrs Dormitzer, Rec.Sec. Miss Wilmot, Corr.Sec. Mrs Chamberlain.

[Abst.] Mar. 21, 1905, trustees voted to engage Mr. Decker as organist of Church for 1 year (later changed to 2 years) from expiration of present contract at $300. per year. Music Committee instructed to provide music for Sunday School. Voted to leave with the Music Committee the question of providing a piano for the Sunday School.

[Min/] Mar.21, 1905 - "The advisability of raising Nelson's pay was brought up and the treasurer was instructed to arrange the matter with him. ... Mr Hunt said the action of the trustees upon passing the contribution plate had not been clearly explained to the Congregation ..." committee instructed to issue circular embodying "the fact that the trustees fo not deem it expedient to pass the ...plate."

[Abst.] May 3, 1905, trustees voted that the different organizations be notified that the trustees feel they will require some assistance in order to meet current expenses and will count on them to lend their aid.

[U.C.] 1905 Lawn Party, 265 present. farce in one act, piano solo, vocal solo

[Abst.] Sept. 29, 1905, trustees accepted resignation of E. Aborn as Supt. of Sunday School a/c ill health. Voted thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Euler for loan of piano for S.S. Recommended to society a reorganization of Trustees whereby there would be 9 members to serve by rotation in office.

[U.C.] Oct.6, 1905, business meeting in the new Parish House.

[SB] Oct.22,1905, "The Unitarian Church--Is It Christian?" - sermon preached by Rev. W.R.Hunt [responding to exclusion of Unitarianms by committee of National Federation of Churches] - "I have been asked by members of our own church if it would not be better to give up the name, since it has been denied us ... Christianity is our birhright. We are its trustees..."

[Alli.] Oct. 30, 1905 [Mrs Chamberlain,Pres.; Hettie W. Wilmot, Rec.Sec.] Voted to ask permission of Trustees for Alliance to hold Exec meetings in the Boys Club Room and regular meetings in the Assembly Room ...

[U.C.] Nov.24, 1905, Patty Primrose's Singing School - 275 att., cleared $100.

[Abst.] Dec. 3, 1905, society considered recommendation on reorganization of Trustees but upon objection that there might be legal obstacles the chair appointed a committee to recommend action.

[Alli.] Dec. 4, 1905. To ask that 2 members of Unity Club be apptd to serve with Mrs Yeaw (chair of Housekeeping Com.) to see that the Parish House was left in order after Unity Club had used it.

[Alli.] Dec.12, 1905, purely social meeting - 35 or 40 att - "mostly the devoted few"

[Abst.] Dec. 13, 1905, trustees voted to recommend that Mr. Hunt be authorized to accept the Presidency of the Children's Aid Society and that the necessary time to fulfill his duties to that Society be willingly conceded.

[Min.] Dec.13, 1905, collection on Christmas Sunday for extinguishment of the debt authorized.

[Abst.] Dec.24, 1905, society voted 9 trustees to be elected at the annual meeting in Jan., 1906, and the trustees so elected shall divide themselves by lot into 3 classes of 3 each - the first for 1 year, the second for two years and the third for 3 years. And that thereafter at annual meetings 3 trustees shall be elected for 3 years. No person shall be eligible for reelection within 1 year after the expiration of his term of office.

[Min.] Social Settlement boys be allowed to hold an entertainment in the Parish House.

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[U.C.] Jan.8, 1906 annual meeting. Pres Mr Stewart, VP Mr Colvin, Treas. Guy Chase, Secy Miss Frances Nelson.

[Abst.] Jan. 16, 1906, annual meeting. [58 present (36 voting members)] Treasurer's report:
Voted to permit dancing in the Parish House.
Trustees elected and classes into which they were later divided by lot:
1 year2 years3 years
Mrs. DormitzerMrs. HandyMr. Hitch
Mr. SturtevantMr. Stewart, Treas.Mr. Aborn
Mr. French, Sec.Mr. DudleyMr. Euler, Pres.

[Min.] Jan. 16, 1906, Mr. Hunt's report: "The territory to which the church ministers extends from Arlington on the east to Short Hills on the west, from Glen Ridge on the north to Newark on the south. It includes 10 townships and 120 families ... impossible to make of it anything like a neighborhood church..."
Unity Club: "at the annual New Year's party we all appreciated most fully the advantages to us of the Parish House, since we were not troubled by the public element that had encroached upon us at ... Berkeley Hall."

[Alli.] Jan.29, 1906 ... Mrs Wilmot ... comm.of one to solicit material and call a cutting committee to provide for the charities neglected so far this season ...

[Abst.] Feb. 5, 1906, trustees elected Mr. Aborn, Pres. vice Mr. Euler, resigned [and authorized electric light over door of Parish House].

[Mens Club] Apr. 10, 1906, first meeting; elected Pres. Henry W. Hall, VP Jos L Seiler, Secy-Treas. Fred H. Colvin.

[Mens Club] [date?] 2nd meeting, "Mr.Hunt explained the object in view in organizing the club and referred to an invitation from the Men's Club of the Munn Ave. Presb. Ch. to co-operate with them in 'Civic Affairs.' ... After considerable discussion it was decided to inaugurate a class for the discussion of 'Current Events'to meet every Sunday at the close of the morning service ... for the present confined exclusively to men."

[Alli.] Apr.12, 1906, 19 present

[Alli.] May 4, 1906, 26 present ... Cheerful Letter report ... Charlotte Schetter resigning ... the Post Office Mission being entirely sectarian was more limited and was being carried on by Mr & Mrs Hunt, out of which has grown the 'Church of All Souls' with a membership of 22. They have subscribed $46 which has more than paid the expenses...

[U.C.] 1906 Lawn Party, 250 present

[Abst.] Oct. 9, 1906, trustees accepted resignation of Mr. French as trustee and Sec. Mr. Euler elected Sec.

[U.C.] Oct. 25, 1906 - meeting called because church in need of funds - asked Unity Club to raise $100.

[U.C.] Nov. 9, 1906 - Taffy Pull, 60 att. "A general stickiness prevailed."

[Abst.] Dec. 18, 1906, trustees refused request of Mrs. Wilson Ferrand for a certificate of good standing on the ground that she has ceased for the last three years to contribute to the support of the Church. Her name was dropped. Adopted resolution on the death of William C. Swift, June 1 [born and educated a Unitarian].

[Min.] Dec.18, 1906 - collection authorized for Dec.23,1906

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[Alli.] Jan. 10, 1907 ... the housekeeper of the church Mrs Euler be empowered to buy a door mat for the vestibule

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1907, annual meeting. Report of Treasurer, balance 10.60.
Women's Alliance had contributed 400 to Church.
Unity Club had contributed 100 to Church.
Sunday School, 11 classes, 79 pupils, average attendance 77. Had contributed 40 to Church.
Trustees elected, Mrs. F. B. Lane, Chas A Claflin, Fred H. Colvin.

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1907, trustees elected Mr. Aborn Pres, Mr. Dudley Treas., Mr. Euler Sec.
Adopted resolution on the death of Mrs. Browning, Oct. 17, 1906.

[Abst.] Mar. 18, 1907, trustees renewed contract with Mr. Decker as organist.

[Alli.] May 13, 1907. Declined YMCA appeal for sheets - "as a Unitarian could have no vote in their organization and as they were receiving good rent for their rooms we saw no reason for their begging sheets."

[Mens Club] May 20, 1907, 2nd annual meeting, followed by chafing dish supper prepared by Messrs Aborn, Manter and Chace. Elected Pres. Henry M. Hall, VP L.L.Perry, Secy-Tr Fred H Colvin. [added note:] "The removal of both Mr Hall and Mr Perry made it necessary to elect new officers..." Pres. Benson Priest, VP John Montieth. [letterhead: Fred H. Colvin, Mechanical Engineer & Publisher, 30 North Maple Ave, East Orange]
22 members; dues 50 cents - $11.00
dues paid [NJ] Federation of Mens Clubs, $3
postage in notification of meetings, $6.92
special postal cards for Mr. Poreters address, $2.50

[Alli.] Oct 3, 1907, Exec.Bd. mtg held on the steps of the Parish House. May Swain, Rec.Sec.

[Alli.] Oct. 8, 1907. ... "Postals containing appeals from other Alliances for help in their fairs were read and it was voted that they should be put in the scrap-basket" ... sale of cook books ... "experience meeting&qupt; ... called on each member to tell of her experiences in earning her dollar during the past season. Alliance to donate $10 to the Unitarian Church in Elizabeth... Subject "The New Thought Movement" ... $200 to Church.

[Abst.] Oct. 22, 1907, trustees voted to Mr. Hunt $200. that had been especially contributed.

[Min.] Nov.25, 1907 ... Mr Stewart as chair of Special Committee on Music "reported of the great difficulty in getting up an efficient choir, and recommended the improvement of the congregational singing."

[Alli.] Dec. 19, 1907. ..."request our president to write the trustees a letter of explanation and protest to be read at their next meeting"

[Alli.] Dec.22, 1907 - "trustees urgently in need of another $50" - ok'd

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[U.C.] Jan. 7, 1908, ann.mtg. "Held in the upstairs room of the Parish House." Pres. E.T.Child, VP Miss Alma Walker, Secy B.B.Priest, Ass't Secy. Miss Clara Coffin, Treas. G.P.Swain

[Alli.] Jan. 1908, Mrs Crane on Child Labor. 28 present

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1908, annual meeting. Treasurer reported balance of 12.54.
Women's Alliance had contributed 225 to Church.
Unity Club had contributed 60 to Church.
Sunday School, 11 teachers, 60 pupils. Had contributed 40 to Church.
Trustees elected, Mrs. Dormitzer, Mr. Sexton, Mr. Sturtevant.

[Min.] Mr. Hunt's report - community work included Children's Aid Society, Public Bath Ass'n, State Conf. of Charities.. "undisputed fact that the growing appreciation of our church by other churches is due to this branch of his work."
... Mens Club, falling off in attend. partly due to removals; "taking up consecutive work in reading and discussion of interesting and instructive books."

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1908, trustees elected Mr. Aborn Pres., Mr. Claflin Treas., Mr. Colvin Sec.

[U.C.] Jan. 31, 1908, January Social, 45 present - each requested to wear something indicative of their birth month.

[Alli.] Feb. 11, 1908. Over 40 present. Rev. Helen Van Anderson, founder of the Church of the Higher Life in Boston.

[Alli.] Mar. 10, 1908. Meeting held in the upper room of the Parish house. 20 present. Decided to loan sewing machine to the Bureau of Associated Charities. ... Pres Mrs Sturtevant, VP Mrs Donnell

[U.C.] Mar. 27, 1908 - book emblems and pictures taken when a child

[Mens Club] Apr. 5, 1908, voted to contribute $1 toward expenses of Advisory Council of Mens Clubs [and churches of the Oranges]; treasurer contributed amount of deficiency (1.15) to the Club.

[U.C.] Apr.8, 1908 - 12 members of the Unity Club attended reception of YMCA to young peoples societies of the Oranges.

[Mens Club] Apr. 12, 1908, first meeting, address by John Montieth on Culture and its use in everyday life, which was enjoyed by the few who attended... since then various topics have been discussed, usually with a much smaller attendance than last year... several Sundays on book Sin and Society ... discussion of proposed East Orange Sunday closing ordinance, included two members of City Council ... voted in favor of a dinner of all the Mens Clubs in the Oranges.

[Mens Club] Apr. 19, 1908, resolution passed on account of discussion of the Sunday closing ordinance in East Orange: "Resolved that the club is positively opposed to the enactment of any laws curtailing or abridging the rights of any and all citizens only so far as is positively necessary for the general good of the public or extending privilege to the few not enjoyed by the many that rights of all be carefully conserved recognizing that the loliest have rights which must be respected in order that justice may be done to all." C.E.Cowell, Secy.

[U.C.] Apr.24, 1908 social, a cottillion, small attendance

[Mens Club] Apr. 26, 1908, voted to assume the indebtedness incurred by the committees of the church men who had the matter of the mens Supper in charge. Program comm. requested to report on May 3 regarding the Smoker to be held at an early date.

[U.C.] May 8, 1908, two playlets, 50¢ admission (25¢ children), earned $60

[Mens Club] May 10, 1908, meeting notice [re the May 15 meeting]: &qupt;The meeting will be a smoker."

[Alli.] May 12, 1908, avg. att.of 8 meetings: 22. P.O. Mission ... sent Christian Register and New Harvard Theological Quarterly to the Orange libraries. Gave church $225 in year.

[Mens Club] May 15, 1908, Nomin. com had no selection. Pres. Carlton H. Manter, VP Wm. H. Aborn, Secy-Tr. C.E. Cowell.
Mr. Black (Editor of the N.Y. Sunday World) address, "the Press and influence of the Press in a Democracy. " "The Labor Union members gave us a visit with a large delegation."

[U.C.] June 6, 1908, Lawn Party again at grounds of Mr. and Mrs George Merck, Llewellyn Park. Attendance noticeably smaller than last year. Repeated playlet "Albany Depot"

[U.C.] Sept.25, 1908 business meeting. Deficit financially at Lawn Party. Notices said "you" instead of "you and your friends"

[Mens Club] Oct. 4, 1908 [per letter of Oct.26,1908 from W.H. Aborn to C.E.Cowell,Esq] - appointed committee to act with similar committee from the Womens Alliance--to arrange for a meeting to hear some of the papers read at the late convention on tuberculosis at Wash. DC. Also moved "that the Club give a smoker at an early date to discuss the winter work of the Club"

[Mens Club] Oct. 11, 1908, "Resolved that the sense of the club is in favor of Local Option as a principle in regard to granting liquor licenses in cities and towns and boroughs as comprising political units. Also resolved that this club does not endorse candidates or political parties."

[Mens Club] Oct. 18, 1908, Rev. Mr. Roeder spoke on the subject non-partisan school board. List of 7 members paying in 25 cents.

[Mens Club] Nov. 7, 1908, John Montieth (of South Orange) on "The Day of Rest and How to Maintain It." [Newspaper clipping:] Resolution passed, "that the education and stimulation of public sentiment ... is the wisest and most efficient method toward preserving and extending the benefits of Sunday ... that the advisory council ... appeal to the various golf clubs of the Oranges to cease the employment of caddies on Sunday ..." (some debate on the last clause).

[Mens Club] Nov. 14, 1908, committee apptd "to consider time of meeting and shall we attend the open exercises of the Sunday School" and committee "to invite the Ladies to hear Mr. Aborn's address on the Servant in the house. "

[U.C.] Nov.27, 1908, dramatic entertainment, $86.75 earned

[Mens Club] Nov.29,1908, decided to "commence at 12 o'clock and declare a recess to 12.15 for social intercourse and opportunity to attend the opening service of the Sunday School." Committee apptd to confer with the trustees "to secure the beginning and closing of the church services at the appointed time."

[Mens Club] Dec. 14, 1908, special meeting, church census of the Oranges endorsed; subscription to be taken up ... 70 thousand people, 12 to 14 thousand residences ... cost $900 to $1000. "...Pastor Hunt was requested to attend the meeting the 17th."
"Resolved that this club is in favor of charities on a general comprehensive scheme not only one charity but all charities."

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[U.C.] Jan. 1, 1909. New Years Party, held in Parish House

[Mens Club] Jan. 3, 1909 ... "a request from boys club was read, on motion ordered that a delegation be sent... " Notice of Third Annual Meeting... "The Pastor Rev. H. R. Hunt will give a family talk. Light refreshments will be served. Each is requested to bring his smoking materials. Kindly mail the reply postal by return mail."

[U.C.] Jan. 4, 1909. Pres Mr J.P.Rodman Jr, VP MIss Alma Walker, Secy Miss Clara Josephine Coffin, Treas. George P. Swain.

[Mens Club] Jan. 12, 1909, annual meeting. Pres C.H. Manter, VP Oliver J. Matthews, Secy & Treas. C.E. Cowell. "Pastor Hunt addressed the club ... On motion ordered that one of the meetings of the club be once a month in the evening in the shape of a smoker. ... Moved that we take a rising vote to decide the advisability to amalgamate with the Alliance study club - 8 in favor, 3 opposed [pencil:] 22 present. Comm. apptd to confer with the Alliance.

[Abst.] Jan.18, 1909, annual meeting. Treasurer reported balance of 13.46.
Women's Alliance, 52 members, average attendance 25.
Unity Club, 90 members. Had contributed 100 to Church.
Sunday School, 11 teachers, 46 pupils, aver. attendance 52.
Men's club, attendance from 5 to 15.
Trustees elected, Mrs. Chamberlin, Mr. Dudley & Mr.Fiske.
Voted Henry F. Hitch Honorary President of the Society.

[Abst.] Jan. 18, 1909, trustees elected Mr. Dudley Pres., Mr. Claflin Treas., Mr. Colvin Sec.

[U.C.] 1909 January Social , 26 Unity Club members. a Salmagundi party, with fiffle-de-?ibs, parcheesi, dominoes...

[Mens Club] Feb. 7, 1909, "Mr Schlechenger called attentionb to [?] show Main St above Essex Street. On motion ordered that a committee be appointed on civic affairs [] nickledrome & police. Chair appointed Mr. Schlechenger such committee."
"... the women were willing to join an amalgamated class to be a Good Citizens or Good Services class." Motion to consolidate with the womens study class: present 13, for 9, against 3.

[U.C.] Feb. 26, 1909. dainty red heart-shaped booklets...guessing contest of Shakespeare's plays ... operatic recordsand some of a lighter nature - delivered by a Victor Talking machine ... dancing followed until twelve.

[Mens Club] Mar. 7, 1909, "Met with study class. On motion organized a new organization composed of women and men to be called Good Services Class.... Wm H Aborn elected leader " ,,,studies will commence Apr.4th

[Mens Club] Mar.14, 1909, "....addressed by Mr Monteidt on duty to church. On motion ordered we arrange for [Rolley?] Day"

[Mens Club] Mar. 17, 1909 - smoker ... "Mr Perry gave a very excellent address on his experiences in Brazil" 17 present

[U.C.] Mar. 21, 1909 - Young Peoples Society of Montclair entertained several members of the Unity Club at a sheet and pillowcase party in their church hall. "dancing was indulged in and a mock sermon caused much laughter ... The last car on the Cross Town line made a departure before twelve necessary."

[U.C.] Mar. 26, 1909 - draw book titles; writing of limericks...

[Mens Club] Mar. 28, 1909 - 8 present. "On motion ordered that when we adjourn we adjourn to the call of the chair. "

[Mens Club] Apr. 9, 1909 - monthly smoker - 18 present, 7 strangers. "Mr Murphy of N.York addressed the club on single tax."

[U.C.] Apr. 23, 1909 - cotillion - to people - hall decorated with many college banners, crepe paper and large American flag. ice cream and cake ... novelty the "Billiken Two Step" ...informal dancing continued until almost two o'clock. The extreme smoothness of the floor caused several falls. 14 members of the Y.P.S. of theMontclair Church attended.

[Abst.] Apr. 27, 1909, trustees requested House & Grounds Comm. to get estimates of cost of installing a furnace, building a chimney, etc. for heating Parish House. Voted to ask Women's Alliance for 225 this year.

[Min.] Apr.27,1909 - Mr Hunt was granted permission to have the grounds back of the church used as a garden by two Italians.

[Mens Club] May 28, 1909, resolution on death of wife of Pres. Carlton H. Manter.

[Mens Club] notice of June 11,1909 meeting ] "the industrial situation of the Oranges caused by the Hatters' strike" - Mr Moffit, Pres. of National Hatters Union and others to speak.

[Mens Club] June 11, 1909, resolved: "That we deeply regret the present unfortunate conditions in the Hatters trade and earnestly hope that a permanent and just settlement may soon be reached. That we demand at all times the maintenance of law and order and firmly uphold the authorities in the inforcement of same."

[SB] 1909 Lawn Party ... Unity Club - 'The Bull Terrier and the Baby' cast: Alma R. Walker, R.S.Sturtevant, Mrs E.F. Chamberlin, Wallace G. Stewart, Aurora Stewart, Harold Claflin.

[SB] The Unitarian Calendar, edition for Orange NJ, vol.2, no.2, Oct.1909 -... Alliance notice appealing for new garments and towels etc to be distrtibuted to the eight charitable institutions.

[U.C.] Oct 29, 1909 - Hallowe'en, 44 att. pumpkins most attractive though they interfered with dancing. Dancing continued until nearly 12 o'clock.

[Mens Club] Oct.31, 1909, James R. Heath elected Pres. to fill vacancy. Attendance 10.

[SB] The Unitarian Calendar, edition for Orange NJ, vol.2, no.3, Nov. 1909 - "the Universalist, Unitarian, and Friend churches in and around Greater New York have united to hold during the winter Sunday-school Teachers' Institutes..."

[SB] Nov.26, 1909 (Fri.eve.) Unity Club - 'The Revolving Wedge,' cast of eight.

[Mens Club] Dec. 1909 meeting was with the Mens Club of Mann Ave Presb. Ch. by invitation; 15 members attended...

[Abst.] Dec. 9, 1909, trustees adopted a resolution on the death of Mrs. Margaret Lyman Aborn, Aug. 16, 1909. Voted to hold a special service on Sunday, Jan. 16, 1910, to commemorate the 20th. anniversary of the society.

[SB] Dec.18, 1909 - 'The Christmas Guest,' one-act play by The Junior Alliance for XMas celebr. of the Sunday School, Sat p.m. (cast of twelve)

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[U.C.] Jan. 1, 1910, New Years Party. 110 att, prominent members of the church acting as patroneses. Unitarian Calender v.2 no.5, Jan.1910. Social Service Class topics (12:10 Sundays):

[U.C.] Jan.10, 1910, Pres. Miss Clara Josephine Coffin, VP Miss Alma Walker, Secy Walter Hartley, Ass't Secy Miss Mabel Hartley, Treas. Roland Smith.

[Mens Club] notice of Jan.14, 1910 meeting, signed by James R. Heath Pres., co-signed by C.E.Cowell Secy., 28 South Sixth St, Newark. Cyril H. Burdett to speak on "What Unitarian Laymen can do for the Church and the Community."

[Mens Club] annual report. Since discontinuance of Sunday noon sessions (to join with Womens Alliance in Social Service Class) the club meets monthly, with speakers on practical subjects. Membership at start of year 48; 3 removed: C.Manter (to Boston), C.H.Lee & L.L.Perry; 11 joined; present number 56. Edw. Aborn delegate to the organization of all the mens clubs of the Oranges.

[Abst.] Jan. 17, 1910, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Sunday School, 9 teachers, 51 pupils.
Women's Alliance had contributed 300 to Church.
Junior Alliance formed during the year.
Unity Club had given 75 to Church.
Men's Club, attendance from 12 to 20.
Trustees elected, Miss Sylvia Hitch, Mr. Heath & Mr. Child.

[Abst.] Jan. 17, 1910, trustees elected Mr. Dudley Pres., Mr. Sturtevant Sec., Mr. Fiske Treas.

[SB] Jan.17, 1910, Newark Evening News - "Changed View on Unitarians: No Longer Ostracized, as Was Case When Orange Church was Organized ... it has come to be recognized as one of the leading churches of the community, overcoming the prejudice that was exhibited toward the denomination when the church was started.... addresses by Henry F. Hitch and Rev. Edw. Hale ... both ... made reference to the bitter prejudice which the Unitarian movement encountered in Essex County at its inception. It was stated that for a long time after the church was ... organized the only other denomination that was willing to co-operate with it was the Swedenborhgian. ... the other churches in the Oranges, with the single exception of the New Church, declined allintercourse with the Unitarians ... the first stand that we took on a public issue with the other churches was when the late Dr. Storrs, pastor of First Presbyterian, called the pastors of the Oranges together to protest against the racetrack scandal."

[SB] Jan.17,1910 Orange Chronicle ... H.F.Hitch, with candle emlematic of spiritual light with which church started, passed to pupil from each class of Sunday School, gathered at baptismal font. ... Mr. Hunt in a recent report said this church occupies a place in the charitable work of this community out of all proportion to its membership - some of our members active in the Bureau of Associated Charities, the ambulance service, Children's Aid and Protective Society, Day Nursery, public bath, free libraries, social settlement... church has membership of about 250.

[Mens Club] Jan. 21, 1910 (postponed from Jan.14), members present: Pastor Hunt, Pres. Heath, VP Matthews, E. Aborn, Mr Colvin, and Secy. Cowell.

[U.C.] "The weather was of the usual variety specially reserved for Unity Club nights--stormy." Parlor games; exhibit of mental telepathy; a book-guessing contest.

[Mens Club] Feb. 11, 1910, Mens Club of 1st Presby.Ch. invited us to unite in a missionary crusade ... declined with thanks. Officers elected: Pres. Heath, VP Ernest T. Childs, Secy-Treas. C.E.Cowell. Mr. Colvin spoke on relation of employer with employee - especially concerning machine shop and apprentices. 11 present.

[Mens Club] Mar.11, 1910, Mr Hoffman on Employers Liability. 19 present, incl. Pastor Hunt.

[U.C.] Mar. 12, 1910, Magazine party - illustrations posed by several members of the church - "all the features usually found in a modern magazine--poetry, fiction, humor, dramas, and a large amount of advertising.... new set of screens used for first time"

[U.C.] Mar. 18, 1910, "amateur night... eject Mr [Alphabet?] Stewart ... because of keeping hat on and smoking"

[Abst.] Mar. 23, 1910, trustees voted leave of absence to Mr. Hunt from May 19 to about Sept. 15 to enable him to take a trip to Europe. Voted to obtain estimates of cost of heating the Parish House and installing a new furnace in the Church.

[SB] Mar.27, 1910, Easter. "At the close of the sermon there will be a christening service for such children as may be presented for baptism."

[Mens Club] notice of Apr. 8, 1910 meeting: subject, The Saloon

[Mens Club] Apr. 8, 1910. Resolution condemning "disgraceful and indecent scenes which marked the closing of the recent legislature" (reference: Newark Evening News Apr.8)

[Abst.] Apr. 17, 1910, society adopted a resolution on the death of Rev. John Perkins Forbes of Brooklyn.

[Mens Club letterhead] James R. Heath, Pres., 95 Hillside Ave, West Orange; C.E. Cowell, Secy, 60 So. 12th St, Newark (rubber stamp: Carpenter & Builder, 27 Bell St, Orange); Ernest T. Child, V.P., 70 Mt. Pleasant Ave, West Orange; Rev. Walter Reid Hunt, Pastor, 21 Clarendon Pl, Orange.

[U.C.] Apr.22, 1910, annual cotillion

[Mens Club] notice of May 13, 1910 meeting - Thomas F. Walsh, Sup't of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, N.Y. [personal friend of James Heath] - but unable to attend because of throat operation [letter, May 9]

[Mens Club] May 13, 1910. 20 present. Mr Abbott spoke on work of children's aid society.

[Mens Club] May 14, 1910. Resolution favoring absolute prohibition of explosives etc on Fourth of July as expressed in Cleveland Ohio ordinances [noted in Newark Eve. News, May 14, 1910]

[SB] May 28, 1910, Annual Lawn Party, by Unity Club for the children of the Sunday School, as usual on the grounds of Mr. George Merck, Llewellyn Park.

[Abst.] Sep. 21, 1910, trustees elected Mr. Child Sec. vice Mr. Sturtevant, resigned.

[SB] Unit.Cal.v.3,no.1, Sept.1910 - Sept.25 - Communion service at the close of the morning service.

[Mens Club] Oct. 21, 1910. Committee of arrangements for mens table at fair Dec. 8 & 9 appointed: Chair E.T.Childs; Edward Aborn, 28 E.Park St, E.O.; Walter Hartley, 209 N.11th St, Nwk; J.M.Fiske, 63 Wash.St. E.O.; Wm. H. Aborn, 563 Park Ave, E.O.; J.A.E.Stewart, 322 Midland Ave, E.O.; Fred H. Colvin, 56 N.Maple Ave, E.O.; Jas.R. Heath, 95 Hillside Ave. W.O.; Oliver J. Matthews, 83 N.Munn Ave. E.O.; B.B.Priest, 28 S.Grove St, E.O.; C.E.Cowell; Rev. Walter Reid Hunt.

[U.C.] Oct.28, 1910 - silhouettes thrown against a screen

[U.C.] Nov.5, 1910 "A Trip to the West Indies"

[Mens Club] Nov.11,1910 (planning for fair)

[Abst.] Dec. 19, 1910, trustees voted that the society consider the question of installing a new heating apparatus in the Parish House at a cost of 750.

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[Alli.] [undated Alliance annual report inserted loose in minute book-- for year 1910?] 39 members, dropped 13 for various reasons - 8 removals - 2 wished to attend Christ Church for social reasons.
Attendance unusually large 22-23-28... 37 at XMas meeting - incl. 8 members and guests of the Junior Alliance
proceeds of annual fair $562.74, of this $475 in hands of trustees - $90 paid bal. of Alliance pledge toward salary of organist for year 1910.
Friendly Aid committee - 259 articles collected (165 in 1909) - distributed among 10 hospitals and philanthropic societies of Orange.
Post Office Mission - 25 correspondents - 600 sermons and leaflets going into 13 states.
Cheerful Letter - 8 members - 13 correspondents - "several having been dropped who proved unworthy"
Library of 42 volumes sent to Hobgood, N.D. - now collecting another, 4 lb. of books to go to lay center in Jamaica, B.W.I.
Looking forward proper provision of work to interest the older boys...
Laura R Donnell, Pres.

[U.C.] Jan. 2, 1911, New Years Party, "Refined Vaudeville"

[Mens Club] Jan. 13, 1911, annual meeting, 6 present. Net receipts from men's table at fair, $156. Elected James R. Heath Pres., Ernest Childs V.P., C.E. Cowell Sec-Tr.

[Abst.] Jan. 16, 1911, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
[ 184 members ] Sunday school, 8 teachers, 40 pupils, gave 25 to Church.
Women's Alliance, 39 members, av. attendance 25, gave Church 47.
Unity Club, av. attendance 42, gave 70 to Church.
Voted to refer back to Trustees question of heating Parish House.
Trustees elected, Miss Mary E. Swan, Mr. Euler & Mr. Stewart.

[Min/] 1911 - Junior Alliance, 9 members, 2 associate members; Miss Geraldin Wilmot Pres. With the money raised by performance of Mrs Jarley's waxworks, "they have been able to provide one little girl with glasses and send another to Bradley Beach. It provided a reader for one week to tell stories to the children at the Orange Playground, and ... scrap books for the Orthopaedic Hospital."

[Abst.] Jan. 16, 1911, trustees elected Mr. Dudley Pres, Mr. Fiske Treas and Mr. Child Sec.

[Mens Club] Feb. 10, 1911, met at residence of Pastor Hunt. Addressed by Joseph F. Byers, former sup't of Boys' House of Refuge, Randalls Island.

[Mens Club] Mar.9, 1911, listened to address by Prof. [?] pn Work. Present: 10 members, 2 visitors, and Prof.

[U.C.] Mar. 28, 1911, Italy, lantern slide show, Mr. Hunt

[Mens Club] Apr. 13, 1911, listened to address on social purity by Dr. N. Gray. Secy requested to furnish names of 30 or more who can be relied on to sustain the club. 17 present.

[Mens Club] May 8, 1911. Treas.Rept: total receipts from all sources for 5 years, $346.79. Comm. of 12 apptd to co-operate with the make the fair a success.

[Min. of Jan.15,1912] May 21, 1911 - Sun.Sch.met for outdoor worship at top of a neighboring mountain.

[U.C.] June 3, 1911, Lawn Party, Mercks', bad weather but 40 att.

[SB] June 5, 1911 Newark News, closing exercise of Sunday School - pins to 11 for perfect attendance, and to Miss Mary E. Swan, teacher of the banner class.

[Mens Club] Sept. 21, 1911 ... approve plan of having some laymen speak on rally Sunday.

[Mens Club] Oct. 9, 1911. notice of meeting Oct.15 "of the men of the Church under the auspices of the Men's Club ... to devise ways and means of increasing the efficiency of the church..." Bd of Trustees invited, A number of members of the Church regard this meeting of vital importance... Mr Hunt's remarks on this subject from the pulpit last Sunday.

[Mens Club] [Oct 15, 1911] 13 attendance, 7 trustees. "at this meeting of laymen and directors ... resolved that we extend to our pastor our best wishes and that we pledge him our heartiest support" - unanimously passed.

[Mens Club] Nov.9, 1911. "...ordered that we order a musical and literary entertainment in the Parish House and the Men's Club stand for the expense and turn in the gross receipts to the church." J.A.E. Stewart, 322 Midland Ave, E.O. Nathan W. Perkins, 130 So. Parkway, E.O.

[U.C.] Nov.24, 1911, acted out proverbs

[SB] Nov.30,1911 (Thurs.) "The churches of this neighborhood will meet in a common union service in the First Presbyterian Church, corner of Main and Day."

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[U.C.] Jan. 1912 - Pres. Nathan W. Perkins, VP Mrs Roland J Smith, Treas Mrs Edw.F. Chamberlain, Secy. Charles H. Colvin, Ass't Secy. Miss Marion Olson.

[Mens Club] Jan. 11, 1912. Mens Table at Fair, receipts net over $200. Committee of 2 apptd to raise the amount to decorate the Sunday School room. Elected, Pres. Wm H Aborn, VP Ernest Child, Rec.Sec. & Tr. C.E. Cowell, Corr.Sec. Octave P. Ebeling.

[Abst.] Jan. 14, 1912, trustees voted to recommend to society the installation of a steam heating plant for the Parish House.

[Abst.] Jan. 15, 1912, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Approved the installation of steam heating plant with new chimney in Parish House at not over 800. Trustees authorized to borrow that amount.
Voted that the Treasurer may be a non-member of the Board.
Sunday School, 10 teachers & officers, 68 pupils. Gave 25 to Church.
Women's Alliance, raised 711.31 by fair. Gave 675 to Church.
Unity Club membership 69. Gave 51.65 to Church.
Trustees elected: Mrs. Dormitzer, Mr. E. Aborn, Mr. Sheldon.

[Min.] Jan.15,1912 - committee to increase efficiency of the church... a patrol of Boy Scoutrs started ... Historian's report (Carrie D. Chamberlin), scrap book has been kept up to date... Junior Alliance not so prosperous, "the interest of the older members has nearly died out... we take care of flowers for the church ... " W.R.Hunt elected Pres. of Ministerial Ass'n of the Oranges (in 1911).

[Abst.] Jan. 15, 1912, trustees elected Mr. Heath Pres, Mr. Euler Treas and Mr. Child Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 29, 1912, trustees elected Mrs. W. B. Donnell trustee vice Miss Hitch, resigned.

[U.C.] Feb. 2, 1912, social, "The Green Knight" read and enacted in tableaux. chafing dish supper of "Red-Devil" - about 40 present.

[U.C.] Feb. 23, 1912, dance

[Mens Club] Feb. 28, 1912. Fred Colvin spoke on recent semi-official trip to Panama Canal. Comm. of 2 to co-op. with Womens Alliance on reception for S.S. officers and teachers.

[Mens Club] Mar 27, 1912. Entertainment: sold 105 tickets, $52.50. Violinist $5, Piano $9, printing and postage 13.25, Nelson 1.00. Net $24.25. Entertainment by the Blind to be given Apr.17

[U.C.] Mar. 29, 1912, social, at home of Mrs Houghout; clay modelling contest; piano

[U.C.] May 3, 1912, play "The Taming of the Shrew" - company managed by Edward Aborn

[Mens Club] May 10, 1912. Comm. on entertainment of blind be continued. Voted contrib. of Mens Club for Heating Plant be $75. Comm. to assist at Lawn Party included Miss Stewart.

[U.C.] June 8, 1912, Lawn Party, at Mercks'. Play by some of the members of Trinity Sun. Sch. Miss Stewart's Sun.Sch. class arranged May-Pole dance. Races and games.

[U.C.] Nov. 1, 1912, "old fashioned Salamagundi Party" games incl. avagamo, quoits, jack-straws. cider, doughnuts, cheese. short dance.

[U.C.] Nov. 8, 1912, two plays - Mr. Oliver J. Matthews managed and starred in both.

[U.C.] Nov. 22, 1912 - Rev. Charles Townsend, lectured on "A Few Summer Weeks in Brittany," illust. with lantern-slides. "The poor working of the stereopticon would have occasioned some annoyance but for the cleverness and wit of the lecturer."

[U.C.] Dec. 30, 1912 = with balance of $92.43, voted $85 to the church.

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[U.C.] 1913 New Years Party program: Miss Gertrude Lee [a former member of the Club] in interpretive and folk dances. Miss Ida Pratt furnished the music for the dancing.

[Mens Club] notice of meeting of Jan.16 [1913]: "Brother N.S. Hill Jr. of Christs Church Mens Club will talk to us on water pollution, illustrated." 9 members and 2 visitors and speaker present.

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1913, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures -Parish House heating plant638.35 
Balance  171.95
Cost of Parish House heating plant raised by subscription.
Sunday school, 5 officers, 11 teachers, 36 pupils, 12 adult pupils. Gave 25 to Church and 50 toward heating plant.
Women's Alliance raised from fair 728.98, gave 505 to Church, 150 toward Organist salary and 50 toward heating plant.
Unity Club gave 85 to Church.
Junior Alliance gave 10 toward heating plant.
Trustees elected, Mrs. Donnell, Mr. Cowell and Mr. Priest.

[Min.] Jan.20, 1913 - present method of voluntary contributions not adequate for Treasurer's regular disbursements ... Minister's report, stressing importance of large attenfdance, "especially at a church like ours, which is not a neighborhood church ..."

[SB] Jan.21, 1913 Orange Chronicle, article on annual meeting - " ... plans were under way for inaugurating a neighborhood settlement work of far reaching influences, on a much larger scale than anything attempted in the past."

[SB] Unit. Cal. v.5, no.6, Feb.1913 "... An adult Bible class conducted by Mr Cowell meets with the [Sunday] School and is taking up a study of our Unitarian faith."

[Min/] Feb. 2, 1913, special trustees meeting, granted request from Mrs Garrison for use of Sunday School room for an overflow meeting of the equal suffrage meeting to be held in Orange Theatre Feb.9

[Abst.] Feb. 5, 1913, trustees elected Mrs. Charlotte O. Schetter trustee vice Miss Swan, deceased.

[Min.] trustees voted to pass plates at one or two experimental Sunday evening meetings ...

[Mens Club] notice of meeting of Feb. 13, 1913 - "Brother F.W.Thomson will give us a plain talk on certain phases of railroad strikes, and the Employers Liability proposition. This talk will be meaty, the speakers point of view will probably arouse considerable opposition ..."

[Mens Club] Feb 13, 1913 ...ordered that the women be invited to attend the next meeting.

[Abst.] Feb. 24, 1913, conference of Trustees with officers of Church auxiliaries--Sunday School, Women's Alliance, Unity Club, Men's Club & Junior Alliance. Pres. read a list of what he considered a fair and necessary amount for each auxiliary to contribute toward the expenses of the Church. It was agreed that efforts would be made to meet these objectives.

[U.C.] Feb. 28, 1913 social, guessing birds represented by pictures

[Mens Club] notice of Mar.21 [1913] meeting- Orin C Baker, Gen.Secy.of Travelers Aid Society. "ladies of your household" invited, "informal dress"

[U.C.] Mar. 31, 1913 - "Through Mr. Hutchison, Mr. Edison's chief assistant, the Club was invited to come to his laboratory on Valley Road, to a lecture on moving pictures of Crystals and the new Talking Moving Pictures."

[SB] Apr.1,1913, financial report of first three months ' "I had to make a loan, as is customary at this time of year, to meet our obligations ..."

[Abst.] Apr. 4, 1913, trustees received report from E. Aborn that circulars had been sent to 82 members and friends (the mailing list) asking for names of such persons as might be interested in the Church. Received 7 replies with a total of 78 addresses representing from 150 to 200 persons.

[Abst.] May 5, 1913, trustees - average Sunday School attendance 40 to 50. Women's Alliance planned to hold a fair in the Fall and will give the entire proceeds to the Church provided they be relieved of all responsibility for the Organist's salary. Agreed.

[SB] May 11, 1913 (Sunday) - regular morning service and evening service: short devotional service conducted by Mr Hunt. Dr. Friedlander, rabbi of the Jewish Synagogue, Orange, will give an address on 'the Essentials of Judaism.'

[U.C.] June 7, 1913, Lawn Party, at Mrs. Merck's. rained.

[Abst.] Sep. 15, 1913, trustees voted to arrange a special service in recognition of Mr. Hunt's 15 years service as Minister and Mr. Decker's 10 years service as Organist. Mr. Sheldon presented his resignation as member and Pres. of the Board because of removal. Accepted with regret. Mr. E. Aborn elected temporary Pres. Mr. O. J. Matthews elected trustee vice Mr. Sheldon.

[Abst.] Oct. 12, 1913, society at special meeting adopted resolution on the death of Mr. Henry F. Hitch.

[Abst.] Oct. 26, 1913, trustees voted to hold an informal reception following the anniversary meeting on Oct. 27. Mr. Matthews declined election as trustee.

[SB] Oct 26, 1913, commemorating 15 years of service of minister and 10 years of service of Mr Decker as organist. Articles in Newark News and Orange Chronicle, quoting Mr. Hunt. "honest distrust of Unitarianism ... used to prevail ... The changing population in the midst of which we are set makes the work of every church one of increasing difficulty..." Evening exercises at Parish House, attended by clergy of the Swedenborgian church, Jewish synagogue, Bethel Presby. Ch., Orange Valley Congregational Ch. and Meth. Episc. Ch ... address by Dr Charles Townsend, pastor of First Presby., praising W.R.Hunt's presidency of the Ministerial Ass'n of the Oranges, of the State Conf. of Charities and Corrections, of Children's Aid and Protective Service of the Oranges. "blessed comity between people who love our common God and Father and who find in Jesus an adequate interpretation of godliness in terms of humanity."

[U.C.] Oct. 31, 1913, social, between 10 and 15 present. Hallowe'en party... "ceremony of joining the monks"

[SB] Unit.Cal. v.8 no.3, Nov. 1913; Edward Aborn, President Pro Tem. Death of Henry Foster Hitch (Oct.)

[U.C..] Nov. 14, 1913, repeated a play given some years ago, with same cast. "As on nearly all Unity Club nights it rained hard."

[Abst.] Nov. 16, 1913, trustees received letter from Mr. Matthews withdrawing his declination of election as trustee. He was then elected.

[SB] Nov.27, 1913 (Thurs., Thanksgiving) The usual union services will be held in the First. Presby.Ch., corner pf Main and Day.

[Abst.] Dec. 15, 1913, trustees voted thanks to Mr. Fiske for tree box and umbrella stand and to Mr. Heath for window chains. 19 new members since Jan. 20, 1913.

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[Abst.] Jan. 19, 1914, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,repayment of loan250.00 
Balance  .01
Trustees elected, Miss Charlotte O. Schetter, F. W. Thomson and W. S. Decker.
President reported that the effort to enlarge the membership by means of a circular sent to a list of names obtained from other members yielded little or no result. Minister reported that there had been an evening service on one Sunday in each month. There was special advertising and a use of invitations sent by mail. Difficult to trace any accession of membership directly to these services. For 6 Sundays preceding Christmas a group of 16 to 25 met in the Parish House in the afternoon to prepare Christmas music with much benefit to the Christmas service.
Report by Mrs. Chamberlin, historian.
Sunday School, average enrollment, 10 teachers & amp; officers, 41 pupils. Gave 50 to Church. Hale Club formed.
Women's Alliance, fair receipts 789.47, given to Church.
Unity Club gave to Church 95.
Men's Club gave to Church 96.
Junior Alliance gave to Church 30.55

[Abst.] Jan. 19, 1914, trustees elected Mr. Matthews Pres, Mr. Euler Treas and Mr. Priest Sec.

[U.C.] Jan. 1914 social. Prof. Hoffman, talk on Fancies, Facts, ands Figures. Junior Alliance read selections from "A Thousand Years Ago."

[SB] Feb. 22, 1914, memorials to Mary Ella Swan: bas relief from de la Robbia's 'Cantoria' and photograph of Botticelli's 'Tobias and the Angel'

[SB] Feb. 22, 1914 Weekly Calendar of the First Unitarian Church: morning service, 'The Contribution of Religion to Patriotism'; special evening service - short devotional service, then reading of Morality Play 'Everyman'

[SB] Feb. 25, 1914, Ash Wed. - short Lenten service at 5 o'clock.
"A thing to remember: Strangers are very liable to be impressed favorably or otherwise by the size of the congregation at the Sunday services."

[Cal.] Mar.1, 1914. Services at 10.45, Sunday School 12.05.
Mon.Mar.2,1914, union meeting of the churches of the Oranges at Brick Presby., speaker on results of Balkan War.
Wed.Mar.4, regular meeting of the Edward Everett Hale Club.
Fri. Mar.6, dancing class ...

[U.C.] Mar. 1914 social. Talk on Hawaii by Mr Fisher. pictures shown by lantern. exhibition dancing by Mrs Louis Cate and Mr Michael...

[Cal.] Mar.15,1914. "On each Sunday afternoon ... until Easter ... there will be held in the Parish House at 4:30, a meeting for the proper preparation of the Easter music . . . "
Wed.eve. Mar.18, Men's Club Mock Senate entertainment.

[Cal.] Mar.22. "At the meeting ... last Sunday ... to prepare for the music on Easter, there were just 19 ... present. We ought to have three times that number. We have ordered 100 copies of the carols which will be used..."

[Cal.] Mar.29,1914... Ushers [all year]: Franz Euler, Jr., Benjamin Aborn 2nd, Thomas Dudley, Austin Lane.
"Organizations of the Church"

[Abst.] May 4, 1914, trustees voted to accept with thanks Mr. W. H. Aborn's offer to present a pulpit as a memorial to his Mother.

[Cal.] [May 3,1914] lawn party at grounds of Mr. George Merck..."automobiles will meet the trolley cars at the Park gate from 2.30-3"
"...second open meeting of the Men's Club this year. There was some misunderstanding at the last open meeting. The women are especially invited this time."

[U.C.] May 23, 1914, Lawn Party, at Mercks' - fine play by Junior Alliance, music by the band of the boys home at Verona.

[Abst.] Sep. 21, 1914, trustees received a report that two special services were planned for October - one, a service of prayer for World peace and the other a dedication of the new pulpit given as a memorial to Mrs. Margaret Aborn.

[U.C.] Oct. 1914, joint reception with Alliance, Jr. Alliance and Mens Club

[SB] Oct.18, 1914 - dedication of new pulpit, given by Wm. H.Aborn in memory of his mother Margaret Lyman Aborn - of carved oak, designed by James McF. Baker.

[SB] Nov. 9, 1914 - 6 barrels and 2 boxes of gifts "for the European unfortunates" dispatched.

[Cal.] Nov.15,1914 ... Miss Aurora Stewart, teacher of the Kindergarten class ...

[Cal.] Nov.22,1914 "The Parish House still remains open on Saturday and Sunday, as a depot for the reception of clothing and garments for the war sufferers. So far as is known it is the only depot in the Oranges ... "
Dec.3 - Men's Club, Mock Trial
Dec.4 - all-day sewing for the Red Cross, 10-5

[Cal.] Dec.20,1914 = "The candlelight service was attended by a congregation which filled the church."

[SB] [late 1914 or early 1915]

[SB] "On Jan. 29, 1914, your Board of Trustees gave notice that the church had adopted the policy of depending upon the voluntary contributions of its members as the only source of supply for the money necessary for its maintenance..." $3500 needed - total pledged and in hand $2800 - 2nd appeal to make up the $700 difference.

[SB] fler: Men's Religious Federation of Orange,NJ, Mon. Dec.28th,1914 at 8.15 PM, First Unitarian Church, speaker Hon. Frank Moss [former Pres. Bd.of Police of NYC, former 1st Asst D.A.], subject 'Good Citizenship' - "Religious men of Orange with or without church affiliation..."

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[Cal.] Jan.9 - pilgrimage of the Hale Club to places of interest in Manhattan.

[Abst.] Jan. 18, 1915, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Voted to amend the constitution to provide for regular meetings of the society on the 1st. Monday in April and October [and to allow Board to fill vacancy until next regular meeting of the Church].
Trustees elected: Mrs. G. W. Booth, W. G. Taylor & O. J. Matthews.
The Minister reported the installation of Reliefs in the Parish House as memorial to Miss Ella Swan and of a pulpit as a memorial to Mrs. Margaret Lyman Aborn.
14 new members during the year, 5 of whom came from S. School.
S. School enrollment 45. Gave to Church 20.
Women's Alliance enrollment 34. Average attendance 19. Gave to Church 125.
Men's club enrollment 26.

[Abst.] Jan. 18, 1915, trustees elected Mr. Matthews Pres., Mr. Euler Treas. and Mr. Priest Sec.

[U.C.] 1915 Pres. Frantz Euler, VP Mrs(?) Louis Brown, Corresp.Secy. Mrs L. Matthews, Recording Secy Mrs E.T.Child, Treas. Arthur McCready.

[Cal.] Jan.31,1915. Summit society "was founded a few years ago, largely through the work of Mr. Wiers and the minister of this church."

[SB] Feb. 1, 1915 - direct subscription [in 1914] "enabled us to meet our obligations without resorting to paid entertainments and without depending, as we had done for several years, upon a large Fair ... set free ... energies ... formerly ... devoted to raising of money ... for the larger and deeper life of the Church."

[U.C.] Feb.1915 social. George Washington and Lincoln party, over 80 present.

[Cal.] Feb.7,1915 issue,last one listing the Junior Alliance.

[Cal.] Feb.14,195, ushers: Franz Euler,Jr., Thomas Dudley, Arthur A. MacCready, Gavin P. Taylor.
Edwin E. MacCready, Pres. Men's Club. Arthur A. MacCready, Pres. Hale Club.

[SB] Feb.15, 195, Peace Sunday. morning and evenibg services. Evening, reading of 'The Man Without a Country.' 100 years of peace between US and Gt. Britain.
W.R>Hunt, occupied pulpit of Cong. Sharey Tefilo.

[U.C.] Mar.1915 social - musicale and interpretive dancing by several of the young ladies of the Church.

[Cal.] Easter 1915, "2 babies and 3 young men were christened." 6 new members.

[Abst.] Apr. 5, 1915, spring meeting. Voted to arrange for a fitting observance of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Church.

[U.C.] Apr.30, 1915 advt for plays: "...proceeds ...not for use of the church, but will be devoted to enlarging the work of the club." 166 tickets sold - $82.55

[Abst.] May 16, 1915, special meeting of the trustees with the young people to discuss aid that the young people could give to the Church.

[Cal.] May 30, 1915 "Every service now sees one or more new names entered upon the rolls of the church..."

[Cal.] June 6,1915 - "walk of the Hale Club along the top of the mountain to Millburn" in the p.m.

[SB] June 7, 1915 Newark News - "'Religion Is More Than Insurance' - Rev. Walter Reed Hunt of Orange Preaches Challenge to Billy Sunday's Theology"

[U.C.] 1915 Lawn Party, Mercks. Interpretive and educational dancing by the pupils of Miss Edith Whyte of the Dearborn Morgan School. Music by the boys of the Newark City Home through the courtesy of Mr. Carl Heller. [invitation: "automobiles will be at the Park Gate, Valley Road, from 2 until 3 o'clock."]

[Cal.] Sept.12,1915 ..."Last spring our liberal fauth was bitterly assailed."

[Abst.] Sept. 20, 1915, trustees voted that the Treas. obtain certified copies of the Articles of Incorporation of the Church and of the deed of the Church real estate to replace originals that cannot be found, and that he be authorized to secure space at the Orange Natl Bank for deposit of record books and valuable papers.

[Cal.] Sept.26,1915 - Hale Club meeting "will be a farewell meeting to the members of the Club who are leaving this week for the various schools and colleges."

[Abst.] Oct. 4, 1915, fall meeting. Mr. Hunt presented to the Church as a gift of Miss Sylvia Hitch and other members of the family a picture of Henry F. Hitch. Accepted. Voted to accept with thanks a plan for beautifying the Church grounds, presented by some of the Ladies, to be followed in setting out such plants as could be secured from time to time.

[SB] Oct.30,1915, Newark News, includes portrait of W.R.Hunt. [at founding in 1890] "a prominent citizen remarked publicly ... he would rather see a new saloon opened than a Unitarian church established ..."

[Abst.] Nov. 7 (Sunday) and Nov. 8 (Monday) 1915, special services in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Church. Details will be found in the records of the Church Historian. (Mrs. E. F. Chamberlin.)

[U.C.] Dec. 1915, gave church $50.

[Abst.] Dec. 20, 1915, trustees accepted with regret the resignation of Mr. F. W. Thomson because of removal.

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[Abst.] Jan. 14, 1916, trustees accepted resignation of Miss Schetter as trustee because of removal. Unity Club offered to enlarge the stage of the Parish House and make payment within one year.

[Cal.] Jan.16,1916. "last Sunday night Mr Hunt preached in the evening to the congregation in Pterson which was organized after their experience with the revival methods ... last spring."

[Abst.] Jan. 17, 1916, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Trustees elected for 3 years: Mrs. G. P. Swain, E. H. Levy and N. W. Perkins. For 1 year: Mrs. E. F. Chamberlin and G. A. Whittemore vice Miss Schetter & Mr. Thomson resigned.
The Church Historian, Mrs. Chamberlin, reported that she had kept up the scrap book of clippings etc. as in previous years.
Voted to leave to the trustees the question of enlarging the stage of the Parish Houise. Estimated cost 650.
During the year, 18 new members. 8 lost by removal.
Mr. Hunt suggested the possibility of establishing a public forum.
Alliance, membership 35, attendance 18, gave to Church 125.
Sunday School enrollment 11 teachers & officers, 50 pupils, cradle roll 10. Gave to Church 25.
Unity Club gave 50 to Church and 5 toward new shrubbery.
Junior Alliance 11 members.

[Abst.] Jan. 17, 1916, trustees elected Mr. Matthews Pres, Mr. Euler Treas. and Mr. Levy Sec.

[SB] Jan. 31, 1916, annual appeal - breakdown of last year's contributions by 68 persons [total ≤ $3336.75; median $20.50; mean ≤ $49.00; largest $295, smallest < $5]

[U.C.] 1916, Pres. Mr. Dalmassas, VP Mrs Child, Rec.Sec. V. Chamberlin, Cor.Sec. A.Dana, Treas. A MacCready. Discussion as to legality of office of corresponding secy. Motion carried to amend bylaws to create office. Proposed addition to present stage-Unity Club agrees to pay within 1 year.

[Abst.] Feb. 7, 1916, trustees accepted Mr. Matthews' offer to have stenographic record made of Mr. Hunt's sermons without expense to the Church.

[U.C.] Feb. 1916 social - Salmagundi Party.

[Cal.] Mar.5, 1916. ushers: Franz Euler,Jr., Thomas Dudley, Frederick Hamilton, A.A.MacCready, Marvin Laureigh.
Junior Alliance in list of organizations again; Miss Olga Dana, Pres. Men's Club, Pres. Walter S. Decker. Hale Club, Pres. Lawrence Sheldon. Unity Club, Pres. Henry Dalmases.

[W.Cal.[ Mar.14, 1816, 10th anniv.of Men's Club.

[U.C.] Mar.31,1916 - 3-act comedy, $107.85, beginning of fund to enlarge the stage.

[Abst.] Apr. 3, 1916, spring meeting, voted, if the Unity Club would place a trust fund of 500. in the hands of the Treasurer and agree to raise a further amount of 500., that the society proceed with the enlargement of the Parish House stage, provided that such action is ratified by the trustees and by the society. Voted a resolution on the death of Mrs. H. F. Hitch, Mar.29, 1916.

[Cal.] Apr.23, 1916 - May 2 Men's Club meeting, Fred H. Colvin will speak on The Making of Munitions in America - illus. lantern slides and exhibit of shells. The Hale Club will meet with the men.

[Cal.] Apr.30,1916. Easter had the largest confirmation class in the history of the church,

[Abst.] May 1, 1916, trustees voted thanks to J. A. E. Stewart for the gift of an acoustican for the Church.

[U.C.] June 3, 1916 - Lawn Party held at Parish House because of weather. Presentation of "Midsummer Night's Dream" by the children of Llewellyn Park under direction of Mrs. Merck.

[Abst.] June 18, 1916, trustees voted to purchase a piano for 200. Voted to grant the request of the Board of Education for the use of the lot in rear of Parish House for school purposes without charge on condition that the Board of Education erect a suitable fence around the property and that the Church be granted the use of the auditorium of the Central school without charge for 5 evenings during the coming winter for lectures and plays under the auspices of the Church.

[Abst.] Sept. 18, 1916, trustees voted to concur in the action of the Sunday School in donating the old piano to the Ashland Ave. Baptist Church (Colored)

[Abst.] Oct. 1, 1916, trustees received report that an expense of 1,000. would be required to repair the roof and other exterior portions of the Church and Parish House and that a new furnace would cost 300. Voted to ask authority from the Church to borrow not over 1500. for this purpose, means of raising this amount to be left to the society.

[Cal.] Oct.1,1916. Mr Hunt called away suddenly by serious illness of his mother. Rabbi Abelson conducted the regular morning service.

[Abst.] Oct. 2, 1916, fall meeting. Voted to authorize the trustees to borrow not over 1500. to replace the Church roof, replace parts of the Parish House roof, make miscellaneous repairs to gutters, leaders and other exterior parts and replace the Church heater.

[Cal.] Mrs E.H.Levy died Fri.before Oct 15,1916.

[Cal.] Oct.22,1916. "The Hale Club, a group of the young men of the church, is an integral part of the Sunday School. It meets every Sunday with Mr. Hunt as teacher. All young men of the church are welcome .."
Hale Club planning dance jointly with Junior Alliance.
Union Thanksgiving Day services will NOT be held this year.

[U.C.] Nov.24,1916, Magazine Party (tableaux)

[SB] Nov.25,1916 - "direct payments and pledges have been sufficient to meet the budget ... without ... second appeal or aid from auxiliaries" but repairs needed, asking AUA for $1200 loan.

[Cal.] Dec.3, 1916. "A row of Barberry bushes has been planted along the front of the church, and a Box tree on either side of the main entrance ... gift of Mrs. Matthews."
Dec.10,1916, Dr. Ralph H. Hunt gives talk at evening service about epidemic of infantile paralysus [poliomyelitis] during summer 1916.

[Abst.] Dec. 18, 1916, trustees received report that a bank loan of 1,200 had been obtained. Board of Education withdrew request presented June 18.

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[Abst.] Jan. 15, 1917, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures Piano200.00 
 Bank note paid500.00 
Balance  .08
Trustees elected: Mrs. F. H. Colvin, W. H. Aborn & W. O. Sheldon.
On Easter 24 were received into fellowship.
Alliance raised 182.41 from fair. Gave 150 to repair fund.
Sunday School enrollment 8 teachers, 44 pupils. Gave 25 to the piano fund and 25 for Church shrubbery.
Unity Club raised 108 toward extension of the stage and gave 15 to the piano fund.
Junior Alliance enrollment 15. Gave 5 to piano fund.
Pres. reported that the first financial appeal was the only one necessary to raise funds for the expenses of the Church.
[Men's Club (10th anniv.) 47 members]

[Abst.] Jan. 15, 1917, trustees electd Mr. Matthews Pres, Mr. Euler Treas. and Mr. Levy Sec.

[U.C.] 1917 - Pres. Geo. W. Booth, VP Miss Margaret Aborn, Sec. Miss Va. Chamberlin, Treas. Arthur MacCready.

[SB] Jan.31,1917, contributions last year from 83 persons. First raise in Minister's salary, by $250. "The janitor has served longer without ever missing a service and it seemed right to vote him an increase of $110."

[U.C.] Jan.1917 social - some members lent their favorite Victrola records.

[Abst.] Feb. 8, 1917, trustees received report on repairs:
Actually spent1,656.24
Deficit reduced to 95.74 by voluntary contributions.
Voted to appoint a committee to investigate the distribution of Unitarian literature at the Revival in East Orange.

[U.C.] Feb. 1917 social, guessing contests ands dancing.

[Cal.] Feb.18,1917 - women of this church requested to take charge of the Red Cross HQ in E.O. this week.

[Cal.] Mar.4 - Trustees have decided to issue this Calendar once in two week sonly.

[U.C.] Mar. 1917 social, Men's Club farce.

[Cal.] Mar.18/25,1917. Ushers Frederick Hamilton, Arthur A. MacCready, Marvin Laureigh, Lawrence Sheldon.
Women's Alliance Pres. Mrs Wm. H. Aborn
Unity Club Pres. George W. Booth
Hale Club Pres. Stewart Graham
Men's Club,Pres. Walter S. Decker
Junior ASlliance Pres. Miss Olga Dana.

[Abst.] Mar. 27, 1917, trustees voted to accept with thanks Mr. Fiske's offer of a standard for the flag to be used in the Church. Voted to offer the use of the Parish House to the Chief of Medical Section, Council of National Defense, for hospital purposes. . . .

[Abst.] Apr.2, 1917, spring meeting, society voted to accept an invitation to send a representative to a conference on the subject of tax exemption of Church and Charitable property. Mr. Sheldon was appointed. A motion that the congregation view such exemption as immoral and unethical was lost.

[SB] Apr. 3, 1917, Men's Club Dinner. Speaker from Amer. Bankers Ass'n 'How to Keepa Dollar Ahead' - also gaiety by home talent.

[Cal.] Flag, made some time ago by the girls of the Junior Alliance, hangs in the church. "It will not be lowered, so long as the war lasts."

[Abst.] Apr. 27, 1917, trustees voted to offer the use of the Parish House to the Red Cross for surgical dressing work under certain restrictions.

[Cal.] Apr.29, 1917. Unitarian Rally held at Passaic, 250 present, 28 from this church.

[SB] May 6, 1917, Program of Flag Raising, First Unitarian Sunday School. ... patriotic hymns and readings and pledge of allegiance ...

[U.C.] 1917 Lawn Party, Mercks', play by children of the Park, in the outdoor theatre.

[SB] AUA War Bulletin No.IV, urging Unitarian churches to go on record in favor of immediate National Prohibition 0 saloons near Navy yards - grave peril - food products wasted in manufacture of liquors

[Abst.] June 13, 1917, at a special meeting the society voted, 25 to 3 with 4 blanks, to ask Congress to pass a law providing for National Prohibition, to be repealed within 1 year after the close of the war. Voted to appoint a committee to collect contributions for recreation huts for soldiers in the mobilization camps.

June 25, 1917 "A Plain Statement" [appeal with Treasurer's statement] - " In our church was organized the first Red Cross unit of the Oranges ... Our minister ... is a member of the Home Guard, drilling and serving in that organization."

[SB] announcement of special meeting of Men's Club, Sept.11 [1917] - Mr. Hunt designated Mr Matthews as rep. from our church to 'Central Soldiers and Sailors Welfare Committee of the Oranges' - Mr Matthews made member of Exec. Comm and Chair of both Finance and Program Comm

[Abst.] Oct. 1, 1917, fall meeting. Voted that the trustees be instructed to purchase a Liberty bond for 100 out of the fund for enlarging the stage in the Parish House, leaving a balance of 14.05. Mr. Sheldon reported that the Conference on taxation of Church property took no action beyond referring the matter back to the Churches for further consideration.
Mr.Booth reported that the collection for the YMCA war fund amounted to 100 which has been sent to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Welfare committee.
Voted that the deficit this year be raised without a fair.

[U.C.] Oct.26, 1917 social. "Mrs. Garrison spoke about the work which was being done by the Woman's Suffrage Association, to provide a recreation house for the soldiers at Camp Dix. ... Mrs Noxon spoke about entertaining Navy men for weekends."

[Abst.]Nov. 16, 1917, trustees voted to add one stanza to hymn America to be sung in the church whenever the hymn is used.

[God bless our splendid men
Send them safe home again,
God save our men.
Happy and glorious
Dauntless and chivalrous
Winners of freedom,
God save our men]
Voted permission to Mr. Hunt to as Chaplain at Camp Mills.

[U.C.] Nov.24,1917 - a party for the Navy men.

[Cal.] Dec.2,1917 - minister of this church commissioned by Pres.Eliot of AUA to act as Volunteer Chaplain at Camp Nills, Mineola. He will work with the YMCA camps there, 3 days per week.

[Cal.] Dec.30,1917 - Camp Mills discontinued for the winter, Mr Hunt's work to be at Camp Upton, Yaphank, NY

[SB] Minister's Report for 1917 - " ...The first step taken by the church was in helping to form public opinion on the issues of the war ... organization of the Red Cross Unit and the gift of the Parish House for the use of the Committee on Surgical Dressings ..." -- 11 of our young men now serving.

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[Abst.] Jan. 3, 1918, trustees accepted the resignation of Mr.Euler as Treas. In response to a letter from the AUA recommending, as a measure of economy for the winter or for the duration of the war, that our Churches give careful consideration to the possibilities of temporary federation and combination with neighboring Churches, voted that this Church gladly offers its cooperation in any way that the AUA may see fit to use it. Voted to appoint a committee to consider the advisability of arranging Union services with some other Church this winter.
Voted to recommend to the society that Mr. Hunt be offered a leave of absence to enable him to respond to a call for his services in the Army camps in this country and abroad.

[Abst.] Jan. 13, 1918, at a special meeting the society voted to authorize the trustees to appoint a committee, with power, to arrange with any other Church for Union services, for the purpose of conservation of coal.

[Cal.] Jan.13,1918 - to save fuel, until further notice, Sunday School to meet in the church auditorium. Red Cross meeting in private houses.

[SB] alternate union services with New Church began Jan.20,1918 to conserve fuel

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1918, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Voted that Mr. Hunt's report be printed and distributed.
Received report that a temporary arrangement had been made with the New Church to hold Union services in the 2 Churches on alternate Sundays.
Voted that the gift of 100. by the Unity Club be used to reduce the loan of 1,200. (from Mrs. Matthews)
Voted to accept the recommendation of the trustees (Jan. 3) in regard to a leave of absence for Mr. Hunt.
Voted thanks to Mr. Euler for his services as Treasurer.
Sunday School, enrollment 9 teachers & officers and 35 pupils. Gave to Church 25.
Alliance, enrollment 45. Formeda Red Cross unit of 55 to sew on Mondays for French Relief. Conducted 4 small sales, Gave to Church 75.
Unity Club conducted 4 socials, one for a party of navy men.
Men's Club were guests at a joint meeting with the Men's Club at the Montclair Church.
Trustees elected: Mrs. S. G. Boyd and G. A. Whittemore, the third member to be elected by the Board.

[U.C.] Voted to divert fund " which was being raised for addition to the Parish House" to "paying off the church debt." Pres. Geo.W.Booth, VP Miss Margaret Aborn, Sec. Miss Grace Swain, Treas Mrs Ernest Child

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1918, trustees elected Mr. Whittemore Pres., W.H. Aborn Treas. and E. H. Levy Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 27, 1918, trustees elected R. D. Silliman as trustee.

[Cal.] Jan.27,1918 -union services of the New Church and the Unitarian Church (to conserve coal): alternately at the two churches; both ministers to speak at each service, each preaching a short sermon. New Church school at 10 a.m., Unit'n sch. at 12:05. (New Church: Essex Ave near Main St.)

[U.C.] Feb. 1918 Social - "On account of the coal shortage it could not be held in the Parish House" - held at home of Mr and Mrs Wm. H. Aborn. Informal games. Welsh rarebit served.

[U.C.] Mar. 1, 1918 - 3-act play, 'The Elopement of Ellen' - under direction of Oliver Matthews. Made $59, sent for reduction of the church loan.

[Cal.] Mar.24/31,1918. Only two ushers: Edward Aborn, S. George Boyd. Only 4 organizations: Sunday School, Women's Alliance, Men's Club, Unity Club. Mrs E.T.Child Treas.of both Women's Alliance and Unity Club. George W. Booth, Pres.of Unity Club; Mrs. George W. Booth, Pres.of Women's Alliance. Edward Aborn, Pres.of Men's Club.

[Abst.] Apr. 2, 1918, spring meeting. Society voted to accept with thanks a framed portrait of W. H. Taft, a gift of the Men's Club. Mr. Hunt gave a lecture, illustrated with lantern slides, on the history of Unitarianism, principally in Hungary.
The Treasurer reported that sufficient funds for the year had been raised on the first appeal.

[SB] Apr.2, 1918 , parish dinner and meeting, included patriotic songs; ... letters from prominent Unitarian men re war read ... Wm O. Selden presented map showing membership of church by location of residency.

[Abst.] Apr. 14, 1918, trustees received from Mrs. Booth, Pres. of the Alliance, a letter stating that there was a feeling of unrest and dissatisfaction among a very large majority of our people as to the conduct of the Sunday School and recommending a complete change in the present regime. Voted to appoint a committee to consider the subject and report to the Board.

[U.C.] May 11, 1918, second Sailors Party - ten boys from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Old fashioned games...singing.

[Calendar] June 1918 "A new pamphlet of hymns has been placed in the pews , The congregation is requested to remain after service and practice the new hymns."

[U.C.] June 1, 1918 - Lawn Party, Mercks. Boy Scouts of West Orange entertained us by firstaid demonstrations and wig-wagging. Ice-cream cones were quite an innovation.

[SB] Orange Day Nursery given use of Parish House during summer [1918] while building addition to their building.

[Abst.] Sep. 20, 1918, trustees appointed Mrs. F. B. Lane as historian, vice Mrs E. F. Chamberlin resigned.
The committee on the Sunday School recommended the appointment of a committee with power to perfect an organization to place the Sunday School on a more staable and permanent foundation and to arrange the necessary details to put it into effect.

[Abst.] Oct. 7, 1918, the scheduled fall meeting of the society was not held because of the influenza epidemic.

[Cal.] Nov.3,1918: "After being closed for two weeks by order of the Board of Health, our Church is open again ..."

[Cal.] Nov.17,1918. Edward Hale Memorial Fund, being raised by Chestnut Hill church, income to be given to the family. "When this need ceases the Trust will terminate. The Deed of Trust provides that any contributions from the Orange church, if such desire be expressed by the donor, shall revert to the Trustees of this church at the time of termination of the Trust. At the present time nearly $2500 has been so designated."
Union Thanksgiving srvices, interrupted for 2 years, will be resumed, at Park Ave. Meth. Ch.

[SB] Nov.28, 1918 [clipping] - union service at Meth. Episc. Ch., of First Unitarian, New Church, and Cong. Sharey Tefilo.

[Abst.] Dec. 19, 1918, trustees voted to accept a Roll of Honor presented by an order of the Board. Committee appointed to determine the names. Sunday School committee presented a final report.

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[SB] Jan.8, 1919 Men's Club: Edward Aborn re-elected Pres.; V.P. Ernest T. Child; Rec.Secy & Tr. Nathan Perkins; Corr.Secy. S.G. Boyd.

[Abst.] Jan. 12, 1919, trustees received report of names for Roll of Honor.

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1919, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Disbursements:,Loan paid871.00 
Balance  91.92
The contributions were the largest in the history of the Church. They were obtained by one appeal at the beginning of the year.
Trustees elected: Mrs. Frank Curry, C.K.Hogan and J.M.Fiske.
Voted thanks to Mr. Stewart for his services as S.S.Supt.
Sunday School, enrollment 5 teachers, 2 officers, 28 pupils. Loss due to departure of some of the boys to the service and a decrease in the number of smaller children due to intense cold and shortage of fuel. From Jan. 27 to Mar. 10 conducted Union classes with the New Church. Gave 25 to Church and 30.25 to aid French children.
Alliance pledged services of 20 women for work on soldiers' clothes and refugee sewing. Gave 75 to Church, AUA 15 and pension fund 10.

[Abst.] Jan. 20, 1919, trustees elected Mr. Whittemore Pres, W. O. Sheldon Treas. and W. H. Aborn Sec.

[U.C.] 1919, Pres. George W. Booth, VP George S. Boyd, Sec. Miss Grace Swain, Treas. Mrs Ernest Child.

[U.C.] Jan.22,1919, committees apptd for Feb. Social etc. with members of Mens Club, Alliance and Unity Club.

[Abst.] Feb. 3, 1919, trustees voted appreciation of the services of Mr. J. A. E. Stewart as Supt. of Sunday School for 9 years.

[Abst.] Feb. 8, 1919, trustees received resignation of Mr. Hogan as trustee. Voted to appoint a committee to investigate the method use to handle Church funds - to report at the April meeting.

[U.C.] Feb. 28,1919, social. over 50 people. no electricity, used candles. Mr Matthews and Mrs Chamberlin were great hits as George and Martha Washington.

[W.Cal. Mar.8/16,1919, last issue listing J.A.E.Stewart as Sup't of Sun.Sch; no sup't listed Mar.23.30 through Dec 7/14, then Rev.W.R.Hunt.

[Cal.] starts to carry motto "Life more abundantly"

[Abst.] Apr. 7, 1919, spring meeting.
Voted to appoint Mrs. W. H. Aborn Chairman of the Women's branch for the Victory loan.
Voted to to invite the Middle States Conference and the Ministers' Union meeting on April 27 to be held here on account of the burning of the Montclair Church.
Voted to appoint a committee of 3 to create a new form of accounting for the Church whereby the authority for all expenditures of Church money shall be by sanction of the trustees.

[U.C.] Apr. 25, 1919, play 'Bird in Hand' by Laurence Housman - "The Organizations of the First Unitarian Church ... No Admission Charge." [SB:] cast included Edward Aborn and Edward Aborn Jr.

[Cal.] May 4,1919, address of Minister changed to 211 Lincoln Ave, Orange.

[U.C.] June 7, 1919, Lawn Party, Mercks. Pupils of Miss Whyte gave some aesthetic dance.

[SB] June 8, 1919 - The Men's Club ... formed itself into Orange Chapter of the Unitarian Laymen's League; 30 enrolled as members. Laymen's League is a new national organization; founders include Wm. Howard Taft. [Christian Register:] officersof Men's Club elected to be officers of chapter of Laymewn's League: Edward Aborn, Pres.; Ernest T. Child V.P.; E.S. Boyd, Corr.Secy.; Nathaniel W. Perkins Rec.Secy.

[Abst.] Sept. 27, 1919, trustees received report from Mr. Booth & Mr. Child showing the present value of the Church and furniture.

[Abst.] Oct. 4, 1919, fall meeting.
Society received report of committee on accounting,
Voted to appoint a committee to report on the advisability of keeping the Church open in the Summer.
Unity Club enrollment 45.
Laymen's League has established a book exchange in the Church and subscribed for 2 copies of the Christian Register.

[Cal.] Oct.19,1919. Class at Sun.Sch. 10:45-12, for children too small to bring to church service.

[U.C.] Oct.31, 1919, spook party - all dressed in sheets and pillowcases, ghost story told ... spooky things passed around in the dark.

[SB] [Christian Register, 1920, re fall 1919:] "A type of community church which gives promise of great usefulness is growing up in Orange,NJ ... It is composed of all the Protestant churches in the city. Its council is made up of the ministers, and its membership of the laymen and women of the various denominations... On Sun. Nov.16 there was a general exchange of pulpits ,,, followed next Sun. bya house-to-house canvass, made by volunteers from the churches ,,, 2500 men and women enlited in this work. .. city ... so subdivided that a zone leader with 3 helpers was responsible for only 25 homes. The work was done betweem 3:00 and 6:00 on Sun. afternoon and was 80% perfect. Every home was visited."

[Cal.] Nov.23, 1919. "A key to the Parish House may always be found at the home of George W. Booth, 32 High Street, just in the rear of the church."

[U.C.] Dec.5, 1919, program for play by Edw. Aborn "...The audience is requested to kindly refrain from throwing anything heavy."

[SB] Dec.7, 1919 - supper and meeting of Laymen's League - reviewed experience of canvassers in "recent interchurch religious survey of the Oranges" ,,, supper "served in army style" Thomas Dudley, a returned service man, in charge. Dr. Ralph H. Hunt, brother of pastor, related experiences in France.

[Abst.] Dec. 15, 1919, trustees voted to permit the Orange YMCA to use the Parish House without detriment to plans already made.
Voted to favor a change in the Constitution whereby trustees shall be elected at the fall meeting.

[SB] Dec. 20, 1919 - more than 100 children from N.J. Orthopaedic Hosp. at XMas party of Sun.Sch. - in Parish House - autos to convey them provided by members of church and the Red Cross Motor Corps of the Oranges.

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[SB] Jan.15, 1920 [Christian Register] - union service for Thanksgiving in Orange held in Methodist Church, with Swedenborgians, Jews, and Unitarians.

[Abst.] Jan. 19, 1920, annual meeting. Attendance 67. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures:,Loans & interest940.24 
Balance  240.76
Trustees elected: Mrs. E. Aborn, F. E. Town and G. W. Booth for 3 years and W. Dormitzer for 2 years vice Mr. Hogan, resigned.
Voted to appoint a committee to raise funds for relief of some of the suffering among the Christian people of Hungary.
Voted to amend the Constitution to provide that trustees shall be elected at the fall meeting.
On a report of an offer to Mr. Hunt to become Field Secretary of AUA the Society voted a resolution pledging greater support and cooperation and expressing the wish that he remain as Minister. Voted to secure signatures to this resolution from members of the Church.
Voted an increase of 200. per year in the Minister's salary.
Mr. Hunt reported the completion of the Religions survey. The committee has the cards of those indicating preference for the Unitarian Church and also the cards of those indicating preference for the Universalist Church and Friends' Meeting, neither of which has an organization in our cities.
Mr. Hunt reported that the families of the Church have been grouped by neighborhoods and a Captain appointed for each group. This step was taken to enable the Minister, through the Captains, to learn promptly of things needing his personal attention.
Sunday School reported completion of reorganization. Enrollment teachers 6, pupils 37, aver. attendance 24. Gave to Church 25.
Unity Club held 4 socials and a lawn party.
Alliance gave to Church 150.
Laymen's League held 8 meetings. Planned new wiring and improved lighting in the Parish House. Installed electric lighting in the Church. Inserted weekly advertisements in Newark News and Maplewood papers. Distributed Church calendars weekly in hotels in the Oranges. Has organized a group captain system. Conducted a house-to-house canvass for the inter-church census. Membership 48. Gave 25 to Church.
Committee appointed to investigate the question of keeping the Church open during the Summer reported that such action would not be advisable.

[Abst.] Jan. 25, 1920, trustees elected G. A. Whittemore Pres., W. O. Sheldon Treas. and G. W. Booth Sec. Reported that Mr. Hunt wil remain as Minister.

[U.C.] 1920, Pres. Mr. S.G. Boyd, VP Miss Grace Swain, Secy Miss Miriam Sheldon, Treas Mrs E.F.Child.

[Abst.] Feb. 2, 1920, trustees elected Mrs. Curry Historian vice Mrs. Lane, resigned.

[SB] Feb. 5, 1920, letter to members - ... our minister ... has declined offer to become Field Secy. for the Middle States ofd the Dept.of Church Extension.

[SB] Feb. 15, 1920 - services in First Unitarian Church interrupted yesterday by a fire in the cellar. "Councilman William H. Aborn of East Orange ... investigating smoke which was noticed shortly after beginning of the service ... discovered ... floor beams over furnace had started to smolder - without disturbing the service the Fire Dept. was summoned. There was no panic but when firemen started to chop away smoldering beams it was impossible to continue the service."

[Abst.] Feb. 15, 1920, trustees increased the salary of Nelson Sears, janitor, from 29.17 to 40. per month and of Walter Decker, organist from 300. to 400. per year, both effective Feb. 1. Voted to secure Mr. Joseph Gasner to obtain the insurance adjustment and have repairs made after the recent Sunday fire.

Feb 6, 1920, letter from Charles B. Gilbert, upon election as Pres. of Orange branch of Unitarian Laymen's League, on letterhead: "Manufacturers Agent, Paper Sacks, Hand Made Bags, Glassine Envelopes," 311 Mt.Prospoect Ave, Newark.

[Cal.] Feb.29/Mar.7, 1920. Junior Alliance, Pres. Miss Louise P. Aborn. Unity Club, Pres. S. George Boyd. Laymen's League, Pres. Charles B. Gilbert. Women's Aliance, Pres. Mrs Edw. F. Chamberlin.

[U.C.] Mar.9, 1920, "Cruise of the Airship UC-26 to Havana"

[Abst.] Mar. 14, 1920, trustees voted to accept resignation of Mr. Dormitzer as trustee.
Mr. Hunt reported that E. Aborn had agreed to assist him in his duties as Supt. of the Sunday School.

[SB] Mar.15,1920, installation of new electric lighting in Parish House, paid by Laymen's League.

[Cal.] Apr.2,1920, Good Friday, Union Service, 8:15 p.m. with Summit and Montclair.

[U.C.] Apr. 1920, play by Sydney Bowkett. $63. $50 to Mens Club toward new electric lights.

[Abst.] May 3, 1920, spring meeting. Received report that 80.93 had been collected for Hungarian relief. Received report that fire damage was 232. which was collected from the insurance co.
Elected Philip C. Dailey trustee vice W. Dormitzer resigned.
25 names added to the Church roll in the last 12 months.

[Abst.] May 10, 1920, trustees voted approval of a proposal of the Orange Chapter of the Laymen's League for the publication of a monthly House Organ, the expense to be assumed by the League.

[Cal.] June 5,1920, picnic under the auspices of the Unity Club, in So.Mtn.Res. near Hemlock Falls. Box lunches may be ordered from Junior Alliance. Change from practice of forner years: "have children wear old clothes so they can have a good romp in the woods and fields.... automobile will leave corner of Main and Day between 2 and 3 p.m.

[U.C.] June 5, 1920, Picnic, Roseland near Cherry Lane, Chief event was a baseball game.

[SB] Sept. 10, 1920, Newark Evening News - death of Warren Delano, 65 years old. Uncle of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lived for many years at 110 Harrison St, East Orange; moved from that city about 16 years ago. President of Delano Coal Co. Had stable of 65 horses; estate along the Hudson River. Horse bolted in front of train. Survived by wife, who was Jennie Walters of Baltimore. Son Lyman Delano; 4 daughters: 3 married and Miss Laura Delano.

[Cal.] former member Mrs James E. Hall died at her home in Roxbury Mass early in Aug.

[Abst.] Sep. 27, 1920, trustees voted a resolution on the death of Warren Delano.
Voted to approve an arrangement whereby Mr. Hunt will spend 2 days a week in the New York office of the AUA.

[Abst.] Oct. 11, 1920, fall meeting.
Voted to accept Mrs. Boyd's resignation as trustee.
Trustees elected: Mrs. E. F. Chamberlin, O. J. Matthews and M. J. Fischer for 3 years, P. C. Dailey for 1 year.

[SB] Oct.26, 1920. Laymen's League, "The Wayfarer," to cost approx. $1500 for first year's issues; of total $1650 needed, $925 already pledged.

[Cal.] "The union Thanksgiving service held for the past two years in the Methodist Church has been given up. The Church of Christ seems not yet ready for a real brotherhood. We shall hold a serfvice of communion on Thanksgiving morning in our church."

[Abst.] Dec. 13, 1920, trustees voted to accept resignation of Mrs. Chamberlin as trustee.
Voted to accept the recent gift of hymn books.

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[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1921, trustees elected O. J. Matthews Pres., G. W. Booth Treas. and M. J. Fischer Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 10, 1921, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Disbursements,Loans & interest500.71 
 Fire loss232.00 
Balance  33.63
Society elected Miss Grace Swain as trustee vice Mrs. Chamberlin resiogned. For three years.
Voted to refer to trustees a motion that Mr. Hunt's salary be increased 1,000 per year.
Quota in national campaign largely oversubscribed. Pledged 7,342.06, of which 1,805.06 has been paid. Also paid 175.93 to the Hoover-Hungarian relief appeal.
21 new members in 1920. Average attendance 60.
Sunday School had an exceptionally good year under E. Aborn as Supt. Gave to Church 25.
Alliance raised 305.67 by fair. Gave to Church 100.
Junior Alliance gave flag to Sunday School. Gave to Church 10.

[Abst.] Jan. 18, 1921, trustees voted thanks to Mrs. Matthews for bulletin board.
Re proposed increase in Minister's salary Mr. Hunt advocated that no additional burden be placed on the Church at this time. Voted to report to society that increase was inopportune.

[U.C.] 1921, Pres. Miss Adrianne Graham, VP Thomas Dudley, Secy Miss Va. Chamberlin, Treas. Miss Gertrude Swain.

[Abst.] Feb. 6, 1921, special meeting of the society voted that the matter of the Minister's salary be referred to the trustees and that it was the sense of the meeting that a bonus of 500 should be given for 1921 provided this action is compatible with the best interests of the society.

[Cal.] Feb.13/20, 1921. lliance has changed meeting time from afternoon to evening, so young women of the church who are working will have opportunity to attend,
ushers - Wm. O. Sheldon, George A. Whittemore, Thomas Dudley, Donald Bartholomew.
Alliance Auxiliary added to list of organizations; Miss Miriam Sheldon, Chairman.
Unity Club: Miss Adrienne M. Graham, Pres.; Thomas Dudley, V-P; Miss Virginia Chamberlin, Secy.; Miss Gertrude Swain, Treas.

[Cal.] Feb.27/Mar.6,1921. The faith animating the Laymen's League:

We worship the living God, our Father and our Friend. We are disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, teacher of the love of god and the way of life.
We believe in the infinite worth of man and his power of unending growth.
We believe in Liberty, Democracy and Law, as essential to human progress.
We pray for help to worship God sincerely, and to serve our brothers faithfully.
We seek ever for more Truth and Light.

[Abst.] Apr. 4, 1921, spring meeting.

[U.C.] Apr.1921, Salmagundi Party, about 40 present.

[U.C.] June 4, 1921, Lawn Party for the children of the Sunday School - a society circus with the aid of the YMCA boys. Mr Heller and band from the Reform School.

[Cal.] Sun. June 12, 1921 - subject of sermon, "The Heart of Religion" - "Dr. Norbert F. Capek will assist Mr. Hunt in the conduct of the service." (farewell service). Notice of commissioning of Dr. and Mrs. Capek by AUA as its representatives in the new Republic of Czecho-Slovakia.

[Cal.] Sept.11,1921, WRHunt's address changed to 297 Lincoln Ave.

[Cal.] Oct.2,1921 - out-of-door service in the church lawn - "An Out-of-Doors Religion."
"during the past few months all of the streets in Orange, and apparently some in East Orange, have been renumbered."

[Abst.] Oct. 10, 1921, fall meeting.
Trustees elected: Mrs. E. F. Chamberlin, P. D. Langley and Clifford Sloan.
Voted to endorse plan to employ an architect to advise on Church decoration and referred it to trustees for action.

[Cal.] Oct.18, 1921, first meeting of Women's Alliance, "The men are cordially invited." Subject "Our Girls" - speakers Miss Nelson, Dir., National Girl Scouts; Mrs. George Merck, Local Director, Girl Scouts.

[U.C.] Nov. 3, 1921, three plays by the Woman's Guild of the St. James Church of Montclair (in exchange for the performance on Nov.2 of 'The Bird in the Hand' by Unity Club members at Montclair)

[Cal.] Nov.20,1921 - Laymen's Sunday, order of service, incl. sermon by Frederic E. Town, service conducted by Oliver J. Matthews and Edw. Aborn.
"the Unity Club (our purely social body)"
YMCA using Parish House for meetings of Hi-Y Club of High School boys, Tue. mornings.

[Abst.] Dec. 19, 1921, trustees received report from Mr. Hunt urging the need of a choir for the Sunday service and stating that a leader (non-member) had been secured.

[SB] [1921] fencing exhibition given in evening at Parish House by Sherman Hall, champion of the U.S., and Leo Nunes, arranged by Laymen's League... Mr Hall formerly resided in East Orange and for several years was a member of the Orange church. The exhibition was given in the afternoon for the women.

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[Abst.] Jan. 2, 1922, trustees elected O. J. Matthews Pres., G. W. Booth Treas. and M. J. Fischer Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1922, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures:,Loans & interest453.00 
Balance  6.24
Voted approval of a plan to organize a choir.
Voted to appoint a committee to collect 100 for Transylvania relief.
10 new members in 1921.
Appointment of committee to work for increased membership.
Alliance gave to Church 100. Other gifts & expenses 266.36
Sunday School enrollment 3 officers, 6 teachers & 31 pupils.

[U.C.] 1922, Pres. Miss Adrianne Graham, VP Mrs S.G. Boyd, Secy Miss Raisa Osborn, Treas Miss Gertrude Swain.

[Cal.] Jan.22,1922, Young People's Sunday. Donald Bartholomew will speak on 'Self Improvement'
all-day sewing being taken up again by W.A, one day every 2 weeks.

[Abst.] Feb. 14, 1922, trustees voted to appoint a committee on Church decoration.
Mr. Matthews presented resignation as Pres. Laid on table.

[Cal.] Mar. 5/12, 1922. Motto now "Life more abundant"
"the chorus choir is ... holding rehearsals every Wed. eve and singing an anthem at the Sun. morning service."
Committee chairs: Clifford A. Sloan, Ways and Means; George W. Booth, Building and Grounds; P.D.Langley, Membership and Attendance; W.R.Hunt, Services and Auxiliaries.
" the request of the YMCA of Orange, the Minister of our church is filling many appointments for speaking."

[Cal.] Mar.19/26, 1922, notice of appeal for Arkos ("a little town in Transylvania..." with "a large Unitarian church" - amount needed $100. "100 of our American churches are doing this thing for other places in Hungary."

[Abst.] Mar. 21, 1922, trustees voted to engage an architect for Church decoration at not over 50.
Voted with thanks to authorize Alliance to lay new carpet in Church and decorate Parish House at their expense.

[Abst.] Apr. 3, 1922, spring meeting.
47 new members since Easter, 1921.
Attendance at Easter 1921, 136.

[SB] Apr.21,1922, letter, Easter Services, church was filled to capacity; 25 new members joined.

[Cal.] Apr.30/May 1 - at Easter, "171 people were in the congregation." "increasing congregation has made necessary the purchasing of new hymnbooks."
Laymen's League, new President, F. Stanley Howe.

[Abst.] May 1, 1922, trustees voted to permit Sunday School to appoint at their expense a paid Supt. vice E. Aborn ineligible for reelection until after the lapse of one year.

[Cal.] May 28/June 4,1922 - church school has started a 'Bus' service on a small scale to begin with...

[Alli.] June 7, 1922, 3 p.m., Exec.Bd. Committees: Hospitality, Red Cross, Membership, Housekeeping, Flowers and Decorations, Alliance Auxiliary, Sunday School.
Program committee report:

$3 to church in Eugene, Ore.
notice of death of Mrs Mary B. Davis

[Cal.] June 11/18,1922, accomplishments of past year: formation of the Chorus Choir; large gain in membership; public meetings held under auspices of Women's Alliance and Laymen's League.

[Abst.] Sept. 25, 1922, trustees received letter of Sep. 25 from Mr. Hunt tendering his resignation as Minister. (Not in the minutes, but Mr. Hunt had accepted position as Executive Sec. of the New York office of the AUA.)

[Alli.] Sept.27, 1922, ... Mrs Hunt authorized to buy material for curtains for the rooms upstairs

[SB]Sept.28,1922, notice of meeting of Laymen's League - dinner, price $1, "snappy business session over the coffee cups," then adjournment to Stewart's Bowling Alleys

[Abst.] Oct. 2, 1922, fall meeting, Mr. Matthews reported the conclusion of the membership campaign with 64 new members.
Voted to approve the formation of a chorus choir, the employment of a soloist (Mrs. Riggins) at 4 per Sunday and an organist (Mr. Kemmer) for the weekly rehearsal at 10 per Sunday.
Voted to accept with regret Mr. Hunt's resignation as Minister to take effect at a time agreed upon by the trustees. Voted to appoint a committee to secure a new Minister. Mr. Whittemore (Chairman), Mrs. Curry & Mr. Howe appointed.
Trustees elected: Mrs. S. G. Boyd, F. S. Howe & R. A. Campbell.

[Cal.] Oct.8/15, 1922. Miss Raida Osborne, Superintendent of Sunday School.

[Alli.] Oct.17, 1922, Alliance meeting, 27 present... appeals for contributions tosales in Charleston S.C. and Hyde Park, Mass - voted to send nothing. Letter was read from Boston on Prohibition literature being forwarded, method of distrib. left to Pres. - Ruth S. Brennan, Secy.

[Abst.] Oct. 22, 1922, trustees agreed that Mr. Hunt's last service would be Sunday Oct. 29.

[Alli.] Nov. 16, 1922 - Birds Christmas Carol cancelled; to get magician for children at Orthopedic Hosp.

[Abst.] Nov. 17, 1922, special meeting of the society. Voted to call a special meeting to consider a call to Rev. J. W. B. Day as Minister.

[Alli.] Nov. 21, 1922, 18 present ... coffee and cakes after

[Abst.] Dec. 1, 1922, special meeting of the society. Motion to call Mr. Day failed to secure the necessary ¾ affirmative vote.

[Alli.] Dec. 19, 1922, 35 at luncheon. Mrs Hunt reported losing a towel rack which cost 98 cents. Estim. for new linoleum in kitchem: $31.50. Purchase of new towel rack, linoleum, and mat for church porch o.k.'d Alliance to furnish dinner for annual meeting of church. To make articles needed by Mem. Hosp.

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[Abst.] Jan. 3, 1923,trustees elected Mr. Matthews Pres., Mr. Booth Treas. and Miss Swain Sec. Voted to accept Mr. Sloan's resignation as Trustee.

[Abst.] Jan. 8, 1923, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Disbursements:,Loans & interest452.00 
Balance  35.08
Voted to grant 100 to the Arkos Church in Transylvania.
Voted that the arrangement for Church Music, as voted at the meeting of Oct. 2, 1922, be continued through 1923.
Elected Mr. Priest as trustee for 2 years vice Mr. Sloan, resig.
Mr. Matthews announced the starting of an every-member-canvass and the envelope system for raising funds.
Sunday School recommended an appropriation of 200. for bus service. School now starts at 9:45 and from 10 to 20 pupils attend Church later. Has now 2 paid and 5 unpaid teachers. Payment necessary because not enough volunteers could be secured. Recommended an appropriation from the Church for expenses. Gave 25 toward redecoration of Parish House.
Unity Club, enrollment 15, gave to Church 25.
Laymen's League enrollment 38.
Women's Alliance redecorated Parish House, remodelled the kitchen and carpeted the Church. Gave to Church 200.

[U.C.] Pres. Donald Bartholomew, VP Mrs Margaret R Fuller [replaced by Miss Olive Johnson June 10,1923], Secy Mrs R.S.Tracey, Treas. Mr H.H.R.Spofford. 33 active members.

[Alli.] Jan.[16], 1923, lunch, 30 present. 62 paid members. Mr H.S. Cummings, Supt of State Bd of Health, talk on "Religion in Health"

[Alli.] Feb. 20, 1923, 10 present. Made for Orange Mem. Hosp.: 24 screen curtains, 7 kimonas, 35 tray covers. $25 to Unit. Pension Society. 3 aprons left for sale sent to fair for Isle of Shoals. Decided to put electricity in vestry and cloakroom and on church porch.

[U.C.] Feb.23, 1923, program under direction of Mr Bartholomew - burlesque of famous men of the present day: Edw. Aborn representing Lloyd George, Mr. Howe repr. Secy. Hughes, Mr Spofford repr. Dr. Grant, Mr Child repr. Mayor Hylan, Mr Battis repr "Old Soak." over 100 present.

[Alli.] Mar. 13, 1923, 12 present. Decided on request to serve suppers at Unity Club's monthly meetings - the Alliance to make any money possible. 10 cents per member for memorial to Mrs Davis.

[Abst.] Apr. 2, 1923, special meeting. Society voted to call Rev. F. H. Kent as Minister from May 1, 1923

[Alli.] Apr. 17, 1923. Electricity in the church, approx cost $68 (Alliance contributed $50). 18 present. Barrel sent to Shelter Neck, N.C. Sunday Sch. presented Miss Osborne with watch and purse. Appeal read for donation to fair in Ridgewood, N.J. - decided to send 2 aprons and 2 [?] left from our Fair. Voted $20 to support sending delegate to Young Peoples week at Isle of Shoals.
"A most interesting letter was read from Mrs. Chapak [Capek] in Prague, telling of her work and living conditions. She expressed a desire for American magazines to be sent her. Motion ... to take up collection towards fund for sending three magazines to Mrs Chapak, treasury to make up any deficit. carried."
Pres. Mrs. E.M. Brennan, VB Mrs R.A.Campbell, Secy Mrs. R.S.Tracy, Tr. Mrs Frank Curry

[U.C.] Apr. 27 & 28, 1923 - operetta The Princess Chrysanthemum - Summit Academy Orchestra, Dir. James A. Battis.

[Abst.] May 14, 1923, trustees voted installation service for Mr. Kent on Friday, Oct. 5.

[Alli.] May 18, 1923, 23 present. "Hi Y" committee of the YMCA - there had been weekly meetings but with smaller numbers than previously. After considerable discussion, decided not to hold strawberry festival in June. Took collection, $17 collect4ed. Decided send nothing to fair in Wheeling, W.Va.

[Alli.] May 18, 1923, typed report of Floirence L. Smith. ... Financial aid was given the Transylvania Fund. Two barrels of clothing were sent to our Southern schools ... Margaret Aborn has gone out in the field in the work of the Young Peoiple's Religious Union ... Miss Osborne ... superintending the Sunday School.
3 deaths: Mrs Hoffner, Mrs Sexton, Mrs Hartley. Moved away: Mrs Lewis, Mrs Sheldon, Miss Mirian Sheldon, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Fuller. Total membership 65, increase of nearly 100 percent in 2 years.
Sending to Mrs Capek: The Youth's Companion, Ladies Home Journal, House Beautiful, American Boy.

[Alli.] June 1923, Exec.Bd. ...Layman's Leaguebe asked to cooperate in Fair.

[U.C.] June 10, 1923, special meeting. Unity Club contributed $30 to expense of two delegates to Isles of Shoals. President reported on his visit to the Metropolitan Conference of Young People held in Philadelphia. "The Orange Church was reported to be the only society in the conf. district having no Young People's Union."

[SB] June 23, 1923 (Sat. 3 p.m.) Field Day, atheletic field of Cartaret Academy, corn. Central and Essex Ave; baseball, all ages and both sexes; track meet, "races may be run of 2 legs, 3 legs, and 'last legs'." contests of strength and skill: Broad Grin ... Throwing the Bull ... Passing the Buck (Special Event for Committee members); Admission by Smile Only; "The spirit of youth in this life of the church is the hope of the world."

[Abst.] Sep. 6, 1923, trustees accepted resignation of Mrs. Boyd as trustee.

[Alli.] Sep. 20, 1923 ... Mrs Wilmot reported that she had painted the stove. Write R.T. "recommending appointment of a new janitor with wife who could assist him." - Anna M. Tracy, Secy.

[Abst.] Sep. 24, 1923, trustees received report of music committee that a soloist was not necessary and that Mr. Decker be asked to continue to train the volunteer choir.

[U.C.] Sept. 30, 1923 - Pres. and VP resigned - Miss Cynthia Aborn chosen Pres, Miss Olga Dana VP

[Abst.] Oct. 1, 1923, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. Frank Curry, G.A. Whittemore and Harry Spofford for 3 years. Mrs. E. M. Brennan for 2 years.

[Abst.] Oct. 5, 1923, trustees. Mr. Matthews read letter to Mr. Decker of Oct. 1 and Mr. Decker's reply of Oct. 1. Mr. Decker said that he could not give time to weekday rehearsals of the choir and offered to resign if this was not satisfactory.

[Alli.] Oct.16, 1923, luncheon, 35 members present. Sunday School plans for the upper classes.... varied subjects will be presented by outside speakers... problems with the housekeeper...decided to pledge at least $300 toward the church deficit.

[U.C.] Nov. 1923 - film 'Nanook of the North' - "while waiting for adjustment of the moving picture machine we all enjoyed an old fashioned 'sing' led by Mr. Watson of the YMCA".

[Alli.] Nov.27,1923, 27 present... gifts of $50 from Mrs Williams and $24 from Mrs Oppenheim. Invitation from Mr.Kent to Alliance "to take charge of regular church service sometime in February. After considerable discussion the Alliance by a standing vote declined the invitation."
Appeals for contributions to Bazaars...decided to send articles only to western and southern branches. Mrs. Curry talk on Unitarian work in Transylvania ... letter from Mrs Capek...

[Alli.] Dec.18, 1923, 42 present. Social Service committee: 20 to 30 boys under direction of the Kiwanis Club of the Oranges met in the Parish House for Christmas and prepared Christmas gifts for 700 poor children.
Voted to increase pledge to church to $450.
Housekeeper empowered to buy an automatic door closer for men's cloakroom.
Mrs. Littledale talked on her personal experiences as a reporter for the N.Y. Evening Post and other newspapers.

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[Abst.] Jan. 2, 1924, trustees elected G. A. Whittemore Pres., B. C. Jutten Treas. & B. B. Priest Sec.

[SB] Jan.14,15,16, 1924 - announcement for film, Evolution, directed by Raymond L. Ditmars, Palace Theatre, 4 Main St, afternoons 35¢ evenings 50¢ - auspices of Orange Chapter, Unitarian Laymen's League.

[Alli.] Jan. 15, 1924, 27 present. Letter from...Mrs Capek. Mrs J.Shelby, talk on experiences in China and Japan.

[U.C.] Jan. 17, 1924 - Pres. Miss Jean Bartholomew, VP Mrs Malcolm Priest, Secy Mrs R.S. TRacey, Treas. Mr. H.H.R. Spofford. Talk by Mr. Kent on recent scientific deductions made by Dr. Loeb of the Rockefeller Inst. New Pres. gave "characteristic 'ginger talk' on plans for the coming year."

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1924, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,s:,Loans & interest1,059.00 
Balance  2.78
Revised by-laws adopted
Sunday school enrollment 30, average attendance 25. Asked for 300 in the 1924 budget.
Alliance gave to pension fund 25. Raised 425 by fair. Gave to Church 450.
Laymen's League presented film "Evolution" on Jan 14-16, 1924. Profit about 100.

[U.C.] Jan. 28, 1924 - "Instead of the regular January party about 30 members of the Unity Club attended a Potter-Straten debate after dinner at the Mary Warner Tea Room in New York."

[Alli.] Feb. 1924; 35 present... "Mr Kent is very desirous that the Christmas and Easter pageants be given each year by children of the church school and asks that the Alliance make and give costumes for these pageants to be kept as permanent equipment." (carried)
Miss Grace Colvin, Overseer of the Poor for East Orange, talk.

[U.C.] Feb. 14, 1924, progressive games.

[Alli.] Mar. 18, 1924 ... Mrs Bates, "What Women Should Know about Real Estate."

[Abst.] Mar. 31, 1924, trustees voted to send 100 to Arkos Church.
Voted to appropriate 150 for clerical services during 1924.
Voted to appropriate 50 for special music for rest of year.
Average attendance at church, Sept. to April, 66

[U.C.] Apr. 1, 1924, very severe snow storm - in spite of this about 30 gathered and played bridge and mah jong and danced.

[Abst.] Apr. 4, 1924, spring meeting.

[Alli.] Apr. 15, 1924. Loss of 12 members, addition of 13, total 66. Pres. Mrs Shelby, VP Mrs Campbell, Secy Mrs Tracy, Treas Mrs Curry.

[U.C.] Apr. 25, 1924, a comedy

[Alli.] May 13, 1924: 31 present. Not enough benefit to Society from sending delegate to Star Island conf. Talk by Miss Ellis of Newark Vocational Schools on "Homekeeping"

[U.C.] May 21, 1924, a farewell party in honor of Mr & Mrs Magill [instead of Lawn Party]

[Alli.] Sept. 1924 - based on canvass of members, with 36 answers rec'd and $325 pledged, decided on Fair Fund instead of Fair.

[U.C.] Sep.26,1924 - Mr Spofford resigned as Treas, repl by Mr Matthews

[Abst.] Oct. 7, 1924, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. G. C. Hiss, S. M. Bryant & H. M. Priest.

[Alli.] Oct. 21, 1924, 44 present.

[U.C.] Oct. 31, 1924, Hallowe'en party, 73 present, nearly everyone in costume ... volley ball game with balloons. polo game by men on kiddiekars. Honeymoon handicaps.

[Alli.] Nov. 16, 1924. "Miss Dudley, Chairman of the Unitarian Team in the Welfare Federation Drive reported that our team won all three badges: 1. For reporting every day; 2. For making their quota; 3. For largest increase over last year, collecting in all $761.70 ... our team has a hard section to cover, mostly occupied by foreigners."

[U.C.] Nov,28, 1924, play "His Last Legs" by Wm Bayle Bernard - proceeds to go to new curtains.

[Alli.] Dec. 1924: address by Major Maud Allan of Salvation Army HQ, Newark. Alliance bought curtains and carpet for Parish House.

[Abst.] Dec. 29, 1924, trustees elected G. A. Whittemore Pres., B. C. Jutten Treas. & R. A. Campbell Sec. Following a report of the music committee, voted to authorize the Committee to take up with Mr. Decker the question of giving time for rehearsals of the choir.

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[Abst.] Jan. 12, 1925, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,Loans & interest871.00 
Balance  70.07
Alliance aver. attendance 35. Gave to Church 300.
Eliot Club [established in 1924, a branch of the YPRU] enrollment, 17 active, 11 associate.
29 new members in 1924. Aver. Church attendance 64, compared with 72 in 1923.

[U.C.] 1925, Pres Miss Jean Bartholomew, VP Mrs H.M.Priest, Secy Miss Catherine Conradi, Treas. N.W.Perkins Jr.

[U.C.] Jan.22, 1925, letter from Oliver J. Matthews, offers as gift his payment for curtain above the $100 given by Unity Club--if he can produce another play without being involved in business end.

[Alli.] Feb. 1925 - guests included representatives from Elizabeth, Montclair and Summit, two directors of N.J. Associate Alliance, and National President.

[Alli.] Mar. 24, 1925 ... "Mme Capek of Prague then gave us a wonderful account of the work done by her husband and herself among the people of Czecko-Slovakia."

[SB] Mar.27, 1925, reception to Dr. & Mrs. Norbert F. Capek

[Abst.] Apr. 6, 1925, spring meeting.

[Alli.] Apr. 22, 1925. Pres. Mrs Campbell, VP Mrs Booth, Secy Mrs Roberts, Treas Mrs Curry ... Mrs Booth reported on the Orange Assoc. of Church Women.

[Abst.] Apr. 23, 1925, trustees voted to request the music committee to consider engaging a precentor to lead the singing.
Report of reception to Dr. Capek.

[Abst.] May 4, 1925, trustees voted to appropriate 25 toward the expenses of 2 delegates to Star Island.
Music Committee reported that they were unable to engage anyone as precentor unless he were given a contract for a full year.

[Alli.] May 1925, decided to have a Cheerful Letter Committee and an International Committee.
Decided to have Associate Members of the Alliance, not connected to the church.
To send Mme Capek: Youth's Companion, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, [Psychology?] - Grace Y. Roberts, Secy.

[SB] May 24, 1925, program, Elliot Club, Young Peoples Religious Union, 'Moses,' a pageant, from recently published play by Lawrence Langner,

[U.C.] 1925-26 officers: Pres Miss Jean Bartholomew, VP Mrs H.M. Priest, Secy Mrs E.M. Brennan, Treas N.W. Perkins

[Abst.] Sep. 21, 1925, trustees voted approval of plan for a preaching mission during the coming winter.

[Abst.] Oct. 5, 1925, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. W. H. Aborn, G. W. Booth & B. C. Jutten.
Voted to authorize the trustees to conduct a 4 day preaching mission at such times as may be agreed upon with the Laymen's League. Necessary to underwrite a sum of 200, 140 of which has been secured.

[Alli.] Oct. 1925 - Alliance asked to have a woman look after the children during church service.
Handkerchief to Berlin, Mass. for their fair.
Alliance pledged $400 to church.

[Abst.] Oct. 19, 1925, trustees accepted resignation of Mr. Decker as organist.
Music committee recommended that the Church engage an organist to develop a choir, with 1 rehearsal per week, and supervise the music in the Sunday School at a cost of 12 per week.

[U.C.] Oct.30, 1925 - Halloween Party, about 80 present in costume. Volley Ball with Ballloons, cracker eating contest. Bobbing for apples. Walk through the ghostly cellar.

[Alli.] Nov. 1925 - sewing done for Memorial and Homeopathic Hospitals. Red Cross plea for knitting of sweaters for disabled soldiers - several volunteers.
In Welfare Federation Drive, Unitarian Church workers "over the top," collecting $827.50.

[Alli.] Dec.15, 1925 - decided to pack a box of books for primary school in isolated sawmill camp in Arkansas.
Rev. Eliz. Padgham of Rutherford - "Spiritual Nurture of the Child."

[Abst.] Dec. 21, 1925, trustees voted thanks to Mr. Dormitzer for the gift of two pictures.

[Abst.] Dec. 30, 1925, trustees elected G. W. Booth Pres., W. Shakespeare, Treas. & H. M. Priest Sec.
Suggested that the paving assessment of 450 be paid in 3 years at 150 per year.

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[Abst.] Jan. 11, 1926, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,Loans & interest1,153.00 
Balance  8.69
Voted to extend the preaching mission to 5 days.
4 new members in 1925.
Average attendance at Church 68.
Church school enrollment 6 teachers & officers and 45 pupils. The buses transport 25 children.
Eliot Club hung a picture of Dr. C[harles] W. Eliot, the gift of G. A. Whittemore. Club was host at the fall rally of the Metropolitan Federation.
Alliance average attendance 39. Gave to Church 400 and to Pension Society 25.

[Alli.] Jan. 1926, Exec/Bd. "Voted that the children's hour on Sunday be dispensed with until further consideration."

[Abst.] Feb. 1, 1926, trustees voted to accept offer of E. Aborn to write a history of the Church provided the Church pay for printing.

[Alli.] Feb. 1926 - N.Y.League raising funds to buy the Capeks a car. This church has already contributed.
Notice of joint dinner with Laymen's League to be Mar.16.

[U.C.] Feb.26, 1926 - "cooperation and interest in club activities appeared to be steadily decreasing." Mr Kent was speaker of the day - "What O'Clock in Religion?"

[Alli.] Mar. 1926 - letter and explanatory booklet about the Friendly Links was received ... Committee ...thought it a good work for the Eliot Club ...

[Alli.] Mar. 16, 1926 - Parish Dinner under the auspices of the Women's Alliance and Laymen's League ... dinner served to almost 100 by the Maplewood Group ... guests Russel Kingman cellisr and Carl Rupprecht baritone. Harold A. Littledale of the N.Y.Times talked on experiences in the far north.

[Abst.] Apr. 5, 1926, spring meeting.
Mr. Kent reported on the preaching mission by Rev. V. T. Pomeroy on 5 evenings Jan. 17-21. Average attendance 130.
22 new members received at Easter.
Church School enrollment 51 pupils. Average attendance since Sept., 39½

[U.C.] Apr.23,1926, "Old Fashioned Social Evening" - directed by Edward Aborn - old time sings and dances presented in costume, then general dancing, incl. lancers, polka and schottische, foxtrot and twostep. large attendance.

[Alli.] Apr. 1926 - 442 articles completed for Mem. and Homeo. hospitals $15 for Capeks car voted. Pres Mrs. Frederic H. Town; VP Mrs Harold A Littledale; Sec Mrs Charles B Roberts; Treas Mrs Frank Curry.

[Abst.] May 3, 1926, trustees voted to borrow 500 at 6% to pay the paving assessment. Voted to appropriate 25 toward the expenses of a delegate to Star Island.

[Alli.] May 18, 1926 - "After much discussion ... decided [to] give less money to the Church next year and instead use the money we make to improve the Kitchen and add to our equipment." "...Mrs Booth be allowed to go ahead and have cupboards built in the kitchen, also purchase Table Cloths."

[U.C.] June 14, 1926: 1926/27 officers: Pres. Mrs. Mayberry Bryant, VP Raymond Ashley, Secy Miss Eleanor Conradi, Treas Miss Constance Langley.

[Abst.] Oct. 4, 1926, trustees elected: Mrs. H. A. Littledale, S. V. Brook and A L. Brownrigg.

[Alli.] Oct. 1926. Chronicle Press printed the cards for the Fair Fund without cost. Voted to disregard appeal for handkerchief for Hyde Park Branch.

[U.C.] Oct.26, 1926, Hallowe'en party, all guests arrived tastefully draped in pillow cases and sheets...

[Alli.] Nov. 16, 1926. Despite heavy rain storm, 39 present - including delegates from Summit, Elizabeth and Montclair. Speaker Miss Stella P. Beard, on work in Swansboro. Pledge $250 to church.

[Alli.] Dec. 1926. Mrs Dorothy Carmen of Maplewood - talk "Substitutes for Joining"

[U.C/] annual Christmas dance

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[Abst.] Jan. 1, 1927, trustees elected G. W. Booth Pres., W. M. Shakespeare Treas. and H. M. Priest Sec.

[Abst.] Jan.10, 1927, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,Loans & interest716.03 
Balance  574.08
A motion to notify Mr. Kent of the termination of his contract as Minister at the end of 6 months was lost, 11 yeas, 31 noes, 3 blanks.
Church school enrollment 7 teachers & officers, 41 pupils. Gave to Church 65.26.
Eliot Club enrollment 35. Gave to Church 15.
Alliance enrollment 56, average attendance 47. Gave table in vestry. Gave to Church 250.
19 new members in 1926

[Abst.] Jan. 24, 1927, continuation of annual meeting.

[U.C.] Jan.27,1927, motion picture on making of the telephone. Mr.Bell, in costume, retailed Scotch anecdotes.

[Alli.] Feb. 1927 - motion carried "that we pay church deficit if we have sufficient money.". Speaker, Mr. Waitstill H. Sharp, Sec.Dept.of R.E., AUA, on "What is Religious Education?"

[U.C.] Feb. 1927, card party.

[Alli.] Mar. 1927 - joint Parish Dinner - Women's Alliance and Laymen's League.

[Abst.] Apr. 4, 1927, spring meeting.
Laymen's League advertised sermons of March 6 and 13.

[Alli.] Apr. 1927 - made about 300 articles for the hospital. $55.80 in Swansboro Fund. Renew Youth's Companion and [Psychology?] for the Capeks.
Pres. Mrs Frederick H. Town, VP Mrs William Shakespeare, Sec Mrs Charles B. Roberts, Treas. Mrs Ernest J. Child.

[U.C.] Apr.1927, party cancelled on account of death of Mrs Ashley

[Alli.] May 1927. Death of member Mrs Dudley noted. $10 to booth at Hotel Commodore for distr.of Unitarian lit.

[U.C.] May 1927, "Pop Concert" - M.C. Edw. Aborn - songs written for occasion by Mr. Aborn - also wrote and directed several sketches given by members of the Elliot Club - a little play 'The Toy Shop' was presented by the younger children. Professional talent were Mrs Wilson as reader and Mr. Calder, the soloist of the Disciples of Christ Church. Refreshments served by girls of the Elliot Club.

[Abst.] Sep. 1, 1927, trustees received letter from Mr. Kent stating that he wished to accept an offer from the Fiscal Service Corp. Voted leave of absence to Mr. Kent for Sept. on condition that he fill the pulpit for that month.

[Abst.] Sep. 16, 1927, trustees voted to accept resignation of Nelson Sears as janitor effective Sept. 30 and to recommend a Gratuity of 20 per month effective Oct. 1.
Voted to request Mr. Booth to arrange a reception to Mr. & Mrs. Kent.

[Abst.] Sep. 21, 1927, special meeting, society voted to accept resignation of Mr. Kent as of Oct. 1, 1927.

[Abst.] Oct. 3, 1927, fall meeting.
Voted to pay to Nelson Sears a gratuity of 20 per month from Oct. 1, 1927, unless otherwise ordered by the Church.
Trustees elected: Mrs. Walter Dormitzer, V. G. Hartman and Emmons White for 3 years and Edward Aborn for 2 years vice Mr. Brownrigg, deceased.

[Alli.] Oct. 18, 1927 (Adrianne G. Hiss, Secy. filling Mrs Roberts' term) Church School: great need for additional bus service.

[Alli.] Nov. 22, 1927. "A review of the misunderstanding which arose at the rummage sale between the synagogue women and our group...&quopt; [re amount due] [adjusted, Dec., paid them $15].
New Orleans to be sent a handkerchief.

[Alli.] Dec. 1927 - church school - activities with a poor family at Christmas

[Abst.] Dec. 19, 1927, trustees voted to appoint a committee to arrange for a social meeting for Mr. & Mrs. Loughran on Wed., Jan. 4, 1928.

[Alli.] Dec. 29, 1927 - schedule for 2-week stay of ministerial candidate Joseph Loughran and wife and infant daughter.

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[Abst.] Jan. 1, 1928, trustees elected G. W. Booth Pres. and Mrs. H. A. Littledale Sec. Election of Treasurer postponed.
Voted to call a special meeting of the society on Jan.9, and to recommend the election of Mr. Loughran.

[Abst.] Jan. 8, 1928, trustees elected S. M. Gryant Treasurer.

[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1928, annual meeting. Treasurer's report: Expenditures 6,533.
Sunday School, 8 teachers, 45 pupils.
Alliance enrollment 47. Gave to Church 150.

[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1928, special meeting following the annual meeting. Voted to call Mr. Loughran as Minister effective Jan. 16, 1928.

[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1928, trustees voted to accept resignation of Mrs. Littledale as trustee.

[Abst.] Jan. 27, 1928, trustees elected Mrs. Conradi as trustee vice Mrs. Littledale.
Voted to appoint a committee on recedorating the Church.
(Mrs. Dormitzer apparently elected Sec. No record in minutes.)

[Abst.] Feb. 5, 1928, society voted resolution on death of W. H. Aborn.

[Alli.] Feb. 21, 1928 - new silver for kitchem $40.35. Card party raised $47.75. "Appeal for old gold and silver for a melting pot."

[Alli.] Mar.20, 1928, joint meeting with Men of the Church. Plates, cover charge $1.25. Speaker Mr Loughran.

[Abst.] Mar. 18, 1928, trustees voted to recommend to society an expenditure of not over 1,200 for Church decoration.

[Abst.] Apr. 2, 1928, spring meeting. Society voted to authorize the trustees to redecorate the Church at cost of not over 1,500. Mr. McArthur, organist, resigned effective Apr. 15. Succeeded by Mr. Clarence Wells.

[Alli.] Apr. 17, 1928. Mrs Loughran "gave an intimate review of the life of a student at Oxford."
Pres. Mrs. Charles B. Roberts, VP Mrs William Shakespeare, Sec Mrs G. Crosby Hiss, Treas. Mrs Ernest T. Child.

[Alli.] May 15, 1928 .. subscription to the usual magazines for Madam Capek. Speaker Mrs. George W. Whittemore, "The prize garden design for the year of N.Y. Botanical Society."

[Abst.] May 23, 1928, Monday, installation of Mr. Loughran as Minister.

[Abst.] Sep. 17, 1928, trustees received report that Church decoration had cost 1,432.82. Special pledges amounted to 1480.

[Abst.] Oct. 1, 1928, fall meeting.
Trustees elected: Mrs. R. A. Campbell, Mr. McCann & Mr. Osgood.
Mr. Loughran reported the start of a Bible Class on Tuesday evenings in October led by Mr. Richardson. Also Sunday evening services to be led by Mr. Robinson, Mr. Weirs and Mr. Simons. The Sunday School has 2 professional teachers.

[Alli.] Oct 16, 1928 - luncheon...assisted by the South Orange Group.

[Alli.] Nov. 20, 1928, play "Joint Owners in Spain" - Mrs. Whittemore, Shakespeare, Brook and Priest.
Mrs C.B. Roberts resigned as Pres. VP Mrs Shakespeare accepted duties of Pres.
Christmas check of $5 to Nelson Sears.

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[Abst.] Jan. 2, 1929, trustees elected Victor Brook Pres., S. M. Bryant Treas. and Mrs. Dormitzer Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 14, 1929, annual meeting. Treasurer's report (not including redecoration account)
Expenditures,Loans & interest565.17 
Deficit  342.51
Sunday School enrollment, 6 teachers, 51 pupils.
Alliance gave 200 to Church & 100 to decoration account.

[Alli.] Jan. 14, 1929. Memorial tablet for Mr. Nathan L. Handy to be unveiled at Feb. meeting.
Steps be taken to install poles in ladies' dressing room upon which coats could be hung--necessitate tearing out many of the boxes now there.
Voted to send $200 toward church deficit of $950.
speaker Bishop Paul Jones on "Peace"

[Abst.] Jan. 25, 1929, trustees voted to install an electric blower for the organ at a cost 325. and accepted with thanks Mr. John Dailey's offer of 250 toward the expense.

[Alli.] Feb. 19, 1929, Singer Sewing Machine Co. would supply machines for all-day sewing meeting.

[Alli.] Mar.19, 1929, all-day sewing meeting, with ten power machines, 19 in attendance; 400 articles finished.

[Abst.] Mar. 30, 1929, trustees accepted Mr. Hartman's resignation as trustee.

[Abst.] Apr. 1, 1929, spring meeting.
A memorial tablet to Mr. N L. Handy, gift of the Alliance, was unveiled Feb. 19.
Attendance at Easter 131.
Advertising in New York papers by Metropolitan Conference for 10 Sundays. From the first 2 there were 5 requests for information from the Oranges. A special collection raised 54.58 for the expense of this project.

[Alli.] Apr.16, 1929, "suggested that Mrs. Littledale be asked to send copy of her magazine 'Children' to Mme Capek."
Pres. Mrs Shakespeare, VP Mrs Schuman, Sec. Mrs Bertha Hammer Lindsley, Tr. Mrs Hiss

[Abst.] Sep. 16, 1929, trustees elected Irvin Roman as Supt. of S. School. (Mr. V.N.DeLameter attended this meeting and evidently had been elected trustee to succeed Mr. Hartman but there is no entry in the minutes to this effect)

[Abst.] Oct. 7, 1929, fall meeting.
Mr. Loughran reported that the Sunday School bus had been discontinued at an annual saving of 600.
Trustees elected: Mrs. E. P. Totman, B. B. Priest & B. C. Jutten

[Alli.] Oct.15, 1929 -- 39 att. talk on militarism in education.

[Alli.] Nov.12, 1929 -- Exec.Bd at Mrs. Hiss's , Watchung Ave, Bloomfield.

[Alli.] Nov. 19, 1929 - Miss Estelle Barker of the Educational Dept of Reids Ice Cream plant - talk on ways of serving attractive desserts easily.

[Alli.] Dec. 1929 -- usual XMas check of $5 to Nelson Sears. Welfare Drive team raised 50 percent over quota.

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[Abst.] Jan. 4, 1930, trustees accepted Mrs. Dormitzer's resignation as Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 5, 1930, trustees elected B. C. Jutten Pres., H. M. Priest Treas. & Mrs. R. A. Campbell Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 13, 1930, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Sunday School enrollment, 31. Aver. attendance since summer, 21. Elimination of bus has reduced attendance and increased tardiness. Gave to Church 25.
Alliance gave to Church 200 and to decoration fund 100.

[Jan. 18, 1930, note from Elizabeth Loughran to Mrs. Lindslay, thanks for flowers sent to hospital.]

[Alli.] March 1930 meeting omitted because of death of the pastor's wife [Mar.17]

[Abst.] Apr. 1, 1930, trustees received report that 685. had been raised toward a fund for the expense of Mrs. Loughran's illness.

[Abst.] Apr. 7, 1930, spring meeting.

[Alli.] Apr. 1930 - 275 articles made for hosp. [special sewing meeting Apr. 8, Singer Sewing Mach.Co. contributed the machines]
contributions to.. Minister Pension Fund 25.00, southern schools 10.00, Bronx Free Fellowship 15.00, Mrs. Capek's mafazines 13.95 (also Reader's Digest, gift of Mrs Matthews).
Pres. Mrs.Totman, VP Mrs Schuman, Sec Mrs Grace Y. Roberts, Tr Mrs Hiss.

[Alli.] ...plans for a Mrs Shakespeare's farm...

[Abst.] Sep. 23, 1930, trustees voted that the advertising committee be authorized to continue the newspaper advertising at 3. per Sunday for the rest of the year.

[Abst.] Oct. 6, 1930, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. C. R. Roberts, Van Ness DeLameter and G. W. Booth.
Voted resolution on the death of Edward Aborn.

[Alli.] Nov. 18, 1930. ... For the jewelry, Mrs Bryant reported that the first 100 pieces had been sold. Speaker on "Reconciliation Trips" made in NYC.

[Alli.] Dec. 1930 Exec.Bd, "discussed the unemployment work going on in the church."

[Alli.] Dec.16, 1930, Alliance meeting. $5 to Nelson Sears. Mr. Loughran spoke of his experiences in Liberia.

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[Abst.] Jan. 6, 1931, trustees elected B. C. Jutten Pres., F. Curry Treas. and Mrs R. A. Campbell Sec.
Mr. Osgood's election as trustee was vacated because he had not qualified for membership.

[Abst.] Jan. 12, 1931, annual meeting. Treasurer's report, Expenditures, 6,719.02
Alliance gave to Church 250. and to repair fund 123.84.
Sunday School enrollment 34.

[Abst.] Feb. 10, 1931, trustees elected F. S. Howe trustee vice Mr. Osgood.

[Alli.] Feb. 17, 1931, notice of death of Anna G. Spencer in Unitarian Newsletter. $15 to Bronx Free Fellowship. Week of the Blind included a Unitarian Day [last year also].

[Abst.] Mar. 10, 1031, trustees voted to accept gift of 2 candlesticks from Mr. Loughran as memorial to Mrs. Loughran.

[Abst.] Apr. 13, 1931, spring meeting. Ratified election of Mr. Howe as trustee.

[Abst.] May 5, 1931, trustees voted to appropriate 350 for repairs.

[Alli.] May 1931 - voted to discontinue rummage sale. Mrs. Oppenheim offered her summer house at Budd Lake for a picnic.

[Alli.] Sep.21, 1931 - 29 present.

[Abst.] Oct. 5, 1931, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. Victor Brook, F. S. Howe and B. Aborn 2nd.
Letter read from Mr. Loughran presenting his resignation as Minister effective Oct.31. Referred to trustees with power.

[Abst.] Oct.20, 1931, trustees accepted Mr. Loughran's resignation.

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[Abst.] Jan. 5, 1932, trustees elected B. C. Jutten Pres., F. Curry, Treas. & Mrs. C. B. Roberts Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 11, 1932, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Voted to call Rev. E. D. Johnson as minister with details of contract left to trustees. (Later made effective Feb. 1.)
Young peoples group and Sunday School disbanded.
Average Church attendance in 1931 less than 50, compared with 60 in the latter half of 1930. Advertising found ineffective.

[Abst.] Feb. 9, 1932, trustees elected Girard Lindsley trustee vice Mr. DeLamater deceased.

[Abst.] Apr. 4, 1932, spring meeting, ratified election of Mr. Lindsley as trustee to Dec. 31, 1933.

[Abst.] Aug. 2, 1932, special meeting of the trustees to discuss means to surmount an apparent deficit of 1,000 for the year. Members of the Board agreed to a special personal canvass of such former subscribers as might be assigned to them. Voted reduction in pay to organist & janitor and appointed committee to determine whether the gratuity to Nelson Sears could be shifted to the Old Age Pension fund.

[Abst.] Sep. 20, 1932, trustees voted to reduce the gratuity to Nelson Sears from 20 to 10 per month for Oct. & Nov. & Dec. without commitment thereafter.
Mr. Johnson suggested (1) use of a fund "mile of pennies" (2) increase in Church attendance (3) transportation for members from a distance.

[Abst.] Oct. 3, 1932, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. Walter Dormitzer, S. M. Bryant and H. M. Priest.

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[Abst.] Jan. 3, 1933, trustees elected F. S. Howe, Pres., F. Curry, Treas. and Mrs. C. B. Roberts Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 9, 1933, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,Loans & interest504.32 
Balance  60.06
Notes outstanding 550.00
The treasurer reported that the deficit was largely reduced by a gift of 350. from Mrs. Williams in memorial to her sister Mrs. Frank Curry.
Report of the Minister very favorably received. Mr. Matthews offered to defray expense of printing.
Alliance gave to Church 300.
Sunday School gave to Church 25.
Treas. reported the disbursement of an anonymous gift for the purchase of an automobile for the Minister.

[Abst.] Apr. 10, 1933, spring meeting. Mr. Johnson read a list of memorials to the Church, with the names of the donors.

[Abst.] List of gifts to the Church, with names of donors and dates of minutes in which gifts were reported. Based on a list read to the Church by Rev. E. D. Johnson, April 10, 1933.
Date of MinutesGiftDonor
Dec. 6, 18911 tankard
1 baptismal bowl
2 plates
South Congregational Church, Boston, Rev. Edward Everett Hale, Minister
Dec. 6, 18911 cupMiss Lydia W. Dutton
Dec. 6, 18911 cupMiss Mary M. Dutton
Dec. 6, 1891 as of Oct. 4, 18911 communion cupIn loving memory of Elias T. Milliken and Emily M. Milliken by their daughter Emily Jose Hale (Mrs. Edward Hale)
May 7, 18931 communion table
2 chairs
Mrs. Sarah S. Hooper, Boston
Mar. 18, 1895$25. for bookcaseSecond Branch Alliance, Boston
Mar. 18, 1895$25. for booksSecond Congregational Church Alliance
Apr. 13, 1904Parish House (and window)Mrs. N. L. Handy as memorial to Mr. Handy
Dec. 15, 19131 tree box
1 umbrella stand
Mr. J. M. Fiske
Dec. 15, 1913Window chainsMr. Heath
May 4, 1914PulpitMr. W. H. Aborn as memorial to his Mother, Mrs. Margaret Aborn
Jan. 15, 1915Reliefs in Parish HouseMemorial to Miss Ella Swan
Oct. 4, 1915Picture of Henry F. HitchMiss Sylvia Hitch and other members of the family
May 1, 1916AcousticonMr. J. A. E. Stewart
Mar. 27, 1917Standard for flagMr. J. M. Fiske
Apr. 2, 1918Portrait of W.H.TaftMen's Club
Dec. 13, 1920Hymn BooksAnonymous
Jan. 10, 1921Flag for Sunday SchoolJunior Alliance
Jan. 18, 1921Bulletin BoardMrs. Matthews
Dec. 21, 19252 picturesMr. Dormitzer
Jan. 11, 1926Picture of C.W.EliotMr. G. A. Whittemore
Jan. 10, 1927Vestry tableWomen's Alliance
Apr. 1, 1929Memorial tablet to Mr. N. L. HandyWomen's Alliance
Mar. 10, 19322 candlesticksRev. J. S. Loughran as memorial to Mrs. Loughran
Jan. 9, 1933$350Mrs. Williams as memorial to her Sister Mrs. Frank Curry
Jan. 8, 1934Hearing deviceMr. O. J. Matthews
Oct.1, 1934Hearing deviceMr. & Mrs. Matthews

Other gifts noted by Mr. Johnson but not reported in the minutes.
FontWilliam & Lena Patterson in memory of their infant children.
Hymn boardMrs. W. H. Aborn in memory of her husband.
Brass vaseMrs. Thomas Chubb
Tablet in memory of Mr. Edward AbornEliot Club
Tablet in memory of her Husband and SonMrs. Van Ness De Lameter
Picture of Rev. Edward HaleMiss Anna Chamberlain's Sunday School class
Small silver pitcher?
Plate for communion glassesMrs. Margaret Aborn
Picture in Parish HouseMemorial to Miss Ella Swan
Large BibleMrs. Margaret Aborn in memory of Rev. Mr. Camp.

[Abst.] Oct. 2, 1933, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Miss Mabel Dowse, Miss Marian Holbrook and Girard Lindsley.

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[Abst.] Jan. 8, 1934, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,notes & interest172.34 
Balance  36.83
Voted thanks to Mr. Matthews for the gift of a new hearing device.
Alliance gave to Church 200.
Young People's Society gave to Church 30.

[Abst.] Jan. 19, 1934, trustees elected F. S. Howe Pres., F. Curry Treas. and Miss M. B. Dowse Sec.
Voted to accept resignation of H. M. Priest as trustee.

[Abst.] Feb. 23, 1934, trustees voted to recommend to Church the installation of new equipment for heating the Church & Parish House.

[Abst.] Apr. 5, 1934, trustees received from Mr. Hunt an explanation of the terms on which a loan could be secured from the Building Loan Fund of AUA for the installation of a new heating system.

[Abst.] Apr. 9, 1934, spring meeting.
Elected E. P. Totman trustee vice H. M. Priest.
Voted to authorize the trustees to renovate the heating plant of the Church & Parish House at a cost of not over 1,250. Voted to apply to building Loan Fund for a loan of not over 1,500 without interest, repayable 20% per year.
Voted to authorize the trustees to solicit special subscriptions to reduce the amount of the loan required for the above reapirs.

[Abst.] Apr. 15, 1934, trustees elected B. C. Jutten Asst Treas. Voted that F. Curry, Treas., B. C. Jutten, Asst. Treas. and F. S. Howe, Pres., or any two of them, shall be the officers authorized to sign checks, notes, drafts, etc. against the account of the Church.

[Abst.] May 27, 1934, trustees received report that repair work on the heating plant and organ could be done for about 500. Authorized. Authorized special solicitation of funds for this work.

[Abst.] Sep. 23, 1934, trustees received report on repairs: Total cost 650. Subscriptions received 300. Voted to ask Building Loan Fund for 350. and authorized 5 members of the Board to sign note,

[Abst.] Oct. 1, 1934, fall meeting. Voted approval of action of trustees in conduct of repair work. Voted thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Matthews for the installation of a new hearing device.

[Abst.] Oct, 21, 1934, trustees voted approval of a plan for a "vistation" campaign to secure active participation in Church activities and attendance on the part of those who had recently signified interest in the Church.

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[Abst.] Jan. 14, 1935, annual meeting. Treasurer's report:
Expenditures,notes & interest125.41 
Balance  40.06
Indebtedness 600.00
Voted resolution on the death of Mrs. Helen T. Durand.
Voted approval of a budget comparable with the one of 1934 on condition that trustees be authorized to deduct from the salary of theMinister a sum not to exceed 20% of each monthly payment until such time as the pledges for the year justify paying the same amount as last year.
Voted that the collection plate be passed for 3 months.
Trustees elected: Miss Raida Osborn, G. W. Booth & B. C . Jutten.
Alliance enrollment 47. Active members 18. Gave to Churvh 200.
Sunday School gave to Church 3.30.

[Abst.] Jan. 14, 1935, trustees elected B. C. Jutten Pres., Girard Lindsley Treas. and Miss Dowse Sec.

[Abst.] Jan. 21, 1935, trustees received resignation of B. C. Jutten as President and trustee. Voted to lay on table.

[Abst.] Apr. 1, 1935, spring meeting.
Voted to continue Sunday collections for the rest of the year.
Voted to take steps to enroll in the Free Church Fellowship.
Voted that the members be invited to participate in discussions outlined by the Commission of Appraisal.

[Abst.] Sep. 30, 1935, trustees approved action of Mr. Jutten in placing valuable Church records in his personal safe deposit box for safe keeping.

[Abst.] Oct. 7, 1935, fall meeting. Trustees elected: Mrs. R. A. Campbell, Clarence Webber and E. P. Totman.

[Abst.] Dec. 15, 1935, trustees as a result of a recommendation by Mr. Booth voted to reduce the insurance on the Church property.
Trustees elected B. C. Jutten Pres., G. W. Booth Acting Pres., Hirard Lindsley Treas. and Miss Dowse Sec.

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[Min.] Jan. 13, 1936, annual meeting. Treasurer's report for 1935 called attention to success of Sunday collections; closed year with all bills paid (including $210 carried over from 1934). Budget of $4000 adopted.

[Min.] Mar. 30, 1936, authorized payments to AUA $50, Pension Society $15, Metro. conf. $10; $25 for Mr.Johnson's travel to AUA annual meeting; authorized Mr Johnson to select two lay delegates to AUA meeting.

[Min.] Apr. 6, 1936, spring meeting. Whether to discuss report of Appraisal Commission at trustees meetings with invitation to church members, or at forums after services, left open. New roof on souh of church bldg needed, est cost $129.

[Min.] May 26, 1936, Pres. authorized to accept bid on repairs to plastering in ceiling of parish house. Final service before summer to be June 21, first service in fall to be Sept 13.

[Min.] Sept.25,1936, salaries for Aug. and a $70 installment due AUA not yet paid; voted to give salaries priority. Need $500 more tobalance budget. Voted to allow music club use of parish house Monday evenings in winter at $2 per evening.

[Min.] Oct.5,1936, fall meeting. Revised membership list to be posted for review. Elected as trustees: Mrs. F. E. Town, Benj. Aborn 2d, Mr B.B.Priest. Treas. rept: total expenditures $2509; deficit $129.

[Min.] Dec. 11, 1936. Voted to reduce fire ins. on ch. from $18,000 to $15,000. Revised membership list adopted (115 names). Voted to giveMr.Homans, the janitor, $5 for Christmas. Agreed to ask AUA for stencilled names & addresses of ministers, and to write them asking for names of Unitarians known to have moved to this vicinity. Voted to pay $5 for Wayside Pulpit. Board elected Pres. Mr. Jutten, tem Mr. Booth, Secy.Mr.Priest, Treas. Mr. Lindsley.

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[Min.] Jan. 11, 1937, annual meeting. Treas. Rept: expenditure $3.539, deficit $61. Adopted budgetd of $3825. Ch. dues to Metro.Conf. to be $15; Women's Alliance to be entitled to a Director on the Board. Mr. Jutten reported on meeting of Mr. Joy, Exec V-P of AUA, with the trustees et al. Treasurer authorized to borrow up to $1000. Women's Alliance, 35 active members, exec. comm.of 15; hosted state meeting of NJ Associate Alliance last April, with 156 members & guests; gave $200 to church.

[Min.] Jan. 24, 1937, special trustees meeting; accepted Girard Lindsley's resignation as Treasurer; elected Benj. Aborn 2nd in his place.

[Min.] Mar.15, 1937, special trustees meeting. Voted to pay Mr. Johnson's expenses in attending Metro. Conf. meetings for the year. Approved $15 contrib. to U. Service Pension Society, and $50 to AUA.

[Min.] Apr. 5,1937, spring meeting. Signature of either the Treasurer or the President to be sufficient on church checs. Delegates to May AUA meeting to be Mr, E.P. Totman, Mrs E.P. Totman, & Mr B.C.Jutten; instructed to vote for Dr. Fred M. Eliot for AUA Pres.

[Min.] June 3, 1937. Last service before summer to be June 20, opening service in fall Sept.12. Appropriate not over $10 for special music for June 20.

[Min.] Sept.27, 1937, trustees. Treas. rept noted $278 must be raised to meet budget. Voted $70 due AUA Sept.23 to be paid.

[Min.] Oct.4, 1937, fall meeting. Ways & Means Comm. reported indebtedness stood at $365, being taken down at $50 per year. Rev. Johnson reported ... Sun. Sch. still a problem; suggested group meeting every Sun. night for denominational & religious studies; appealed for more support for Red Cross meetings. Elected trustees: Mrs. G.P. Swaine and Mr. Gustave Becker. Miss Dana suggested group to learn hymns and make the service more enjoyable.

[Min.] Dec.20,1937. Treasurer instructed to pay: $5 to renew Wayside Pulpit subscription; $5 Christmas present to janitor; $15 dues to Metro. Conf. of Free Churches; pay off note of $225 at Orange 2nd Nat'l Bank. Adopted as official list of members dated Nov.1,1937. Thanks to Mr. Jutten for preparing abstract of the minutes from 1890-1935.

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[Min.] Jan. 3, 1938. Trustees elected Mr. B.B. Priest Pres., Mr. Aborn Treas. and Mrs. Mary B. Swain Secy. Preparation of 1938 budget left to Mr.Priest, Mr. Aborn, &. Mr. Howe.

[Min.] Jan.10, 1938. Annual meeting. Treasurer's and Ways & Means Comm. report: expenses $3788, surplus $67; all interest-bearing loans retired; only debt remaining is $140 to AUA without interest. Proposed budget of $3700 amended by taking $15 from travel and adding $10 to AUA fund and $5 to Metro.Conf; then passed. Elected Mr. Louis B. Dailey trustee. Prtoposal for joint concert to raise funds for music referred to music committee. Treas. empowered to buy one copy of the new hymn book for $1.25, for members to evaluate. (Detailed report of Womens Alliance, incl. note of correspondence with Madame Capek.)

[Min.] Mar. 21, 1938. Voted that music committee talk to Mr. Wells about his intention to be absent Easter and request he provide substitute. Music committee authorized to canvass members of church for subscriptions for new hymnals. Mr. Johnson's suggestion for more frequent trustees meetings approved in general.

[Min.] Apr. 4, 1938, spring meeting. Rev. Johnson suggested that three business meetings per year was more than necessary, suggested two business meetings and two social meetings. Canvas showed 56 copies of new hymnal subscribed for and three purchased. Discussion of need to repair organ. Matters of hymnals and organ referred to the trustees.

[Min.] May 3, 1938. Mr. Totman, chair of H&G reptd that Wayside Pulpit sign would be repaired and painted, and lawn would be looked at by a gardner. Membership chair reported that Mr. Adolph Breschel, 19 Webster Pl, Orange, had signed Voted to auth. Mr.Priest & Mrs. Swain to appoint delegates to May meeting. Last service before summer to be June 26, first in fall Sept.11 or Sept.18. Music chair Mrs. Towne reptd min.cost to repair organ would be $150; Mr Griffith had agreed to loan Hammond organ & organist May 11; new Hammond ogan would cost $1300 after allowing $100 for present organ. Voted not to buy new hymnals or new organ at this time, and not to repair present organ until absolutely necessary.

[Min.] May 15, 1938, special meeting of church, authorized trustees to appoint delegates to May 22-28 AUA meeting. Letters of thanks to Griffith Piano Co. for use of its electric organ at May 11 musicale, and to performers.

[Min.] Sept.7, 1938. Mrs. Swain resigned as Sec., Louis B. Dailey elected in her stead. Discussion of letter Mr Jutten proposed to send to members over his personal signature concerning the condition of the church and its lessening influence. Mr. Priest instructed to invite Mr Jutten to attend special trustees meeting. Mrs Campbell appointed chair of Nominating Comm.

[Min.] Sept.15,1938. Trustees met with Mr Jutten; generalagreement with him as to facts; Mr J willing to refrain from sending letter if Board wished to take initiative; discussion of form and contents of notice of Fall meeting. Mr J. offered to write AUA to learn cost of making survey of the church.

[Min.] Sept.18,1938. Trustees approved draft of notice of Fall meeting. John Heller of Wilton CT had signed church roster; membership appreoved. Notice of Fall meeting: "... the Church is not increasing its activities and influence and may possibly be losing ground ... some action should be taken now. ... one suggestion ... is that AUA be asked to make a survey of the condition of hour Ch. and to submit recommendations..."

[Min.] Oct.3,1938. Fall meeting. Elected as trustees Miss Osborn and Miss Dana. Mrs. Campbell, chair of Nomin. Comm. reptd unable to find any suitable man willing to serve as trustee; Mr.Priest said Bd. would dill vacancy subj. to confirmation at later ch.mtg. After discussion, voted 20 to 5 to instruct Bd.of Trustees to request AUA to conduct survey of the church to determine causes of its lack of progress and recommend restorative action. Treas. auth. to borrow up to $300 for current exp. Special collection to be taken Oct.16 for Hurricane Emergency Fund of $15,000 being raised by AUA.

[Min.] Nov.30, 1938. Rev. Dale DeWitt met with trustees and outlined the procedures of his survey.

[Min.] Dec.19,1938, informal meeting of the church with Rev.DeWitt. 35 members present.

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