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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County

The Aborn Family of East Orange, New Jersey

Margaret Lyman Aborn (January 23, 1835 - August 16, 1909), was the daughter of Lemuel Hastings Arnold (1792-1852, Governor of Rhode Island 1831-33 and a Congressman 1845-47) and the widow of Benjamin Aborn (March 2, 1832 - December 1, 1884). She lived in Providence, R.I. and in Brooklyn before coming to East Orange, where her home was at 562 Park Avenue. According to tradition the Unitarians of the area met in her parlor before the organization of the First Unitarian Church of Essex County in 1890.

Three of Margaret L. Aborn's sons were members of our church:

A fourth son, Albert C. Aborn of Upper Montclair, also in the coffee business, does not appear in the membership roll up to 1938.

Two other Aborns listed in the membership roll up to 1938 are Margaret Isabel Aborn (joined June 7, 1914) and Louie Palmer Aborn (joined June 8, 1919).